“You’ve been served.” The Nightmare of Gotcha Legal Services’ Kris Vorsatz

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Beginning at the end —two weeks of research ended with a call to me from Marcy Berkman, from Santa Clara County Counsel. I was assured, (complete with the Business and Professions Code Section 22351.5 reference) pleasantly, but in no uncertain terms, absent a specific order from a judge, the District Attorney’s office would not be revoking the Process Server license of Kris Vorsatz, a threat to the public.

(California licensed process servers need only register their license in one county to serve papers in all 58 counties).

Next, I wondered why the public would put its trust in Santa Clara County given County Counsel, the on-duty, Deputy DA, and the Business License division were continuing facilitating the criminal lifestyle of convicted felon and occasional process server, Kris Vorsatz.

Ironically, Vorsatz works as Vice-President of “Sales and Operations” at  Gotcha Legal Services according to his LinkedIn profile, with a Gotcha Legal Services, Inc., a company out of Florida.  Vorsatz is also affiliated with Screaming Eagle Legal Services, whatever that is.

But “ironic,” as at 6’4″ the often surly Kris Vorsatz (also a martial arts expert) has one skill that sets him apart from others.  Vorsatz’s specialty is not serving papers. Followed by filing false declarations of service. For diversity, Vorstaz also yells offensive names to men and women alike, as well as threatening them in person, or by phone.  Vorsatz is thorough that way. Just ask Dina Cole or Gib Papazian, both of whom requested restraining orders as Kris Vorsatz appears to be quite the loose cannon.

In his spare time and as is his right, Vorsatz also files for expungement of past criminal convictions. Kris is very up on expungements.  Good thing a copy of the last one was made before it was destroyed.

However, I am at a loss to understand why Santa Clara has not only been protecting Vorsatz, but facilitating his continued career criminal aspirations; and why Santa Clara County officials, would not only refuse to revoke Vorsatz’s license but are seemingly annoyed by requests to do so.

Still I was informed unless and until Santa Clara County officials receive a written order from a judge to pull Vorsatz’s license, his license stays put. End of story.  I should mention during  one of his trials, Kris was widely supported by other process servers who supported him…and referred cases to him.

But it matters not one whit to Santa Clara County Kris Vorsatz is a lying, convicted felon.  Period.

It matters not one whit, Vorsatz’s lies have cost people to lose custody of their children then spent a fortune trying to undue lies, as judges take not showing up, very personally.

It matters not one whit Vorsatz committed elder abuse, in frightening an older woman with eviction (Vorsatz carries a big badge that looks like it could be from the Sheriff’s Office, which I’m told, is where Voresatz claims he works).

Outright threats?  Pffft. Restraining orders entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System; (CLETS).   Pffft.

Nope.  County Counsel was very firm.  Unless a judge specifically orders Vorsatz’s license revoked, Vorsatz is free to terrorize anyone while costing them a fortune…and have a nice day.

California Attorney, Jeff Gananian.

Still, IP litigator and registered patent attorney (Lic.33696) Jeff Gananian, (who wandered into Gib Papazian’s Family Law case), personally met with officials in the Business Licensing Division to make the case for doing the right thing, on behalf of the public, on May 31, 2018.

With zero results.  

Undeterred, Jeff next  met with a Deputy DA “On-duty” agent.  Unfortunately, the Deputy took it one step beyond, saying until Vorsatz was sentenced, Santa Clara wasn’t interested. 😳

But Gananian is not a man who is easily discouraged. Here’s a peek at the first page of Jeff’s letter dated, January 3, 2019.  One of Gananian’s continued attempts to encourage Santa Clara officials to do their job.

Trying to convince Santa Clara County to protect the public.

Nothing happened.

Fast forward eight months later.






August 2, 2019, Letter from attorney Jeff Gananian to Marnie Stout, Business Licenses, Santa Clara County 

Nothing continued to “ happen.”

All of which aroused my interest in noodling around for a little more information on Kris Vorsatz.  

Like, who is this guy?!

It didn’t take long to discover New York Banks have cited Kris Vorsatz’s failure to serve in foreclosure notices…in one case featured by the Process Servers Institute. Kris Vorsatz was featured in a foreclosure, here.

or, a snapshot if you prefer.

But wait…there’s more!

Kris Vosatz also wants to get into acting.  (Hey, why not. He certainly acts like a process server; and should a role come up for “Deputy” Kris already has the badge!)

So it just makes so much sense, for Kris to register at “Explore Talent”

Below are Kris’ “headshots.”

If this doesn’t scream “Felon” what would?



I have to admit, the above shot

“speaks” to me, as some in the industry might say.

It speaks in a voice that is loud, and the voice is saying, “RUN!”

But, Ladies and Gentlemen, this story has a twist!

Yes, a real, honest-to-goodness, twist.

Are you ready? Okay!

The Twist!  Actually, there’s  four.

  1.  San Mateo District Attorney, Steve WagstaffeI spoke with Mr. Wagstaffe, who was quick to inform me “Following State Bar rules, and on a broader level, Mr. Vorsatz appears to be the type of individual who believes law and rulings just do not seem to apply to him.”  Wagstaffe indicated given the background (which I am not privvy to), he asked Lucas King to pursue the case agressively.  

2.   Gib Papazian has a dual careers. Lucky Strike Farms, as a “Produce peddler” and, the movie business. 

As Director of Photography, Gib said, wait. As Director of Photography, that’s the fourth surprise.  So lets move on to three.















3.  San Mateo Deputy DA, Lucas King.  King looks like he’s straight out of Central Casting for an updated version of Clark Kent. I tried speaking a little with King.  He was polite, as most Texans are, but King was mostly interested in getting the job done, so I was quickly referred to Wagstaffe.  Still, good thing an ice cream truck rolls up most days…because there’s quite a number of people queuing up…some only to look. (Hat-tip to the two police officers recommending a vanilla, chocolate dip.)

San MateoDeputy District Attorney, Lucas King

4.  Four is the real kicker. 

Kris Vorsatz is a twin! Brother Kraig Vorsatz, began Gotcha Legal Services. I’m wondering if Kraig will be in trouble for the actions of Kris.

Is blood thicker than water? It is until push comes to shove. I called Gotcha a while ago and Kraig answered. He sounded stressed and a bit evasive. But ultimately Kraig helpfully indicated he was turning the business over to Matt Anderson in Marin.

Also, as someone said to me long ago,  “If one lies, the other swears to it.” Or, as Gib said.  “Dumb and dumber.”

Which one is which, remains to be seen.

Kraig on the left, and Kris, or “he who must wear his hair combed straight-down” on the right.

For the public, I do know this.  I would question any attorney using “Gotcha Legal Services” services exclusively.


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