Mississippi and Sean Parker’s Next Level Misogyny, via Cindy Hyde-Smith

Short read: Protect women. Vote for Mike Espy!

Photo for Vanity Fair by Christopher Orth

Sean Parker’s forest storybook, fairy-tale wedding in 2013, took place when Parker’ bent towards misogyny was less obvious.

But Parker’s next level, tap down of women is well-funded.

And with over 2,000 + women killed in the U.S. per year,  Parker’s use of Brigade, to facilitate the worst example of “democracy” is more than a little troubling, considering Parker’s close association with Jack Dorsey, (a guest at Parker’s wedding) and of course, Parker’s history with Mark Zuckerberg now bolting from all accountability concerning Facebook.

Two things.

1.  Americans must get serious in addressing media and legislators ignoring the deadly crimes against women.

Especially since former Facebook guru, Sean Parker, teamed with Haley Barbour’s nephew, Henry, to elect the godawful, Cindy Hyde-Smith. Sean’s next level, misogyny includes Henry Barbour, nephew of Gov. Haley Barbour, whose stunning record against women, lingers.

Parker’s next level misogyny, is toward the bottom if you’re stuck for time. But first, just a mention the other issue.

2.  Congress must demand the return of the Fairness Doctrine. Why?  Because Fox News is teaming with the Saudis to launch yet more propaganda.  The FCC must regulate this.

Meanwhile and currently, media indifference to female murders, matches Congressional indifference. Click the links, as the long history of this is stunning.  You can’t un-remember it.

First, comes CBS’s “The Ick Factor.”

See?  Media Indifference matches Congressional indifference

Now, consider last year, and the reporting of male Facebook Groups who had happily targeted women marines — these guys (clearly the Marines need to up their recruitment game) were thoroughly ticked off their harassment group was discovered…but they promptly regrouped.  Hardly a blip on the radar, am I right, ladies?

Anyone see a press release from Cindy on this?  I didn’t either.

So women are the problem with women getting killed?

In a way. The problem in part, lies with women, wanting to help others, before themselves. Something, (sadly) that includes, (as much as I love what they’ve accomplished so far) Moms Demand Action.  Forgotten is when the plane is going down…put the oxygen mask on yourselfm first. Then help others.

Mom’s Demand also missed a key element. Networks profit from these murders.

Except for murders generating ad revenues for CBS’s 48 Hours and Steve Burke’s (Comcast) Dateline’s, weekly, “Who killed Becky Sue” — American media seems happy to ignore the over 2,000+ women killed each year. Mostly for having the gall to break up with someone. And reporters still calling the killers, “love sick.” Click on the “Pinned Tweet” (pinned tweets are the first tweets) atRockmediafor more examples.

Unfortunately in Mississippi, it’s worse. In Mississippi,  Women are still getting burned alive.

Enter Cindy Hyde-Smith’s armed with the NRA’s plan to block homicide investigations.  And Sean Parker

Aw come on.  You’ve heard Smith speak.  No one thinks Cindy Hyde-Smith has ever written anything by herself.  But wind-up Cindy, armed with the NRA plan to thwart Domestic Violence homicide investigations, came along with the NRA’s, “Gun Owner Registration Owner Protection Act.”

The purpose of this NRA written legislation was to prohibit Federal funding of State firearm ownership databases, and for other purposes.  Never mind this thwarts gun-related, homicide investigations.  The NRA doesn’t want it, and Cindy has an A+ rating with that corporate organization.  (My hunter friends, seeing how the NRA voting was rigged, quit long ago in disgust.)

Watch Cindy speak about implementing NRA goals, sounding like a wind-up toy.

Sean Parker?  Parker’s not asked his donation be returned.  So a little walk through history of the Barbour family traditions.

Gov. “Go Ahead and Kill ’em -I Got Your Back” Barbour, enjoyed his long history of releasing men who kill their wives.

Haley Barbour, who long doubled as a Gov/lobbyist released Michael David Graham, sentenced to life after Graham blew away Adrienne Klasky, his ex-wife, when Adrienne made the mistake of driving to the same intersection as Michael, three years after their divorce.  Graham blew Adrienne away at the light with a handy shot-gun and a blast to her head.

But Michael Graham, got lucky.  He worked as a Trustee in the Governor’s mansion, and Haley took a shine to him.  As a result, killer Michael Graham is now a free-walking man.

Feel free to avail yourself to Michael’s long-planned, cold-blooded murder. Which Adrienne knew would happen. Because Michael Graham promised Adrienne he would kill her.

And Sean Parker is putting his considerable assets and Brigade Media, behind Cindy Hyde-Smith.

We can’t be surprised.  Parker’s a friend of Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook removes posts when women like Pamela Geller post this child-selling, Facebook feature.

Of course we know Cindy is a racist. I suspect the comatose know this. So we can’t let people forget most of the victims of the NRA, are women.  Or, women on the way, like Sandra Parker. No, I haven’t forgotten the boys.  We don’t forget kids, ever.  It’s just that women must address this too.

Best for last.  There is a type of GPS that people with restraining orders, can’t cut off.  That those watching the monitors would notify the intended target ahead of time, the person with the restraining order is about to violate the court ordered stay away distance…a head of time, and provides the ability to leave the vicinity and save their own life.  It as a two-way radio on it, and a siren, in case the guy wants to hide in a closet.  It costs the same as the terrible GPS California uses, might want to check your state  Here’s the NBC, GPS report.

Why isn’t effective GPS used?  Because largely legislators don’t care. Why hasn’t Mom’s Demand addressed this?  Dunno.  Ask them.  I wrote ’em about it.



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