Yes, Vote Duncan Hunter for Prison – but nothing else.

Dear District 50 readers!

Well okay. District 50 men.  I know you guys.  Before redistricting, District 50 was my district.

So am asking, for the sake of America, please buck up and tell your wives it’s okay to vote, just this once, for a Democrat.  Three reasons.

First Reason

Because what Fox News isn’t telling you, is right now, the Trump mob, led by Mitch McConnell is in court…fighting hard to undo Pre-existing Conditions.

Duncan Hunter voted Fifty-eight times to do so.

So I ask given Republicans have a long history of voting against their own best interests.  Example:  Mississippi and other Southern stated voted to not accept expanded medicare benefits.  What happened after that was: Entire hospitals closed.  Thus, enjoying ones racism does come with a built-in, cost factor.

It’s not necessary to repeat mistakes

Hey, we all make mistakes.  Example:  Democrats ran with Doug Applegate.  Twice!  A guy so flawed, even the normally lackluster, California State Bar went after him.  And not because of Applegate’s DUI or restraining orders, for terrifying his wife, either.  It was a moral – money issue.

Second Reason

But I ask being hopeful Santee is finally getting tired of being known as “Klantee” since (and finally) the former KKK Imperial Wizard, Tom Metzger finally moved to San Jacinto.  So although in District 50, the Klan is generally Riverside’s problem.  But I ask District 50 men to step up, because as a recent issue of the Economist pointed out, the hardest thing for people to overcome is their religion. And Bible toting women tend to do what men ask.  So men, if you do this, I promise not to talk about women not being represented in the Bible in their own words, because back in the day women weren’t deemed important enough to be taught how to read and write…so whatever they said or felt, wound up getting mansplained, away, anyway.

Also, District 50 needs better pr.

A back story

The three things I remember best about attending the sentencing of former congressman, Randy “Duke” Cunningham were:

  1. No criminals were being sentenced in San Diego’s downtown in State Court that day as seemingly half the seats were filled with judges.
  2. Cunningham seemed to think he might get probation if he showed enough remorse while pleading for probation….including he wanted to go visit his 91 year old mother; and
  3. Duncan Hunter looked spooked as hell.  Whenever anyone tapped him on the shoulder, he jumped and turned around looking like a startled cat.  I couldn’t help but surmise Senior was half-expecting the FBI to tap him on the shoulder and whisper, “Follow me.  Now.”  Also, after it was over, Hunter senior broke a land speed record leaving the courthouse.

Third Reason

Sadly, Judge Burns gave a nod for Cunningham’s flying skills before sentencing Cunningham for the full-time crook he became.  (I happened to be standing right next to the prosecutor as CNN filmed his take, post-sentencing.  Anyone looking through the archives will see a blonde woman rolling her eyes and walking out of the shot as soon as the Prosecutor mentioned Cunningham received credit for his long-ago flying skills.)

Duncan Hunter is no war hero.  War heroes who turn into common crooks degrade the uniform.  So for me it’s personal. I mention this as my Dad, Lee Russell, served and wound up with three DFC’s.  Two in WWII,  (nothing for escaping POW camp)  – and one in Vietnam during one of his 108 combat support missions.  You can hear Ron Cronk speak about Dad, as Ron recollected his time in Corsica learning to fly B25s with Dad.

But, I digress.

So District 50 earned its long reputation of electing crooks…simply because they are starry-eyed with military types.  Who turn out to be crooks, or of low moral fiber. Or, as it seems in the case of Duncan Hunter; both.

The Economist had an interesting graph about changing the mind of the voter.  Mostly, it’s based on one’s religion.  Ergo, tall order.

However, when San Diego Union Tribune’s endorsement was “Anyone but Duncan Hunter” it does seem like a good time to rethink.

As one man said, “Don’t tell me what your religion is:  Show me how you treat people.”

I keep waiting for District 50 to want to treat people right.  At least until I remember neither Duncan Hunter or his father ever bothered to treat Duncan’s wife, right.  So men of the 50th — on behalf of the family, and women who have been true to their marriage vows, please choose the Democrat.  Just this once.  Also, Think about grand-children.

Think of how the grand-children of Ammar Campa-Najjar will brag about their American heritage.

We are one race.  The human race.  America wouldn’t be America if we didn’t have immigrants.  But more so, ego.  I am bone tired of hearing people mimic Trump’s long list of false claims.  From,  “The caravans all have M16 tattoos on their arms” to the funniest, “They’re all funded by George Soros.”  Sure George is rich.  But who really believes that stuff?  Also, reality check.  The military leaked documents to Newsweek stating they didn’t have the need or the manpower. Also, this. 

Thank you.


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