Todd Kincannon Was The Outlier For Everything Craven and Wrong with America.

I jumped on Twitter about five years ago and immediately, uneasily, recognized Todd Kincannon was an outlier.  I just didn’t realize Kincannon was the outlier for everything craven, and crazy wrong about America.

Unfortunately, as the former head of South Carolina GOP, and a local staple of FOX News, what I didn’t recognize, was Kincannon was the outlier for the misogynist, racist, politics and policies Donald Trump would echo.  Given Kincannon’s popularity, obviously I should have guessed something was coming.  Too bad no one is seriously considering Trump’s mental state.

Because Todd Kincannon made the news again, yesterday.  For proclaiming himself Jesus Christ, and slaughtering his dog, in the home of his (now terrified) parents.  Parents who allowed Kincannon to live with them, in spite of Kincannon’s past threats to do them harm. (Stay tuned for body cam coverage.)

Could someone please speak to the elder Kincannons about that?  For those who followed the earlier saga, it was Todd’s, Mother’s dog.  Not “Noodle” the dog belonging to his former wife, Ashely, who jumped from the car after Todd threatened her.  The Simpsonville Police didn’t bother to return her dog, although the Family Court judge ordered Todd do so.

Todd’s mother called 9-1-1 from behind a locked, bathroom door.  It was Todd’s second, outbound trip.  Todd’s first trip to the loony bin, was for threatening attorneys and possibly judges during a hearing where Todd was suing the State of South Carolina.

Using hate as a political tool

But with 55k rapid dog followers on Twitter five years ago, I recognized with Todd Kincannon, something was in the air.  I just wasn’t sure what.  Todd’s book project — supposedly real, Free Speech in America, gave me pause.

Typical of Kincannon, he blamed me for his book project being put on hold.  (I’d reported Kincannon to the State Bar of South Carolina, adding my impression was the State Bar was not equipped to handle attorneys with significant mental health issues.)

Kincannon threatened to sue me.  Constantly.  Ultimately, the Court stepped in, and put Kincannon on Incapacity status.  Not because anyone was worried about me.  The Courts typically don’t care about threatened women. (No less than 2,000 women were killed in the U.S. in 2015.  Media remained mute.  There were no headlines.)

Trump feasts on misogyny.  Trump is a product of television, which also profits from misogyny.  48 Hours, Dateline, profit from ads for their weekly, “Who killed [insert female name.]”  For Entertainment, consider the number of Housewives who voted for Trump on Bravo TV. [Full Disclosure:  I once had a client who was affiliated with the show.]

Suspended attorney Todd Kincannon had big dreams for his hate speech.

But prior to getting his license yanked, Kincannon directed his 55k followers to attack me on Twitter, they hastily, rabidly, complied. (Twitter didn’t mind.)

Meanwhile, I suppose people figured out, while sane people often recognize crazy,  we wrongly assume crazy will not succeed.  Trump keeps proving we should have known better. Because Kincannon was wildly popular in 2014, long before Trump made the U.S. the scene of a disaster, with a little help from Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

So.  Now we know an American, core truth.

Crazy people will use misogyny and racism for their political and financial advantage.

At least Todd sort of admitted an awareness he was not mentally fit.  Trump and his minions, remain in denial.

Because like attracts like.  To wit:  Chuck Johnson.  Johnson got kicked off Twitter, but he did work with the Trump minions. Johnson was on outskirts…yet, involved.

The solution ain’t hard.

We must get back to the basics.  Misogyny and racism are learned, mental illnesses.  Apparently we haven’t evolved to understanding that to be a healthier nation, we must take a long look in the mirror concerning America’s embedded-in-Congress, issues.

As KKK members demonstrate, teaching their young to hate, racism is a learned, mental illness. Like a cancer of the soul.

Babies taught to hate practice hate with nary a second thought.  This is how racism metastasizes from one generation to the next.  And if you’re beating your wife both are demonstrating how to role model misogyny.

I don’t think Propane Jane agrees with me concerning mental illness being learned/taught, but I love her, anyway.  And she’s way smarter than me in this area.  (Also, Propane is licensed to opine.)   🙂

Still, sane people have been very slow to realize media very much favors utilizing misogyny and racism, for profit.

My favorite example is CBS.  Actually, it’s a twofer.

  1.  CBS women participating in misogyny.  Their complicity was detailed in a piece titled,CBS – The Ick Factor.”  Talking to you, Nora O’Donnell. Dove-tailing with that,
  2. Was Les Moonves, a well-protected misogynist?

Good news!  The solution works both in business and politics.

Tom Peters is also a fan of the book titled, “The No Assholes Rule”

Crazy people are all about themselves

Remember that; then vote accordingly!

Will end with a quick note to all my fake-Christian, non-fans.  The “R” that used to stand for Republican, now stands for “Russia.”  Be brave.  Man up, or Ovary Up, as the case may be.

And in the language of evangelicals; Repent!  There’s still time!

Lastly,  a quick reality check. 🙂


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