Mike Levin or Doug Applegate: The choice is seriously, easy

Levin or Applegate – San Diego Democrats, smart Independents, and more than a few fed-up Republicans, are rapidly choosing Mike Levin.  In record numbers.

Levin is the smart, effective, environmental attorney, whose 10 year history of volunteering for the Democratic Party from local, to national levels, caught fire.  Levin’s winning endorsements are from sitting members of Congress who would like to see Mike working alongside them.

Also, as past behaviors portend future conduct, the choice between Mike Levin and Doug Applegate is hands-down easy.

We all know voting is a deeply, personal act.  In that I have experience with all three candidates, below is that experience as a former Independent, now registered Democrat, who has yet to join any local affiliate.

First, Levin actually returned my phone calls. By putting himself in a position to learn,  I was able to explain how a cheaper, effective, (the strap can’t be cut-off) GPS monitoring system could save California lives, and millions in tax dollars.  I’d tipped NBC media to California’s huge (and largely unreported) GPS problems, here.

As a congressman, Levin would be in a position to help state legislators get it right, while saving California lives, and of course, millions in our State budget.

However, was 0 for 6 with my efforts to educate Applegate.  Including last year. Turns out, when it comes to being available, Applegate mirrors Issa.

This is not counting the prior election cycle where the count was 0-5 after Applegate’s post-divorce, stalking, scandal, broke.  Applegate, apparently, is an Issa-like,  “duck and take cover” kind of guy.

But new year.  New campaign.  So tried again, this year.  This time Applegate called a friend of mine asking, “What’s she want” rather than simply return the call.  Apparently Applegate acts as his own gatekeeper, too!  But that wasn’t what got my serious, attention.

Legal skills

Also, Levin seems to be a smarter attorney than Applegate; but unlike Applegate, Levin hasn’t run afoul of of the California State Bar.  (Note to readers of Court of Appeal decisions.  Important nuggets often lie in the footnotes. Applegate is in this footnote.)

Rick Miller vs. Applegate: Case Number: D0386816

So yes, ethics has been problematic for Applegate.

Still, while trying to verify information on Applegate’s now, number of marriages, as reported in the LA Times, from the last election.

“He also served as a military lawyer for about three decades. After he retired from the Marines in 2006, he worked as a general practice trial attorney  throughout Southern California. Applegate, who is twice divorced and has two children, lives in San Clemente with his girlfriend and his 17-year-old daughter.”

I tried calling Applegate again this past Friday.  I can report my phone still not ringing!  That must be Applegate, still not calling!

Turns out, when it comes to returning calls, Applegate favors the Darrell Issa model.

(Issa hasn’t returned any of my calls this year but, hey;  in 2008, I was apparently on Issa’s speed dial!  Yes, Team Issa wanted loads of information on Angelo Mozilo…and I had tons to share.)

Issa’s staff called me repeatedly, eagerly soaking up all the negative information I had to offer on Countrywide; and more particularly, on Angelo Mozilo, from the information I’d received from the website I’d set up about Countrywide.

I  was happy to share.  Hey, if my Congressman needs my help, it’s my duty as a good citizen to help. However, when I watched the hearings, live, instead of answering any sharp questions from Issa from the information I provided,  I watched in horror as Darrell Issa slobbered all over Mozilio —in thanks. 

That’s right.  Issa thanked Angelo Mozilo for helping facilitate the American dream to own a home, right as the market was crashing, and costing people their hopes and dreams right along with their homes, financed by Mozilo’s, Countrywide Mortgage.  Issa ended his cheer fest by declaring Mozilo a great American.  Folks.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

Back to Applegate

Second, and unlike Applegate, Levin has a long history of volunteer work, by being effective in politics for others.  So no one wonders why members of Congress and other officeholders are endorsing Levin.

Perhaps it was combination of Levin’s 10 years of volunteer work, coupled with — well, Trump, but the immediate effect of a toxic Trump wound up producing a more determined to get involved, Mike Levin.  On the plane home, and as a direct result of the 2016 election, Mike Levin began mapping out a strategy for the 49th District.  (Only later did we learn Trump was right.  The national election was  rigged.  Shout-out to  Mike Farb1; who helped us discover the many ways to rig an election.)

Meanwhile, past portends future.

Applegate remains true to himself.  The man who repeatedly demonstrated an exceptional amount of disdain towards women, first towards his wife, expanded that disdain to include women in the military.  Specifically, the women marines cyber-attacked by the Marines United scandal, which puts America, at risk as a matter of foreign policy.  Check this out this article in Foreign Policy.

After news of the initial Marines United scandal broke, Marines United took down their private Facebook page.  I waited to Applegate to comment. 

I tweeted a question to Applegate about commenting on the scandal.  No response.  (Hey if I want a member of Congress to remain silent, I’d just call Issa!)

Turns out, Applegate hasn’t exactly mastered Twitter.  He s’plains on Facebook.  😂

Then CSPAN inteviewed General Neller.

More silence from Applegate.  So I tweeted another request for Applegate to comment. Continued silence from Applegate on Twitter.

Then, and amazingly, Marines United, regrouped!  Complete with a new Facebook page!

An in your face, “How Dare you try to shut us down”

I again tweeted to Applegate for a comment on the newly reorganized, Marines United.  Again, although cyber-attacking female marines impacts national security…Applegate remained Twitter mute. Why wouldn’t a guy running for Congress take a stand for cyber-attacked women Marines?

So the bottom line is:  If I can’t depend on my Congressman for national security, along basic fairness, why on earth would I vote for someone like that?  Also, folks:  This is a pattern.

Applegate’s stony silence on “Marines United” is not merely shameful, it’s unsurprising.

Because as Applegate has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt, past behavior is future behavior.

Thomas James Brennan, the reporter who exposed Marines United, is a former Marine.  A bounty was put out on Brennan, and his daughter for exposing them.  But Applegate, who claims to have served proudly, continually refuses to address the issue, or the bounty put on the Brennan’s daughter.  Since March.

Applegate’s refusal to step up on behalf of cyber-attacked female Marines, and the young daughters of a former Marine, demonstrates Doug Applegate, is simply not, leadership material. Voter wise, sirens are not sounding; they’re wailing.

I’m sure no real Democrat could possibly be in favor of sending another sexist to Congress.  Thanks all the same.

Last:  Why is Applegate still in the race?

To address the obvious by highlighting the oblivious — some Democrats had no idea of Applegate’s in-depth history.  Some are just poor sports.  This includes a few who talk progressive, but act otherwise.

Others, who can’t win a local Democratic office position themselves, imply future donations may be made to the those the Democrats are committed to defeating.  They also identify as “Progressive.”  Why, I’m not sure.  But the below, happened.

A veiled threat to donate to Republicans.

On the sexism side, it took five sex scandals before San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne decided to suddenly “retire.”  Chief Zimmerman is addressing the newer ones, but they are slowing down.  Sadly, replacing them, is:  military scandals.

Nine more indicted in Fat Leonard scandal, the Feds are on the case.

Good News

The good news is San Diego does appear to be growing out of its weird, parochial wrinkle.

Being reared in the military I’ve lived all over. My Dad’s a happily retired, WWII pilot, and POW escapee, who also flew 108 Command missions in Vietnam.  But having lived in the South, my biggest surprise was discovering the number of San Diego women who didn’t seem to mind San Diego’s openly casual, sexist bent.  There’s definitely a Stepford Wife vibe here when it comes to women supporting men who don’t care about them. But more good news, it’s ebbing!

I am happy Levin is getting more support both inside the community and nationally. We need Mike Levin to knock out the embarrassment of Darrell Issa, Duncan and Hunter and Doug Applegate’s, failure to respond. 

So am particularly glad the, “Doug ran first so no one else should run,” mentality (which sounds as hollow as it was), is also going away.

Last, although San Diego Democrats have in the past, allowed candidates at least three tries before giving up; that’s gone too.

And that folks, is real progress!


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5 Responses to Mike Levin or Doug Applegate: The choice is seriously, easy

  1. In CA 49 says:

    I have a good amount of the documents from Doug’s family court battle. He stalked, harassed and used many forms of intimidation to control his ex for years. We should connect – you may want to read them.


  2. David Steele says:

    Bonnie Russell:
    “Last: Why is Applegate still in the race?”

    The question you really should be asking is, why is Mike Levin carpetbagging himself into this race? Doug Applegate came the closest of any congressional race to beating Issa the last time, and this was before Trump had a chance to tank the Republican party. WTF. Doug Applegate is running again. He’s handling the race just fine. We are handling this race just fine. We don’t need a corporatist Democratic plant jacking this race for the country. We have had enough.

    Levin worked for Clinton’s “I’m not Trump” campaign of course. Where was he when Applegate needed the OC Democratic party? As usual the DNC left Applegate and his grassroots supporters to fend off Issa’s millions and his GOP machine.

    So I guess we’ve got another fight on our hands: Fending off a corporatist Democrat to get Colonel Applegate a seat in the House.


  3. steveelzie says:

    I’m confused about this post. I got here by googling “Mike Levin Countrywide.” Yours was the first hit. You say up front that Levin is a “smart, effective, environmental attorney” and that he “seems to be a smarter attorney than Applegate,” and you’re also angry about Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide. Did Mike neglect to tell you that his only litigation work was defending Countrywide against foreclosure victims down in San Diego County? In 2008 and 2009, three months AFTER Countrywide had agreed to an $8.4 billion settlement for predatory lending, the largest in history? To be fair, he won his cases, and those three hardworking San Diegans lost their homes, but I’m surprised that you would celebrate that as smart, effective legal work. It sucks that Doug didn’t get back to you, but it doesn’t seem to outweigh Mike helping Countrywide take people’s homes. The choice IS seriously easy.


    • Speaking of being confused…aren’t you, attorney, Stephen Elzie? If so, surely you must know Mike was assigned Mozilo cases by his boss…and in fact, Mozilo was one of the reasons Mike left the firm! Also, if you Google, “Angelo Mozilo, Bonnie Russell” you’ll see me happily leading the charge against Mozilo in the Daily Beast, The San Diego Reader, and, Voice of San Diego.

      But as an attorney, Steve, why would you choose to ignore the larger issue the State Bar addressed – namely, Applegate’s serious ethical problem? I mention this as certainly, as an attorney, you know it takes a lot before the State Bar, acts. Also, I didn’t mention Applegate’s DUI arrest, which was bartered down to reckless driving, and an agreement to deal with alcohol related issues. But all in all, no one can dismiss the problem Applegate has with women, given the guy can’t return a phone call or six. Sometimes Steve, it’s just that simple.


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