Trump lies told daily (and how the media is blowing it)

Chronicling Trump lies – and the fallout from those lies, daily.  For the purpose of encouraging  media to change how media covers Trump, given the current model, isn’t working.  Details on that, here.  But the Readers Digest version is:  Media is late, missing big clues about Trump’s mental state, and not concentrating on key issue  impacting us all, (Trump’s mental state) while busily chatting about press conferences and electoral numbers..

Day 1 –  Friday, January 20, 2016
1. Trump begins day in famous church. We later learned the Trump camp lobbied hard, against a sermon. Otherwise what’s known as controlling church and state. Trump’s team won.  Media aims a camera at Trump for an hour, then takes a long coffee break.

Meanwhile, media has forgotten about Trump divesting his businesses…so no personal profit.  Except two months after the election:  Hat Tip Robert Frank:   Membership fees to Mar-a-logo doubled since the election.


However, some in media, specifically, NRP, decided to refuse to identity Trump as a liar….when he lies.  It’s a little like the rationalization George Bush used when he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul.  And it was good.

2. After Trump learns the Park Service tweet compares Trump’s staggeringly low attendance numbers,  to Obama’s staggeringly high numbers of attendees, the Park Service is ordered to immediately cease tweeting. (MSM doesn’t initially, notice.)

trump-silencing-presslater Trump will close down more departments and the public comment line at the White House.


Later we learn reporters were arrested for attempting to cover the scene.

Just not when it happened.  Anyone see a problem here?

3. Meanwhile, David Duke busily tweets, “We did it!
4. Trump remains furious over low numbers 


Meanwhile, a reminder. Five.

5. ⬅️ Number of federal agencies currently investigating Trump’s ties to Russia, specifically tied to flipping the election  Ok, six technically — if you don’t count the self-compromised FBI. But do we really trust the FBI?

6. In one of his official first acts, Trump makes obtaining a mortgage more expensive.

Day 2 January 21, 2016

7. Largest march in history of the world against Trump. Trump understands numbers as his Twitter follows show.



Twitter morphs Obama’s followers to Trump. Millions horrified. The call announcing this goes out on twitter, and millions Unfollow.  Twitter apologizes.
8. Compare. Again, the one thing Trump understands, is numbers.

womensmarchmapFor coverage of some of the record breaking numbers in the Womens March, go here.

Trump may have, because the numbers….delivered by women,  left him seething.

8. Trump goes to CIA building, stands in front of memorial wall to fallen agents, and talks about himself. Continues to Lie about inauguration attendance. He can’t let it go.  But media doesn’t say why.  It’s Trump’s Mental State.
9. Trump’s first press conference – held during the Women’s March, is aimed at disrupting media coverage of what turns out to be the world’s largest demonstration, world-wide, against him. Media falls for it. Example: MSNBC abandons live coverage of the event, to focus a camera on an empty podium. Brian Williams repeatedly states, “We’re waiting for the press conference to begin.” (CNN wisely chose to not cover it live, but covered instead, what was said, and what was true.) Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, appeared and immediately launched two Topics. One, journalist’s mistake (journalist quickly apologized hours later and well before the presser) about a bust in the Oval Office that was blocked from reporter’s view. Spicer then addressed Trump’s ire. Attendance at his inaugural. By “address” I mean to say Spicer outright lied.


Day 3 – Sunday January 22, 2017

10. Sunday morning talk shows hosted on MSNBC chat endlessly about addressing outright lies. Apparently there is no budget for actual investigations. Real Press discovers former golf caddy and conspiracy theorist, Dan Scavino, is in charge of Trump’s official Twitter account.

12. VP Mike Pence announces new staff with 30 new officials. Pence initially Forgets to ask them to “Raise your right hand” for the swearing-in. Not a single member of the Press asks if Trump required them to additionally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
13. Kellyanne stuns Chuck Todd when she talks about “alternative facts.” Todd reminds Kellyanne that no, it’s not any kind of fact. “Alternative facts,” are falsehoods. Todd doesn’t say “lies.”
14. Former CIA director, John Brennan, blasts Trump.
15. The Twitterverse, having discovered some were automatically linked to Trump’s official account, now discover a web kind of censorship. People cannot tag Sean Spicer in photos. (MSM hasn’t discovered this yet.)


16. Trump breaks another campaign promise.

17. Missing the crux of the Trump presidency, fitness for office, MSM gets it right on Trump’s false claim he’s been on the cover of a Time Magazine more than anyone. (Nixon – 55 times.) Trump has 22 and Hillary prior to election, 19. (For balance, Hillary on Most Admired list for decades. Trump, not once.)
18. Secret Service is now investigating a KY woman for this tweet.
Which is a non-story as the Secret Service confirmed it had field officers “interviewing her.” The secret Service response to NH legislator suggested Hillary Clinton should be shot, was “we’re aware of it.”

Day 4 – Monday January 23, 2017

Media continues to obsess on Trump’s low poll numbers…because he does.


Meanwhile, pay particular attention to the Drazkowsi Amendment as it relates to replacing “Obamacare.”  Congress has been busily carving up coverage.

Although America’s huge drug problem is well-known, all kinds of mental health services were jettisoned.  However, my favorite is Number 11.


11.  62a. 155 – Services for those that are ventilator dependent.

No mention in media.

Day 5 – Tuesday – January 24, 2017

Joy Reid, whom I like – Tweets

and that’s when I knew media really needs to change how it covers Trump.  Tweeted the below during Sean Spicer’s press conference.


Last, Trump kills the EPA – Rachel Maddow covers it.  But not everyone gets cable.



Please consider supporting independent journalism.  Past successful efforts detailed here.




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  1. Cheryl Maxham says:

    You are going to be very busy!! He lies everytime he opens his month.


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