Riley Gaul arrested in galling murder of Knoxville cheerleader, Emma Walker


Emma Walker – Murdered  Knoxville Cheerleader

It was a cowardly, sneak attack murder like no other.

Emma Walker was shot to death late at night, while she slept.

Meanwhile, boyfriend Riley Gaul, (soon arrested for Emma’s murder) went home and tried to hide or destroy evidence.

But prior to his arrest, Riley Gaul posted a biblical verse on Twitter for Emma Walker.

I am not making this up.


Riley Gaul, football playing boyfriend, and;  cunning individual.

Here’s a Cliff’s Notes version of Riley Gaul’s  1 Corinthians 13-8  

Now – and this is where it gets more than a little creepy.   Count the number of “likes” in Riley’s tweet.  There’s more since I grabbed this screen shot, sadly.


Riley reminds me of Vanderbilt football player and gang-rapist, Brandon Vandenburg.

On Brandon Vandenburg’s, idiotic Twitter account, he wrote, “IAMSECOND” (First) and “GOD FIRST (Second.)  

And Brandon was an Honor student.

Vandenburg - Twitter original

Believe it or not, Eric Smith objected to naming Maryville College, where Riley Gaul played. Yep. Possibly relating a murder to a Maryville College football player was Eric’s concern.  

Fortunately, Hillary Meeks Tune, set Eric Smith straight in one quick hurry.


But how’d we’d get to a horrible murder and some clown talking about football in the Bible belt?

Quick reminder:  The Bible was written long after events transpired, (with time enough for revisionist history to match one’s personal bias); and, as most women were considered of little value, weren’t taught to read.

That explains why zero chapters of the Bible were from the point of view of half the population; although Jesus hung around with lots of women on his own, and expanded to the “proper” women who accompanied their husbands to events.  

Thus, considering for much of time, women have been muzzled, for bogus, religious reasons…it’s hardly a surprise the states with the highest murder rates involving women, come from the South.

In short; there’s not a shortage of this, as men continue to prove women are disposable.

Bible truck

The arrest and trial of Riley Gaul will likely show Emma wanted to end the relationship, and Gaul had trouble accepting that.  It’s a fairly common version of,

 “If I can’t have you, then by God, no one can.”

However,  today only, will demonstrate not only was Emma’s future stolen; but her family’s future was too.  Something as simple as family get-togethers.   And photos.  Riley ended it all.




Emma liked to tease her brother

Two cuter kids would be hard to find.


Emma and Evan Walker

Only men can end the culture of misogyny in America.  Last year 1,631 women were murdered by those who “loved” them.   They become “anonymous” women, while others talk about equal rights for those of differing religions and sexual orientations.

Worse? Have seen some posts (by men) saying to take the name of the college out, as their allegiance remains with…football!  That’s hideous: But that’s misogyny folks.

For some,  football will always be more important than a murder victim, killed in her sleep.  Football is their religion.

Speaking of religion

So now what? Pray for the family, but please, proof of prayer is action, There is no “Rest in peace” for murder victims.

Also, people who are murdered while they sleep, are not resting. They’re dead.

Last, please know this is not God’s will. God gave us the gift of free-will. So no cop outs with “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

(Using that logic, there’s no need for the police or the courts.)

Sometimes think it just might be that God views humans as a well-meant experiment. That failed. I get the feeling when it comes to cold-blooded murders such as this one, that God decamped to another Galaxy to concentrate on making a smarter, more humane, species.

So will leave you with happy photos of a shattered family because another idiot was outraged a young woman he wanted to stay with him, wasn’t interested.


Last photographs of Emma and Evan.


Two cuter, nicer kids weren’t to be found

For the living, be a friend of murder victims.  Emma wanted to be a neo-natal, nurse.  She was a helper.  Pray for the energy to help make sure justice is served.

Blessings to the family.


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9 Responses to Riley Gaul arrested in galling murder of Knoxville cheerleader, Emma Walker

  1. Tara dolin says:

    One of the best articles I’ve read. Thank you for putting it so well. The ridiculous way athletics and athletes are worshipped in this country is a huge problem.


  2. LBJ says:

    What an awful post. For a second I thought you were a legit journalist until I got to the part where you bizarrely veer off into left field talking about your own personal religious views. It was painful to read…and just as painful to read your “responses” to the comments posted on here in reply to this poorly written/biased article.


    • For the record my work has caused people to go to prison. So yeah, am a “legit” journalist. Have been writing for years.
      Began writing for sailing magazines. In that people should write what they know, I wrote about falling overboard. But then, my thoughts drifted to embedded misogyny in all branches of government. which is why sources are always included. If you can’t handle it; I urge you to stay in your self-induced, bubble.


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    Ahhh… so very heart-breaking… on all fronts & in all ways. Her family devastated, as are her friends who, most likely, saw it coming but did everything they could to shield & protect her. I shared it with my daughter last night & we both cried for her & for them. I know you are, too.

    All 3 of my granddaughters – oldest (18, started college, still living at home) & youngest (12 & 11, in middle school) – aren’t impressed with jocks & told me any potential boyfriends have to be nurds like them. Thought you needed something to smile about this Thanksgiving Day. Big Hugs ~ Moms

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bella says:

    My friend died Monday and you write on your word press that we are a bunch of experiments?! (Jer 29:11) If you are going to write a post about Emma, how about you actually honor her.


    • Your friend did not passively, “die.”

      She was murdered in cold blood. She seemed wonderful. You have reading comprehension issues. You must have my post confused with something else. No experiments involved.
      But don’t quote bible phrases at me. That’s too bizarre.


    • SusyQ says:

      She did honor her, it was beautifully and poignantly written. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and understand well the grief that you must be feeling but you misinterpreted what was written.


  5. Deemarie says:

    The religious zelots believe women are property and as stated ‘if I can’t have you no one will’.
    There is also the religious enforcing of young relationships and marriage for procreation. It is messed up and cult-like in its belief system. it dehumanizes women thus making them expendable.


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