Brandon Vandenberg sentencing on November 4th; Jailhouse phone calls provoke a question

In light of the November 4, 2016, sentencing date for convicted Vanderbilt rapist Brandon Vandenburg, the only question is;  Head injury?  

Head injury because Nothing changes!  Brandon Vandenburg, the once nationally hailed football playing, “honor student,” three years later, remains unable to process his decision to facilitate the gang-rape of the woman he was dating.  A woman who trusted him. The best Vandenberg can offer is, “it doesn’t make sense.”



So what has Brandon been worrying about?


Vandenburg’s chief worry, as expressed from his phone calls, is being in his prime years for making a fortune playing football.  That Brandon processed.  That he understands.  Consider Brandon’s jailhouse conversation with Brandon’s equally dimwitted father, Rod.


Brandon Vandenburg whining to father Rod Vandenburg

Links for each of Vandenburg’s jailhouse with his parents and a female friend, are here.

Gotta wonder why at least one of Brandon’s four clueless attorneys didn’t float a possible “head injury” defense during the initial trials.  (On appeal, it’s too late.)

But it appears although Vandenberg has new counsel, they’re still keen on the loser, “Devil Alcohol” defense, that failed Twice before.  (As we used to say out West.  “If the horse is dead — get off.”)

Am also baffled that neither the DA or Judge Monte Watkins asked any of the defendants (two remain) whether – while out on bail, whether they enjoyed a cocktail or seven.)

Have maintained from the onset that Vandenberg’s defense team committed malpractice.  (And Fletcher Long committed a felony – so now he’s a radio host and not an attorney.)

However,  the defense continues.  As quoted in the Tennessean:

“It is likely that Vandenburg’s alcohol use will be discussed. His defense lawyers, Randall Reagan of East Tennessee and Albert Perez of California, portrayed Vandenburg during trial as a young man overcome by pressure to drink”

So glad neither jury bought in to that.  As demonstrated in the screen-shots I grabbed before Brandon and friends locked down their Twitter and Facebook accounts;  Brandon was never pressured to drink.  Brandon and his crew had been drinking and manhandling drunk women for quite a while.

Vandenburg Friend Miles Finley - drunk women

Vandenberg friend Miles Finley – who suggested a second attack in a text to Vandenberg during the gang-rape

Vandenburg - Miles Finley - drunk bros

Brandon’s friends from high school.

So why any attorneys would even consider citing Pressure to drink – is beyond absurd.  It’s malpractice.

Legal Malpractice is what I first mentioned in January 28, 2015 – at the conclusion of Vandenburg’s first trial.

Vandenburg - Doug Finley Dad - nothing has changed

NOTE: Vandenburg’s friend’s Father texted: “Nothing has changed.”

Brandon’s friend’s father was right

The disgusted father of one of Brandon Vandenberg’s friends was right in 2014, when he texted, “Nothing has changed” to now; 2016.

Everything in Brandon Vandenberg’s mindset remains exactly the same.

So for the record, “Nothing has changed” sums up Brandon Vandenberg, and his family, best.  Vandenberg’s victim will move on. The sentencing is a box to check in her life.  (A life that has already changed for the better.)

But Brandon Vandenberg and his parents seem doomed to remain frozen in denial. 

Because if nothing changes; nothing changes.




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16 Responses to Brandon Vandenberg sentencing on November 4th; Jailhouse phone calls provoke a question

  1. Sue Stien says:

    Does BV’s Mom still have a fb page? I’ve looked but can’t seem to find it.
    Also, any news on when the last two trials will begin? This has now dragged out for close to four years for the victim. It’s like the defense is trying to tire her out or outlast her.


    • Yes. Apparently Shawna no longer works in a school, and has remained friends with Brandon’s high school girlfriend, and daughter of Brandon’s defense attorney. I AM behind on the posting, but still have more to come. Last, for the defense, “DELAY” is always the name of the game.


    • me says:

      Haven’t checked recently but as of a month or so ago mom Shawna Vandenberg still had a FB page and was still posting glam shots of herself and presenting an image of a happy and carefree life. (Weird for her circumstances).

      The next court date is set for June for Brandon Banks (the other Brandon in the crime) as he apparently did not take a plea deal.

      Bonnie, please catch us up on any other details re what has occurred lately in this case — or info on Brandon V’s family.


      • me says:

        and meanwhile Brandon Banks and Tip McKenzie have still not faced legal consequences.


      • Been working on something else I can’t comment on as yet…but will later for sure.
        Meanwhile, I can report, Shawna seems to have learned exactly zip, and apparently has not modified her parenting philosophy.

        However, as the twins are not dumb, my thinking is they are acquainted with reality. So that’s the good news.


      • me says:

        Bonnie, I agree that Shawna has learned zip. And what the heck is up with her image on FB with glam shots and fun outings. I can’t imagine someone doing that after what her own son has done.

        Also I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago parts of the character letters that were submitted by friends/family for Brandon’s sentencing hearing were released. Overall, his family and family friends are all still blaming the booze and saying that Brandon’s only mistake was being drunk and not intervening. I wonder how they ignore the fact that he was clearly trying to get an erection and encouraging others with comments caught on tape and getting rid of evidence, etc, etc. Here is the link to the article about the character letters:


        Looking forward to what you are going to be releasing in the future.


  2. BH says:

    I’m aware that college athletes are allowed to coast through college, but have you listened to Corey Batey speak — either in his sentencing statement or on the jailhouse recordings. I mean this guy is truly of very, very low academic/intelligence. I would think at least one professor during what would have been 4 years at Vandy would have had a problem passing him through.


    • Moms Hugs says:

      Passing these boys is a sore subject among professors I’ve known – unless given season tickets free. Most just resented coaches paid high salaries. Professors are paid very poorly, yet university admins expect them to give their best players, those on a full-ride scholarship, a pass. It’s a rare coach who insists/demands his players perform in the classroom as well as on the gridiron. Football is the self-centered, demanding child favored over all the other kids in the “families” of universities. Brains don’t mean squat when it comes to coaching these over-grown kindergarteners, which Corey is but one.

      I apologize for my cynicism & dislike of the role football has played to undercut what should be higher education. I worked throughout college & law school with a couple of school-age kids in tow. I also worked hard to get high grades necessary to qualify for scholarships. I was determined not to be burdened with debt upon graduation. Was shocked to find how low salaries for new lawyers was for at least 5 years of hard work & long hours to be promoted to earn better salaries. My kids also earned advanced degrees the same way – by working hard to avoid debt when finished. They certainly learned that life just isn’t fair no matter how smart… or dumb… we are.

      So, BH, forgive me if I came across as snarky in response to your first comment.


      • BH says:

        Thanks. LIfe isn’t fair, that is for sure.


      • Moms Hugs says:

        Oh… and might I add this observation? I didn’t need to hear Corey Batey to know he had a very low IQ (dumber than a door knob as it were). His actions were big clues to Corey’s IQ the night he was so easily manipulated by a white boy/man on campus but a few short weeks. Yep… didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Cory’s about a quart low on a lot of things. Except anger.


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    Apparently you aren’t aware of how much football players are coddled. They get special tutors assigned to them, who are usually grad students, paid by the Athletic Dept. This is one of the many, many problems with treating college football as if “professional” level, but they don’t have an agent nor million dollar contracts. Their coaches are the highest paid employee at ANY state university or private college like Vanderbilt. Scholars? Not so much… 😦


  4. BH says:

    Found your new story here Bonnie, and you are right on point.

    By the way, remember in one of Shawna’s now deleted FB comments she wrote that her son had “little experience with drinking” and blamed his crimes on that. Denial times a million.

    Have you heard Cory Batey’s jailhouse recordings. Here it is:

    Speaks for itself.

    Another interesting point — Shawna continues to post glam shots of herself on FB. I realize life has to go on for her other sons, but could she have at least a little humbleness after all this and keep a low profile.

    One last thing to chuckle over — Listening to the tapes, apparently both Brandon and Cory think they may still get out and play professional footbal. LMAO!

    Not one ounce of remorse from these sociopaths.

    And when the heck is Banks going to trial?


    • newprude says:

      I just listened to Corey’s recordings and wow just wow. He just doesn’t get it. He is a RAPIST and somehow since he doesn’t see himself like all those other rapists it’s really no big deal.
      This is what makes him and Brandon so dangerous. They really don’t think they did anything wrong.
      He’s a master manipulator : suggesting he rally the community on his behalf. I hope all the people that think all of this is just an immature “mistake” really take a look at themselves and the message they are sending being supportive of this guy.

      I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad the victim has moved on. And I’m glad Brandon is trending on the internet right now.


      • The only people dumber than Cory is his family and friends. Rarely have I heard anyone as dumb as Cory. I’ve thought about it, but can’t imagine that level of stupidity.
        Well. Except for Brandon’s mother and father.


      • BH says:

        Thank goodness these two “people” are incarcerated now for many years to come. They are monsters and their families are in the most severe denial I’ve ever seen. As a side note, Cory can barely speak the English language. How could he have passed college level courses is beyond me.

        Liked by 1 person

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