Heads up Ladies: Domestic Violence “Awareness” is a con.

So expect another round of news coverage concerning October as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.”  Blah blah blah.  

It’s all a con; but one media clearly supportsNYPD officer Samiul Alam illustrates the con, quite well.

“The recently promoted officer, Samiul Alam, 32, was arrested Saturday when cops were called to the couple’s Parkchester apartment after the second alleged beating in less than a week.

When his wife, Tania Chowdhury, called 911 on Saturday afternoon, she said Alam told her, “They won’t do anything to me. I’m a police office (sic). You have no marks, you’re not bleeding, you can’t prove anything. At worst this is an assault 3. I’ll be back in a day or two.”

What happened to Samiul Alam?  

He was released on his own recognizance, again.  Of course.  Because when it comes to civil rights; Women have few.

A long history of this can be found at the “Bad Cops” section of Familylawcourts.com

Misogynistic media supports the con so various non-profits (which operate for the benefit of the staff) can hold conferences featuring “Awareness” instead of lobbying for the solution:  GPS with Victim Notification. 

Yes, the non-profits ignore the solution.  What a terrific, self-serving gig! Take a gander at the type of GPS that would notify the would-be victim a head of time, so she could vacate the area ahead of time, and save her own life.  Then ask yourself why attorneys for family court litigants and so-called “Domestic Violence Advocates” aren’t demanding it.

CBS – initial report.

CBS – initial life saving report – ignored by government, in greater detail.

Now have a gander at what most states, including California, use.

This is our reality…and one Senators Toni Atkins and Todd Gloria are happy to keep!


Since everyone knows the problem isn’t awareness;  I took the solution to the Chief of Probation, the City Council, the Police Chief and my Congressman.  What happened?  


This is why I recommend not donating to any non-profit (Quick reminder: A “non-profit” is a tax phrase; not a vow of poverty) that is not demanding real-time, GPS, victim notification. 

The reality is some women running these non-profits believe they would need a new career field if the problem ended; so they don’t want the solution.  This includes San Diego’s, Bogus, “Family Justice Center.”  

These outfits are very content to offer post-crime services, instead of a high-tech solution that prevents an assault or worse.  And how crazy ridiculous is that brand of callousness?

One last thing. The DC shooter began his rampage over a divorce and custody case.  His ex wife had repeatedly called the police to let them know it was probably him. She was ignored. Much like CA legislators Toni Atkins and Todd Gloria continue to do.

The problem is, it’s getting us killed.







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1 Response to Heads up Ladies: Domestic Violence “Awareness” is a con.

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    You have a major point about non-profits. However, if domestic violence was treated as a medical cause with the same focus on research as cancer or heart disease, perhaps it could be reduced considerably. Of course, I also realize that would mean funding the CDC’s gun studies again, which were shut down by NRA influence in Congress a while ago. If this election doesn’t jerk our society into awareness of how women are actually viewed & treated in this country, nothing will. Watching the women who support Donald makes me lose hope that will ever happen, but I suppose that is how suffragettes felt when in the trenches trying to achieve passage of the 19th Amendment.


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