Doug Sain is promoting his Anti-Hillary movie and furiously requesting continuances for his DV arrest.


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  1. Doug Sain says:

    Ms. Russell, I am requesting you immediately take down this site and any mention of me, or I will take legal action against you for slander and defamation at great expense to you. Your Google Search result willfully slanders and defames me by stating “Rape Retrial begins April 4th – Doug Sain is promoting his Anti-Hillary movie…” Your post is false, slanderous, and willfully misleading.


    • Dear Mr. Sain,

      The typos have been corrected, thanks!

      1. Please be advised I have been sued four times and prevailed in all four actions. Also, my attorney requested and received monster sanctions as a result.
      Please also be advised to date, my attorney has won 24 out of 25 cases. I can’t speak to results of the 25th case as he hasn’t been to court on it yet.

      2. However, I choose to address your ‘alleged’ Google Search Results.

      Your statement “Rape Retrial begins April 4th – Doug Sain is promoting his Anti-Hillary movie” was actually two separate statements; edited by HALF to combine your movie title.
      This happens by design.

      Googling, “Rape Retial begins April 4th” alone, reveals a trial that was not about you, at all, Doug Sain. It is a direct reference to the very famous gang-rape, trial of Brandon Vandenburg from Vanderbilt University. A trial I have been covering for three years, including sentencing. WordPress blogs come up in search engines as I cover news, and the sentencing of Brandon Vandenburg has once again, been rescheduled.

      I don’t know why you chose to omit half of the full statement regarding Brandon Vandenburg; but it renders your accusation completely false.

      First Result: Posts about Brandon Vandenburg written by bonnie russell. … Brandon Vandenburg, Cory Batey, Vanderbilt Rape Retrial begins April 4th …”

      Second Result: “What’s new in the retrial of Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey? Lots! The jury of 10 men … Brandon Vandenburg, Cory Batey, Vanderbilt Rape Retrial begins April 4th. Vandenburg …. bonnie russell on Muskogee Fail: Protect the pub…

      However, your manufactured outrage could stem from your attempt to manipulate Google Search results by inserting “Brandon Vandenburg and Doug Sain” before that result could be achieved. Which I did. As apparently — you did also, to include in your letter of clearly, manufactured outrage.

      Oddly enough, as “Clinton Inc.” received a very poor review,

      this made me think that perhaps, just like the movie, you were clearly in an editing mode, much like an editing bay, when crafting your letter to me.
      It seems odd to me that you would deliberately link your name to two convicted rapists when doing so would forever link you them, in a clear attempt to manufacture a case, but that is the only way to achieve that particular search result. And yes; I took screen shots.

      3. I also note you removed the Lion’s head as your Facebook page header.

      4. If you are denying you were arrested, I suggest notifying the police and requesting they contact me. If you were not arrested, it will be removed. If you are denying you requested continuances please advise the name of the individual making these requests.

      5. Last, I note when I first interviewed you after you lost your lawsuit against Dinesh De Souza for diverting monies; you weren’t as chatty as you are now. You seemed stressed. Perhaps it was due to the bankruptcy. I hope you have other, more worthy projects in the works as I suspect your anti-Hillary movie has a very, limited appeal.


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