Why is ElectionJusticeUSA acting so dodgy?

ElectionJusticeUSA – Blaire Fellows

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2 Responses to ElectionJusticeUSA – Blaire Fellows

  1. Blaire Fellows says:

    You are on notice that you must take down the names of Joanthan Clarke and Blaire Fellows of the Law Offices of Clarke and Fellows and all photos associated. If you do not recant defamatory statements we will have to dispute this matter in court. Thank you.


    • Are you completely unaware of SLAPP litigation?

      I mention this as I have been sued four times. My attorney won ALL of them. He’s won 24 out of 25 such suits – (but can’t claim 25 because the 25th hasn’t been to court yet.)
      But I will mention he asks and receives significant awards for his work. Including, in one case, the house of the now former, attorney, who sued.

      Your picture is used under the Fair Use.


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