Would Sean Smith be proud of his mother, Patricia Smith?

Sean Smith- work

Sean Smith signed up with the Air Force right after high school.


Sean Smith: Dad to Samantha and Nathan

I felt sorry for Patricia Smith last night.

Right up until the beginning of the middle, of Smith’s over-the-top, harangue.

It happened when Smith said something that made her Hillary-centric vitriol, suddenly fall into place.

As Smith rolled through her long, hateful list of of all things Clinton, including her wish Hillary be in prison, I felt badly for Hillary Clinton — knowing she would not respond given Patricia Smith remains out-of-her-mind with grief.  A grief that’s long since morphed into the kind of venomous, soul-killing, hatred, that was ripe for Trump to easily take advantage.

(I would say “Shame on Trump” except; waste of time.  As Trump’s 3,500 lawsuits and five deferments exhibit.) 

But then Smith accidentally revealed something that tipped me her hate is likely the direct result of something else, entirely.

Reporters missed it; but came to light when, as Patricia Smith, warming up her now, long-practiced vitriol said;

“The State Department only releases information to Immediate family members.”

The problem is Patricia Smith still sees herself as an “immediate family” member.

That’s when I knew the real problem wasn’t Hillary Clinton.  It wasn’t Hillary Clinton at all.

Patricia Smith’s issue is the State Department recognizing Heather; Sean’s Smith’s widow, her daughter-in-law and mother to her two grandchildren, as the “immediate family member,” go-to for everything involving Smith’s only child, Sean.

Yes, it’s the classic, Mother and daughter-in-law conflict after an untimely, death.

Sean Smith was an only child.  His wife, Heather, who has been in touch with the State Department, has, not surprisingly, an entirely opposite view of the situation. Heather released a statement saying she was happy with the State Department.

“First, let me thank everyone for the outpouring of support and love my family has received in the wake of this tragedy. As the country mourns the death of four great patriots, my family is grieving for a husband and father lost. The amazing tributes to him have given the entire world a glimpse of the man we loved and we are thankful for every kind word,” she said.

“During this time, the official and unofficial support and communications I have experienced with the Department of State and FBI have been free flowing, and I have been satisfied with the level of information I have received. I have no doubt that I will also be made aware of any new facts as they are uncovered throughout the investigations.”

“Sean was a wonderful man. He supported the mission of diplomacy and served his country with pride and optimism,” said Smith. “We miss him every day.”

Sean Smith had been married for a long time.  He was pretty well known for operating in the shadows, always eschewing the limelight, as he achieved his goals – via work and gaming.

Also, Sean Smith was a Dad.  Father to two kids; one each flavor.  He had a life.  But in an interview with San Diego’s NBC News, Patricia Smith showed her preferred side, as the report mentioned

“Smith said she wants to honor her son’s memory in another way.
She’s considering selling her home to help raise money to send her sons ashes into space.”

So the question must be asked:

Why would Patricia Smith feel she had ownership of her long-married, son’s ashes? What if Sean’s widow and his children didn’t want Sean’s ashes shot into space?


Patricia Smith wants to send her son’s ashes to space

Then another thought popped into my head.

Patricia Smith-Mitchell

Patricia Smith – spewing hate

Most remember the hit TV show, “Everyone loves Raymond

One of the reasons Everyone Loves Raymond was so popular was not everyone loved Raymond’s Mother on the show; the pushy, the demanding, Marie Barone.

Marie Barone

Is Patricia Smith a Marie Barone?

“He’s my only child, but he turned out to be a perfect kid” Patricia said at the time of one of her first interviews.

Then, as the State Department turned to Heather, Smith’s rhetoric became heated.  FOX loved it.  In San Diego, where Smith resides – she became a sought after guest of the likes of the likes of Sean Hannity.  Newspaper articles quoted her as being stonewalled by the State Department with headlines like the false narrative, “Patricia Smith Fights for Answers.”

“I wasn’t looking for my 15 minutes of fame. I’m not a political person at all — I’m just angry,” Smith said, adding that she has no party affiliation.

Her anger centers on insufficient security at the U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya where the assault occurred last year, along with the administration’s massaging of talking points that downplay the nature of the terrorist incident. That wrath was evident in a comment she made during a Mother’s Day appearance on the “Huckabee” show on Fox News.

Patricia Smith

“I interrupted (Mike Huckabee) to wish Hillary a happy Mother’s Day,” Smith said of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who held the post when her son died from smoke inhalation as dozens of al Qaida-linked militants overran the compound. “She’s got her child. I don’t have mine, and I blame her because it was her department.”

Smith’s persistent search for accountability has endeared her to conservative commentators who view the Benghazi incident as a scandal. For example, Sean Hannity of Fox News has devoted much of his daily TV and radio shows to the issue. Smith, he said, is an important voice in the story.

“She’s one of the ones who’s been impacted the most,” he said Friday. “The families haven’t gotten answers, and I think she has a right to know the full story more than any of the rest of us, especially after eight months.”

‘I’ve heard nothing’

Again:  It should be noted the State Department was not stonewalling Patricia Smith. The State Department was following every protocol in every state, and remaining in touch with Sean Smith’s widow, Heather Smith.

Donald Trump knew he could use Patricia Smith’s grief and anger, to his advantage.  The woman who wanted no attention, is now, everywhere.

Oddly enough, Patricia seems unaware her son Sean, aka “Vile Rat” was the superb gamer, and…wait for it:   A total liberal.  No mention of that in any of Smith’s speeches.Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.33.32 AM

Another thing Patricia Smith was unaware?  Sean recognized and supported the diplomatic efforts of the State Department to such an intense degree that he created a State Department for the game, “Eve” where his skills were, frankly; unmatched.

Sean Smith believed in diplomacy

Sean Smith believed in Hillary style diplomacy – Not Trump’s, ham-fisted means

Would Sean Smith, even with his great sense of humor, be appalled that the man with five deferments swooped in for his own purposes to take advantage of his Mother?

I think so.

Apparently, Patricia Smith – in her grief-morphed-hatred, was easy pickings for Trump.  She would forgive Sean for becoming a liberal, which he had become.  Or, in the words of his friend, AlexA flaming leftist.”

Sean Smith - flaming leftist

Sean Smith – believed in diplomacy

As an only child, I figure Sean Smith would forgive his mother for trashing the command under which he proudly served. But I like to think he would reserve a special payback for Trump. I would ask gamers what they think, but I don’t know any as crafty as VileRat to sort of, um; fix Trump’s wagon, so to speak.  Wish I did.

Sean Smith was an amazingly cool guy and good family man.  As such I think he’d be super annoyed Trump was using his mother’s mother’s misplaced grief, to manipulate, like a puppet on a string.


The best diplomat and computer gamer ever. VileRat: Sean Smith


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17 Responses to Would Sean Smith be proud of his mother, Patricia Smith?

  1. Yvonne P Rivera says:

    I know it’s tough for MOMS to let go of their boys, but Smith had a wife who was his NOK. His insurance bennies go to the widow, not MOM. Too bad for her. I.get the feeling she was not on good terms with her son’s immediate family.


  2. Yolanda Peshkepia says:

    I remember Sean’s mom at the beginning of the Benghazi trajedy and wondered if anyone else remembered her and her comments at the time. I also wondered why anyone would use her misguided grief and her over the top comments for their own benefit. Sadly she continues be used by Mr. Trump. Unfortunately, though no one would dare say, her mental stability should be helped not put out there to display.


  3. Sophia Beck says:

    I know she is the mom and I can see her point of view about her pain and loss. However, her son had his own family and she has dismissed her son’s wife and children with her hateful rhetoric. Trump should be ashamed of using this woman’s pain for his advantage.


  4. kamwick says:

    Great blog. It did seem as if there were deeper causes to Smith’s over the top derangement. Notice how Heather Smith seems to not be in the spotlight at all, and she lost a lot more….


  5. Patrica Smith is NOT Sean Smith’s mother. She was a hated Step-mother, just a woman who married Sean’s father. She was estranged from the “son” who refused to speak with her.


  6. Sharry says:

    I truly thought I was the only one that saw this in Patricia Smith. If you notice, she does not speak of Sean’s wife or children. I did hear her say she has 2 g-children in the speech for Trump. No mention of his wife. Of course, this was when she was comparing herself to Clinton. I noticed this in one of her interviews about 9 months ago and she was so angry she asked,”Who’s going to take care of ME!” I felt sorry for her and I was angry and the news station that put her on – she is filled with so much hate and emotion – and might I add, selfishness! I do feel sorry for her due to the hatred that she is carrying. She seems like the type that is too proud to let that go of the hate, jealousy, and resentment of losing her son, not once (to his wife), but 2 times. Sadly, people of Mrs. Smith’s caliber desire constant attention and I don’t think her behavior is anything new to her. Judging her behavior it appears she has probably always been that way and wanted to be the center of attention — kinda like munchausen syndrome…. just throwing that out there. It’s sad.


  7. As much as I think Donald Trump is totally unfit to lead this country, I believe it was his campaign manager who put Pat Smith on the podium at the RNC. Trump doesn’t have a clue. As to Ms. Smith, she was exploited,
    and they should be ashamed of themselves to do this to an emotionally unstable elderly woman.


  8. Moms Hugs says:

    Oh, my goodness, bless your everlovin’ heart, Bonnie! You just confirmed my gut instinct that this man’s poor mother was getting used politically all because she “lost” her son long ago to his wife. It’s a classic struggle when mothers can’t let go. What a shame, and shame on Fox, Trump & the RNC.


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