Is Air Force Academy recruit Jack Warmlots, a Brock Turner, Brandon Vandenburg in the making?

Two, separate themes featuring ending denial

A. The denial of the right of raped women to seek criminal prosecution; no matter how the raped occurred.  No matter how also includes when the rapist is a college or professional athlete; and

B. the denial of consequences for the rapist due to judicial bias.

Both forms of denial are geared to support for the business of college sports; over the rights of women not to be raped.   No matter what.

Sentencing of: Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey or, put another way – what is wrong with women – and some media types?


Beth Shepard

As sentencing approaches for Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey, now seems a good time to demonstrate what was true in the beginning for the Vanderbilt University gang-rape, is less true today, (minus Coach Franklin’s hasty retreat to another college.)

A few pictorial examples from the first trial at Vanderbilt…from Beth Shepard.  Who seems to be a defense plant.  One hopes she isn’t real.

Vandenburg - Facebook plant Beth shepard1

From Beth Shepard: “This case seems like a joke,” and …”I feel sorry for the jurors but even worst (sic) of rate boys who are getting dragged into.”

More from Beth Shepard, who wrote, seemingly, from a Defense leak, point-of-view.

Vandenburg - Facebook plant -Beth Shepard2

Beth’s post was scrubbed.  Just not prior to a screen shot.

More of Beth’s reasoning. 

Beth Shepard-3

Beth Shepard’s reasoning: “When this goes to trial i can’t wait to see this chick try to testify, it’s going to be LOL funny!”

But media also plays a role

News Channel 5 -NICK BERES

What happens when Nick forgets Journalism always aces media – the Joe Padula reminder.

Am specifically referencing the treatment given to one Nancy Foster.  Ms. Foster was the woman Al Perez attempted to malign and Joe Padula, abdicated his responsibility to check it out.  Sadly, NC5 Nick Beres not only gave a “hat tip to Deputy Joe Padula after his misogynistic failure to investigate. But Beres added to it with his verbal finger wagging. Some piled on.  My comment (removed) called out Padula and the station.

As I’ve repeatedly stated:  courts are a public place.   Deputies are there to protect all, and that includes the public.  Here’s a few deputies who act as thugs  in court, also.   

I immediately jumped on those who were saying she was disrespectful, as clearly those snarking seemed to have no idea at all about free speech, or that the courtrooms belong to the PUBLIC.  However, in either case, Nick abandoned journalism for media, and then piled on Nancy Foster for good measure.  Not cool.  I wonder if Nick will apologize.  

As I have been following this trial for three others, I heard Nancy’s original call in and Perez’s comments about her being drunk.  Sadly, the crux of the situation was cut from subsequent broadcasts.  Journalism?  No.  Misogynistic?  Absolutely. 

Sample NC5’s subtle misogyny in this interview with Ms. Foster.

Here’s Nancy’s response, which I hope doesn’t disappear as quickly as mine did.

Nancy Foster

On a whim, Nancy Foster’s civil rights were violated by Deputy Joe Padula

“Nancy Anne Foster NC5_NickBeres Haunting seared images of Brandon Vandenburg smiling directly at me in and outside of the courtroom – not in the hallway – and comments made by his attorney, Albert Perez Jr., along with some neglected crucial points in your post and misguided comments here have compelled me to respond about being escorted from the Birch Building on Saturday, June 18th. I wanted this to be a story about something completely different – i.e.misogyny – and that was cut from my Skpye interview. I’ve been in broadcasting so I know – you do what you have to do. But wait – this is news and – your take? 🙂 Nah. I never said, “Hi” to Brandon Vandenburg. I didn’t say Anything to him – Ever. I wasn’t harassing him in any form. And I promise really really – I didn’t “act like (a) fool(s).” I sat quietly in the back of the courtroom on Friday the 17th after resolving personal business that mandated me being at The Birch Building. Even as Brandon Vanderburg looked directly at me and beamed a confident smile as he walked past me in the courtroom on Friday, I didn’t respond to him in any Verbal – or physical – manner. I have the highest and utmost respect for the victim in this trial and and would not do anything to disrupt a courtroom, most especially during a trial of this magnitude.

I recounted the exact sequence of events when I called in to News Channel 5’s Gavel to Gavel coverage. To encapsulate and expound though: I was at the Birch Building for a Small Claims Court trial on Thursday, in which I was the plaintiff. That doesn’t matter. I had to be there so I left the the courthouse immediately after my trial on Thursday. Until I discovered your “live” broadcast coverage, I wasn’t even remotely aware of the re-trial – much less that it was in the same building – on the same floor – as I’d been in earlier that day.

So I had to finish personal business at the Birch Building on Friday – with much difficulty as I’m unable walk unaided after a car wreck – and had learned from your Coverage that the public was allowed in the Courtroom.
A policeman was very helpful in guiding me to the correct courtroom. A Court Officer – possibly Mr. Joe Padula, to whom you seemingly defer to in your post 🙂 – questioned why I wanted to go into the courtroom, and I just said, “well isn’t the pubic allowed?” kinda like that and it went on but he finally sternly said, “Turn off your phone and sit only right there, on the back row, and do not move.” Yes, sir” I replied and I so obeyed that man. He seems English in his demeanor. So I sat quietly, watching the victim, total respect – and noticed that she left through a side door. Seated next to me was a man who’d been there throughout the trial as a spectator. During a break, we quietly talked and he expressed his concern for the twin brothers. I knew nothing of the family but began to see his point. I’d followed the case as it broke 3 years ago and sporadically on your broadcast so learning much more along the way.

Since it’s difficult to walk and park, I’d taken taxis to the Birch Building and knew only of the stairs on 2nd Ave. where drivers had let me out as close as possible. On Friday, I drove since I felt sure I’d find a parking place and it was late in the day – around 4:00. After the trial was officially over, I waited for the courtroom to empty so as not to impede anyone leaving since I walk very slowly. I looked up from gathering my stuff – like putting on my Ray-Bans, turning my phone back on – and saw Mr. Perez, followed closely by Brandon Vandenburg, who stared in my eyes and smiled a friendly innocuous enough smile – as if he was just a happy care-free stranger just being polite. I showed no reaction but the proximity was unsettling and the courtroom seemed almost empty – and it was a tiny courtroom. The whole point – I waited a minute to make sure I’d not run into him again.

Since the victim had left through a different door, I was surprised and a bit confused as to where Mr. Vanderburg was going. I rode in the elevator with a spectator I’d not met until then and she walked with me to the outside of the Birch Building – only to see about 7 people, including Brandon Vandenburg – standing right almost on 2nd Ave. unintentionally blocking the stairs where I needed to walk to get to my car.

When I stopped to assess the options of getting to my car on Gay Street, Brandon Vandenburg smiled at me again. I specifically did Not want to walk by them and held up my cane and smiled to indicate that I was trying to walk to my car but didn’t want to interrupt them or bother or really – be near them. Some seemed to have gotten the point, even Brandon Vandenburg! – but a blonde woman asked, “May I help you?” I uttered, “Are you the family?” since – again – I didn’t want to go near them, wasn’t sure who they were, just standing there blocking the stairs, etc. – sorta surreal that they would be standing outside the Birch Building, smiling as if it was just another beautiful day in Paradise. Mr. Perez mumbled something inaudible and I began to explain that I’d just had a trial in the Birch Building and said, “The same thing happened to me” – when he interrupted me and said, “Well, you must’ve been dunk then!!!” – followed by this knee-slapping laughter. I was terribly confused by what he meant as I didn’t know that would be a major part of the defense and wanted to finish saying that I meant I was in a trial in the Birch building when I realized he possibly thought I meant I had been assaulted in – a similar manner? Drunk = my fault? The only thing that would come out of my mouth was, “What?” – with genuine quiet confusion tone and no emotion. Then – bam! Mr. Perez immediately said “She just threatened me! Get security – NOW!!!” I looked to my right and saw a handicapped wheelchair ramp and left with the woman I’d met on the elevator as quickly as I could limp on out of there. I went to a friend’s home and we decided it was an inexplicable, strange story and I was calm and reassured by friends that I’d done nothing wrong.

I returned on Saturday as it was historical and compelling and I’d already forgotten about \what Mr. Perez said. The man I’d met on Friday who talked about feeling compassion for the twin brothers was there and the courthouse was full with the doors locked because more people had shown up on Saturday. During a break, the doors were opened and I went in to get a seat since it’s really imperative that I have a seat. Right then, Perez walked towards the door to the hallway, followed by Brandon Vandenburg, who once again smiled at me. Not wanting any trouble, I managed a very slight weak smile in return. Immediately, the Court Officer told me I had to leave. Confused, I asked him why and a police officer appeared and escorted me from the Birch Building. I never saw Brandon Vandenburg or Perez again – and not in the hallway – ever.

Timing was weird. When the nice policemen – and he was – escorted me out – suddenly I saw Rod Vandenburg and his twin sons were walking past me. I said to the twins, “I’m sorry for what you two are going through” and both politely thanked me. Rod Vandenburg mumbled a thanks and said, “We have much bigger things on our minds.”

That’s what happened. There was no “Drama in the Hallway” – no harassing or disparaging comments made by me – or Brandon Vandenburg for that matter, or any of his family. The twins looked genuinely appreciative and I am glad that I may have helped them but in the end, TRUTH, justice and respect for the victim is my concern. Peace and Love – Nancy”

It’s my sincere hope all traces of misogyny disappears from media and courthouse deputies for this and any future sentencing.  The public right to be treated respectfully in all courtrooms should not be violated by those hired to serve the public.  There are too many Joe Padula types already.

Sentencing:  Brock Turner – or put another way – Ladies, wake up!

Separate from the perv-friendly Judge Micael Aaron Persky, where jurors are practicing judicial nullification by refusing to be seated in his courtroom; by now, everyone is completely over the despicable behavior of Dan and Carleen Brock,  Brock Turner’s parents.  From his father’s  “twenty minutes of action” to Carleen Turner’s stomping her foot at the verdict and her letter to the judge whining that she no longer can enjoy decorating her new home, to Brock’s friends like drummer Leslie and even his dolt of an ex-girlfriend, Lydia Pocisk:  who wrote:

Lydia Pocisk mad at God over Brock Turner

“He was determined to be the best he could be in all he did. I say this with 100% confidence because I remember a conversation with him a few years back. I asked why he had gotten so good at everything he did, and his answer surprised me. He simply said, ‘It’s not as fun to not be successful or not work hard.’”


She continued, “You would think a close friendship of 8 years could predict something like this happening, but the type of person Brock is could never deserve this or do anything he has been convicted of in a thousand of his lives. I have never been so angry with God in all of my life, for instilling such pain on such an undeserving soul.

Also from Ohio, comes Kate Sickinger and her letter.


Kate Sickinger – unwilling to face Brock Turner’s DNA

Kate-email to Mike Armstrong

Criminal defense attorney Mike Armstrong was not smart enough to delete Kate’s email address and the London Publication went with it.

Apparently there exists any number of college women who are simply incapable of coming to grips with the fact some childhood pals grow up to commit sex crimes.  These women, doom others.

Don’t be one of them.

Reset:  Repeat:  More Rape Charges  – JACK WARMLOTS

Booking  photo of Jack Warmlots – a highly recruited athlete from Ohio.


Jack Warmlots – second Air Force Academy charged with rape

DNA Evidence ties Air Force Academy cadet to a rape in Boulder.  Jack is the second rape case.


Jack Marmolts – post booking

Surprise!  Just kidding.  Here’s Jack post booking waiting for bail.

Here’s a little behind Jack Warmlots decision to apply for the Air Force Academy.  

P.S.  Like Brock Turner, Jack Warmlots also hails from  Ohio. Also like Brock Turner, friends are rallying for Jack.  No word on the victim.  The Air Force Academy’s second victim.  Misogyny is in American DNA – as evidenced, here. 

(Hey, if Generals can get away with sex crimes, why not cadets.  Fair’s fair, right?)

ESPN interview

Jack Warmolts describing his decision making skills

Jack Warmlots –  rape charge at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Hey folks, it’s tradition!

and a fund was immediately set up to help ole Jack.

Save a rapist from his actions, Donate here!  eSome donations are for a $1,000.00 dollars a pop.  Read the comments of a doctor (first do no harm) and others, proud to donate.  They are really creepy.  

Jackwarmolts - charged with sex crime

Is it me, or does Jack Warmlots look like Brock Turner?


Will close with a column written a couple of years ago featuring Republican women who support rapist friendly judges during an election year.  Not that the Democrats were any better.  The Democrats didn’t even bother to run a candidate.

Although misogyny is embedded in American culture, I have noticed cracks in the culture of men and women willing to support it.  If you want to turn cracks into chasms, speak up and stop funding rape defenses.  Donate to funds supporting equal pay for women.  We have public defenders for indigent rapists. 


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4 Responses to Is Air Force Academy recruit Jack Warmlots, a Brock Turner, Brandon Vandenburg in the making?

  1. dglavin96 says:

    During the retrial, the camera was frequently on Albert Perez, Jr because he was sitting right in front of Brandenburg. I understand defense attorneys have a job to do, but his reactions to unfavorable testimony and his smug expression while the victim was testifying made me want to punch him in the face. At least there was the satisfaction of watching him hang his head in utter defeat when the verdict was read. His closing argument had to be one of the worst in the history of American jurisprudence. Hopefully this case will be a career killer for him.


  2. Nancy Johnson Foster says:

    Oh that pic sucks but here’s the article on me. Click the link blue.

    A policeman was very helpful


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