Brandon Vandenburg – Vanderbilt’s sports-bro gang rape trial: Take Two

Timing is everything

Brandon Vandenburg - circa 2016

Brandon Vandenburg – circa 2016

Brandon Vandenburg’s second trial is barely out of the gate and am already getting the feeling a lot of money is being wasted with a IT company called Logic Force Consulting, to refute what has to be via, pictures, video, texts, and telephone calls, the most well-documented rape and obstruction of justice charges in the country.  Seriously.


Contrary to Stacey Barchenger’s hilarious tweet, I think this trial will fly.

Vandenburg Retrial

I covered the first Brandon Vandenburg sports-bro, gang-rape trial, in which one Brandon Vandenburg, a wannabe football star, was accused of  facilitating a 30 minute attack on an unconscious woman.  A woman who remembers nothing.  Brandon facilitated this attack barely three weeks after arriving with plans to be a big man on campus.  Details here.

Timing is Everything

Timing for the trial is really bad for Brandon. . .who accepted two years Probation for the assault charge he managed to pick up in Palm Desert, CA, when he was out on bail for the #VandyTrial.  How dull was he for that?  

Still, making things worse for Brandon, consider the recent college rape cases in the news.

Stanford’s Brock Turner – and a judicial recall. 

  1.  First we have the Judicial nullification in Santa Clara;  with jurors refusing to sit in Judge Michael Aaron Persky’s court.

Baylor’s mishandled Rape cases and Ken Starr’s hilarious stumble.

2.  Then we have the unintentionally hilarious Ken Starr interview in which he destroyed his own credibility in the wake of Baylor’s sex crime scandals.

 3. Last, we have the sexual harassment claims against Holland and Knight, the law firm hired to defend the sex crimes at Phillips Exeter Academy.  See here for other college rapes, and the reasons why.  Psst.  It’s not alcohol.  It’s religion.

Speaking of religion – Bradon Vandenburg’s completely unaware,  “I’m Second (first) and “God is First” (second) Twitter account.

Vandenburg - Twitter original Ready for the unbelievable?   The defense has, learned nothing.

I just screen shot this from the excellent Stacey Barchenger’s piece in the Tennessean regarding Vandenburg’s retrial.

From the Tennessean - Vandenburg Defense Team Still Stick Dumb

From the Tennessean – Vandenburg Defense Team Still Stick Dumb

There’s the usual mixture of personalities.  But it’s still a straight-forward, with heaps of evidence and a strong victim, kind of case.

Defense strategy remains Logic Free

Or put another way —

From the Defense Playbook:  

“Remember what didn’t work the first time?  Let’s do it again!”

Only one new wrinkle.  That would be Brandon’s three, prior concussions. Or,

“Football made me do it. It couldn’t have been the cocaine!”

Still, bad idea for defense to stick with Devil alcohol.  



Good news.  I saved the 2013 tweets from Brandon’s friends!

Vandenburg - Miles Finley - Budweiser

Vandenburg Friend Miles Finley - drunk women

Vandenburge - Miles Finley - hangovers

Vandenburg-Retrial-Drunk2 Vandenburg-Retrial-Drunk4

And to think Brandon’s Mom, Dad, and his twin brothers trekked in for this charade.

The victim was not in court today, and thus spared having to hear what five guys did to her one more time.

I do not know if the cowardly, but sober Mack Prioleau is back. Mack was literally at the scene of the crime, feet away.  Mack took one look, feigned sleep, rolled over, and literally turned his back to the victim.

Vandenburg - Mack Prioleau - pretended to be asleep

The ever cowardly Mack Prioleau – pretended to be asleep

Gonna be a quick trial with a few fireworks.  But I still want the Prosecutor to ask the same question not asked of any Defendants last time.

Do you still drink?  





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12 Responses to Brandon Vandenburg – Vanderbilt’s sports-bro gang rape trial: Take Two

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    Brandon’s frozen face & eyes are totally lacking in empathy. He looks as if he gave up the fight awhile ago & is going through this retrial charade for his parents’ sake. Don’t know why they would want to put his younger brothers through it though, let alone money to pay his defense team. Also doubt he has any friends left by now. He doesn’t even look hopeful for a lighter sentence either. However, I’m fairly certain that between football & disdain for women, he’ll not lack for bros in his next abode.


  2. Jason says:

    I love what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    I am curious whether the DA is going to put Mark on the stand, but even more curious whether they plan to fly Miles Finley in to testify again. Bonnie, what’s your forecast on those two nitwits?


    • Moms Hugs says:

      *Mack, not Mark. I have another question for anyone who knows. There would be little to no evidence in this case, but for digital imagery – well, other than he said, he said testimony of bros who were actually in that room. I’m wondering if any of your readers with criminal defense expertise had effective defense strategy ideas.


  4. Moms Hugs says:

    Keep in mind that good criminal defense lawyers are cognizant a jury may convict again so these are arguments intended as grounds for appeal. Double jeopardy is a good constitutional argument.


  5. It just was so gross listening to their arguments.


  6. Bonnie, what are your thoughts about the Double Jeopardy that was brought up by the defense. I didn’t totally follow their argument. Thanks.


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