San Diego women in custody cases: You’re screwed. Loaded guns, penis pics – no problem.

Michael MacNeil - Ripping of his clothes and taxpayers

  1. Here’s the video of the sexting Deputy DA Michael MacNeil San Diego media refused to identify.
  2. Update:  One day later. We received word MacNeil resigned from the DA’s office. (In exchange for no charges?) However, his State Bar record hasn’t changed as of 5:00p.m. on June 13, 2016.  As MacNeil claims his parents are millionaires, we’re not too worried.
  3. What happens when pervy DAs get divorced?  The public learns Perjury pays;  that’s what.  Am posting because San Diego media, their coverage, chose to protect the identity of the perverted Deputy DA, Michael MacNeil.  (I was just one of the tipsters, (and have emails from Channel 10 saying they weren’t interested. CBS was particularly not interested. Snooty, even.)
  4. Meanwhile, 10 news ignored the fact Patti Chavez-Fallon continues putting children at risk.
  5. Will the Judicial Council act – to finally create real oversight to the field of Supervised Visitation?  Real oversight  includes members of the public.  Will City Attorney’s office act? I called both candidates in the runoff.  Neither responded.  I emailed. . .and; crickets.
  6. Media concentrated on the salacious – instead of the more important, zero oversight in the area of Supervised Visitation.  The  bigger issue.  But okay, now for the salacious!

  7. Penis pics sent by San Diego Deputy District Attorney Michael MacNeil – (are below.) No pics of loaded gun he pointed his wife. Police took all seven of them away – for maybe a day.  MacNeil has cop friends.)
  8. Also, in court snaps.  Pictures of female attorneys who have absolutely no idea a pervy Deputy DA is happily snapping away.  (Court reporters too)  This is a crime.  Will the City act?  Nope.  They say they might if a police report is filed.  As San Diego residents are numb from San Diego’s six prior sex scandals, a police report against a “friend” appears unlikely. 

    She Never knew

    An attractive woman who never knew a perv was close by.

  9. And then there’s Family Court.  Screen shots of McNeil saying he walks naked around his little girls?  Check.
  10. Declarations during his divorce he doesn’t do that?  Check.  
  11. Heck there’s 900 screen shots of some pretty dysfunctional stuff.  Who has the time to go into it all?  But there is plenty more to go into.  

Custody cases go this way. Guns, Penis pics, pervy behavior?  Ladies, you and your kids are screwed.

Welcome to San Diego!  

Media however, will likely be more interested in MacNeil’s work.  Or, working it.

Michael MacNeil – ripping off his clothes and taxpayers – a twofer!

Michael McNeil ripping off his clothes and taxpayers

Michael McNeil in, after-five, office attire.

After receiving the below pics of Deputy DA Michael MacNeil, I immediately notified the DA’s office. It’s a given attorneys who send pictures of their junk around are stupid…but what else are they?

In the case of MacNeil: Well-paid! See salary information from 2014.

Michael MacNeil - DDA - Are San Diegans getting their money's worth

2014:Michael MacNeil – San Diego County DDA – Are taxpayers getting their money’s worth?

The difference being MacNeil prosecutes bad guys on behalf of the San Diego.  Or, put another way:  Pot, meet kettle.

Although I really don’t care about MacNeil’s penis.  I care how he skulks around the courtroom taking sneaker shots of women who have no idea they are being photographed and sexually rated in texts to co-workers with negative comments.  As for the positive ratings, I can’t imagine any court reporters would be pleased by comments he makes about wanting to do things to them, either.

If nothing changes nothing changes

Still, media ignores the main issue:  How is it Supervised Visitation monitors remain unchecked? Why is there no oversight when monitors such as Patti Chavez-Fallon who was aware of all this, could recommend Michael MacNeil have 50-50 custody of his two pre-teen girls?  This is due to California’s lackluster, Judicial Council. 

Chavez-Fallon’s take was: Mother showed poor judgment.  Sorry kids. Patti is part of the gang favored by San Diego’s family court judges.  And one other thing.  MacNeil better than anyone, knows there is no penalty for perjury.  But as an employee of the County, who better to know the rewards for lying under oath, are many, widespread, and far far, ranging.

Is San Diego interested in cleaning up its Supervised Visitation Program?

No. The Judicial Council doesn’t care to regulate an industry that is supposed to make sure kids are not at risk.  However, this being an election year I worked hard to interest all candidates in a solution to Domestic Violence.  My hope was all candidates and especially those already working in government; Chief City Attorney Mara Elliot and Robert Hickney might be interested in change given the City Attorney’s office latest, Domestic Violence debacle of blown statute of limitations.  Meanwhile,

What chance do San Diego women have being free from pervy DAs?

So far, not much.  But stay tuned.  We think it’s kinda cute that Michael MacNeil stripped out his Facebook page — after it was scooped up.  But no matter. Some of MacNeil’s former friends are pretty darn chatty. Some would call MacNeil’s scrubbing his Facebook page an attempt to “obstruct justice.”  Others would say it is evidence of guilt.  Stay tuned.

Michael MacNeil- Delete Your Account

Peaceful shot. But, real life? Not so much.

I do wonder why San Diego and the Judicial Council continue putting kids at risk, now going on year twenty with no oversight to Supervised Visitation. Also,

Exhibit A 

Consider: the 98 misdemeanor cases whose Statute of Limitations were blown by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.  When it was revealed five months later, one of the attorneys in the City Attorney’s Office involved in the blown Domestic Violence statutes; left.

Meanwhile City Attorney Jane Goldsmith said one of his “Domestic Violence Advocates” recommended DV victims not be told why the City was “not moving forward on their case.”  (Thus victimizing them twice.)  These so-called “advocates” are still “working” with San Diego.  Why?

The attorney on the DV team who left the City’s employ?  She was promptly hired by the DA’s office.  So what chance do women and kids have when this is how San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis, rolls?

I can report Mara Elliot expressed directly to me, great confidence in those so-called Domestic Violence advocates the City continues to work with, in-house.  That would be the same “Domestic Violence Advocates who recommended Jan Goldsmith not tell the women crime victims the city blew the statutes.

Mara said she will continue to work with these very Domestic Violence Advocates and various “psychologists” currently the City has “relationships” with.  Much like San Diego Police Department for years worked with Dr. Michael, “I like having sex with my patients” Mantell.

When county attorneys take sneak shots of women in court…..that’s just sneezy. But while it’s sneezy towards an adult…what chance do San Diego kids have?

I was informed MacNeil happily describes himself as a home “brewer” with a fondness for drinking, and walking naked around his girls.  Also MacNeil own seven guns, has a concealed carry permit; and a temper.  Perfect.

But no problem with that in a city where father’s  rights insiders run the show for  – Supervised Visitation monitors. Patti Chavez-Fallon, seem to be harming children.

Years later, women are still suffering the Betty Broderick blowback as Family Court judges rubber-stamp pro-pervert, dreck.  So, this bears repeating:

Supervised Visitation Patti Chavez-Fallon knew the history of this pervert: and still recommended  50/50 custody to him.

My source communicated with Chavez-Fallon, and wrote:

“He also pointed a loaded gun at his wife (he owns 7 guns), there is no report because he threatened her if she talked. She wrote this in a sworn declaration to Patti.

Even that Patti blamed on her, saying she used bad judgment in not leaving him after that incident, instead of bashing him for his actions.

Patti has blamed everything on her. Like I told you, Patti decided to talk to me, and her attitude was nasty and she defended him basically and blamed her and me while having all this proof of who he is”

At least some lose social workers lose their license. LA  and San Bernardino is doing a much better job, canceling the license of Social worker Kevin Bom.

I have long written about the problems with custody cases in San Diego, by “insiders” whose reports are rubber-stamped by  judges.  What’s also true is the San Diego is fond of shooting the messenger.  (Again, largely due to the machinations of Patti Chavez-Fallon, who for years ran the Family Court Services and was BFF of San Diego’s favorite supervised visitation monitor, and fake therapist, (this being San Diego no one checked Susan Griffin’s resume).  

In true San Diego fashion once exposed the judges were embarrassed and shot the messenger.  I kid you not.  San Diego Judges continue referring cases to both Patti Chavez-Fallon and Susan Griffin, who in turn, promptly doom kids for a profitable career.  Griffin’s new place is “Hannah’s House.”

It is strongly recommended appealing any order directing family court litigants to either, Griffin’s Hannah’s House or Chaveg-Fallon…and not getting involved with any attorney who works with either of them.

Update: June 15, 2016: For reasons not equating in any way with journalism, San Diego media choses to continue not identifying Michael MacNeil. Click —> for Examples of San Diego media outlets ignoring their job function.

Last,  I thought this post by MacNeil was ironic.  Just sayin’

Michael MacNeill - I love technology



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14 Responses to San Diego women in custody cases: You’re screwed. Loaded guns, penis pics – no problem.

  1. Lacey says:

    Absolutely corrupt and vile justice system in San DIego. Evil.


  2. Ceciah A Munoz says:

    My x won full custody of my 4 children in October 2013, by Judge Albert T. Harutunian. I then hired a lawyer and filed a reconsideration and to please taking in consideration my children’s safty and we’ll being, but Judge Albert T. Harutunian said, I was just trying to get another bite of the apple, and denied it. I filed an appeal…. Denied. I left him in 2008 because of DV. And he kept threatening me that he would make my life a living hell. He has, by winning full custody. My children have been living with their father in Bakersfield, now going 3years. With only twice a month visitation. And split holidays. My children have been verbally and emotionally abused, by him and no one seems to take it seriously. CPS and POs told me to stop calling even though my oldest tried to commit suicide various times during the 3 years. My x would say my kids are just being rebels. My kids cry and want to come back to me. They have begged him to let them come back home to me, but he threatened them telling my children if they keep crying they will never see me again. My oldest turns18 next week but couldn’t handle the abuse and has been disappointed that CPS and POs wouldn’t believe her and my children. And has came back home to me, but now we are worried about my 3 children. I’m in desperate need of help. My kids are afraid to speak because of their fathers threats and reassurance that no one will believe them because he knows how to lie. Please Anyone help!!!


  3. Jamie E says:

    Agreed, he is disgusting. But why are you showing his victims’ faces? And unless his children have a different last name, aren’t you helping to expose their identities? They’ll be ostracized and it’s not their fault. You fighting the good fight to protect women and children… so protect these women and children.


    • Not showing his children’s faces. Am showing adult victims who happen to be beautiful women during work situations, caught unawares, that pervs are nearby.

      A. There is nothing wrong with that.
      B. It’s always more effective when educating, to do so by demonstration, rather than simply writing, “watch your surrounding area.”


  4. paul says:

    sounds like a similar conduct when a friend of ours reported a corrupt woman in a state agency where personal citizen info is who is married to a convicted drug distributor and then her friend made perjured statements in a warrant to get back at the informant what was really a civil matter and found out she made a mistake in her statements to the judge, however the corrupt law person got away so far with the crime of perjury


  5. Sally Spelbring says:



    • That’s not how San Diego, rolls. San Digeo Media went – and will continue to go to great pains to keep the public in the dark. That’s how San Diego rolls.

      Joel Davis from ABC did a quick blip last night. However, even after Michael MacNeil resigned, ABC refused to identify him.

      My experience with Davis is he’s a sexist and bad for women in San Diego.

      Also, ABC’s quick, follow up blip was not added to the website.

      The MO seems to be either don’t cover; or cover briefly, without names, and then discard.

      That’s how San Diego rolls.


  6. Thanks for bringing this misconduct to light, but it’s nothing compared to the case I have right now with the DA’s office. In this case, the San Diego DA tried to make a secret agreement with one defendant to reduce their charges in exchange for their perjured testimony to pin the crime on the other defendant. Surprisingly, the first defendant said “they couldn’t do it because it would be a lie.” Then the prosecutor threatened a second witness and told them they “better not get on her bad side.” She later prosecuted her own witness and coached him to lie prior to his statement being recorded, all of which he revealed to the defense. To top it all off, the DA’s office then refused to prosecute an illegal alien who has been deported multiple times for two murders and an attempted murder, just so their witness couldn’t be impeached for being a serial killer in the same case. Was this prosecutor ever disciplined for coaching two witnesses to lie and suborning perjury? Nope, but the DA’s office eventually removed her from the case. In this same case, there are also three SDPD officers who are caught on video committing an unprovoked attack on my client as he is walking down the street, and then writing false reports to cover it up (this story was featured on KNSD last October as the lead story on the 5:00 news) Do you think those officers were fired or even disciplined for writing those false reports that are directly contradicted by the video footage? Nope. Internal Affairs never even investigated anything. If you contact me through my Facebook account, which is a pseudonym, I will provide you with a way to contact me and I will tell you the name of the prosecutor and the name of the case I am referring to, and I will provide you with the video and copies of the police reports that show these officers completely lied and any other information you might need.


  7. Moms Hugs says:

    OMG! There is just nothing else to say… can’t make it better for the kids & could make it worse. How did our social contract with each other break down so badly that we no longer look out for each other and those who aren’t in a position to look out for themselves? Keep trying, Bonnie. Thank you.


  8. Nayla says:

    These DA’s judges and lawyers for family court are corrupt. Westchester county in NY is just as bad.


  9. uaptsd says:

    Thank you for bringing this to light


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