Dear GOP: Trump isn’t acting like a bigoted racist – Trump is a bigoted racist

Poor Joe Scarborough. After months of kissing the pudgy back-side of Donald Trump, reality finally smacked the former Republican Congressman from Florida right in the face.

With sidekick Mika, (who has perfected the art of eternally looking as if she’s about to speak) Joe blew up. Joe finally unleashed on Trump – below.

“Donald, guess what, I’m not going to support you until you get your act together. You’re acting like a Bush-league loser, you’re acting like a racist, you’re acting like a bigot.”

“I have taken the gun away from my head I am putting it on the table and now. It is in your hands on whether you are going to prove to the Republican party and me personally that you’re not a bigot,” he said.

“Don’t use Hillary Clinton as a threat against me, don’t use Hillary Clinton as an excuse, as your blank check to say racist things about people born in Indiana,” Scarborough added. “No, Donald, you don’t get to play it that way, I’m not scared of you, and I’m not scared of the base because they’re just as pissed off as me.”

But poor Joe hasn’t figured out the problem.  Trump isn’t acting like a bigoted racist. Trump is a bigoted racist who is being true to himself.


The reality? Hillary Clinton totally called it when she said, “Trump is Dangerously Incoherent.” If Trump acts in such a way in his “real” life, and by this I mean the number of lawsuits against Trump to date, featured here, imagine how fast the blustery hot-head would send Americans off to war, over one of his business deals.

What happens when Candidates aren’t vetted

  1. Trump’s history is getting rich off of the middle class.  Some of whom finally wised up and sued him. Hence, “How Trump financially devasted people who just wanted to buy a condo.”
  2. Trump’s business partners – no one you’d want for neighbors. “Meet the business partners Trump doesn’t want you to know about.
  3. It’s all out there, but for years reporters sold out.  Reporters gave Trump slack-for-access.  This came out in the suppressed Documentary from the original documentary where reporters admitted to it.

But what about the campaign?

GOP’s main problem is they can’t unring the bell — and in case anyone still hasn’t noticed….Trump is not equipped psychologically, to apologize. An inability to apologize isn’t  Trump’s biggest Achilles Heel — That would be his abject narcissism…but it’s a close second.

I’d say Trump’s inability to apologize is what has led to the thousands of lawsuits and ultimately, a blue print from Trump U – and how Trump will, eventually hit the gas  Thelma and Louise style – careen the Republican Party off a cliff.

When GOP finally wrestled Trump to a leash, aka: a script:   The effect was Donald Trump appearing to be on sedatives. He’s boring.

Worse, when Donald Trump is uses a teleprompter, for one of his impromptu press conferences, (that reporters are often prohibited) he dies in real time!

So the Republican Party insisting on bringing Trump to heel, is chaining a mean-tempered dog to a post, and not giving him water.  The idea was good, considering Trump doesn’t merely go off-script, but off-the-rails.  Still, getting Trump to conform isn’t going to work.

Not that Trump won’t attract racists. Sadly, America still has plenty. But it’s over and GOP knows it.


Cheer up.  It’s not just the Party Trump is killing.  But his own brand.


Several months ago I said two things.

  1.  The race would boil down to women vs. misogyny; and
  2. That we were witnessing the demise of the Republican Party. (I just hadn’t envisioned it would be so entertaining.)

Back in time – it was the Democrats who prevented women from testifying in support of Anita Hill; which lead to Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. 

No one who cares about civil rights, wants to see that repeated.  Hillary is smart, and plays the long game.  She knows it’s not just about an eights years being President.  It’s also about staffing the U.S. Supreme Court. 



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7 Responses to Dear GOP: Trump isn’t acting like a bigoted racist – Trump is a bigoted racist

  1. Kill says:

    I will right away seize your rss as I can’t to find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service.

    Do you have any? Kindly let me recognize so that I could subscribe.



  2. You’re probably right. Neither men like strong women. But Bobby Knight is a bully and a disgrace.


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    Bonnie ~ You really must see the videos of Bobby Knight, famed Indiana Hoosier’s BB coach, go into a state of bliss wafting on & on about Donald would be the Greatest President ever. I must admit to being past my prime, like those 2 guys who are close to my age. So, I don’t worry that The Don might call me a Loser, but I would bet The Bobby does! LOL!!


  4. Moms Hugs says:

    Ahhh… where to begin especially since I took a vow not to click on or read anything that has Trump in its title, but here I am reading your blog & commenting about him. Thus I’m now Bonniefied. As for being Trumpified, I admit to being mystified that he has been able to trump all other GOP efforts to “put a fork in” him with 16 other guys on the team campaigning for the White House. Given the GOP’s mass inept incapacity to gag him, maybe Trump has a point that HE is The Greatest, not Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali, at the old dance shuffle, sucker-punch knockout techniques ~ using our legal system & courts to bully people into submission.

    Trump boasts of his success at the Jersey Shore resort, but regulatory reviews, court records and security filings indicate otherwise. While he brags about making/taking millions out of the casino deals, he forced other poor suckers to pay the price.

    This article is long, but quite informative about Trump’s financial “prowess” that he crows about. He actually perpetrated a fraud on banks & investors, so inquiring minds (like mine!) want to know – why haven’t they come out of the closet now that he’s the only man standing in the ring?

    NOTE: The NYTimes thanks USA Today Network’s investigative team for a lot of their information.

    Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills: USA TODAY Network investigation found hundreds – carpenters, dishwashers, painters, even his own lawyers – who say he didn’t pay them for their work. Read the USA Today article here:


  5. Sally Spelbring says:

    HEY BONNIE HE’S A 1% what can you expect


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