Note to UCLA college students: Your campus murder might look just like Eileen Zelig’s

Note to California parents, and grandparents of college kids.

In case your college kids are physically attacked/murdered on campus – don’t bother to sue a public university.  You will lose.

UCLA student Katherine Rosen was attacked by the  “gifted but troubled student” Damon Thompson, on the UCLA campus. Although Damon’s troubled history was long-documented, and although UCLA paid for Damon’s medical care,  (A UCLA parents page offers,Every day offers a new opportunity, experience or life-shaping event for your child.”)  UCLA - Bruins parents and families

Katherine remained at risk — until Damon stabbed her. If you are surprised, you haven’t been paying attention.  See a long list of,  Schools coddling criminals; the norm.

Katherine’s parents sued UCLA for not protecting their daughter; and;

The California Court of Appeal cordially invited Katherine Rosen and her family both, to drop dead.

UCLA to college students: Drop Dead.

It didn’t matter that Katherine Rosen reported the interactions with Thompson that caused alarm.  It didn’t matter that UCLA officials treated Thompson for symptoms of schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations and paranoia.  Or that Thompson said he would “do something” — and no matter that after the stabbing Thompson admitted guilt; but was found insane.  It didn’t matter because, of Eileen Zelig’s murder.

The Court of Appeal affirmed UCLA’s position that as a student, Katherine Rosen was, “an invited guest” and UCLA owed her no duty to safety.

This begs the question:  How could such a thing happen?

Two words:  Eileen Zelig.

SF.Zelig.1.0211.BY––LOS ANGELES–(l to R) Defendent Dr. Harry Zelig (cq) talks with attorney Edward Rucker (cq) during opening phase of murder trial where Dr. Zelig is alleged to have shot his estranged wife. Boris Yaro/LATMandatory Credit: Boris Yaro/The LA Times

Few have ever heard women of Eileen, as media doesn’t cover the nation’s busiest court; but Eileen Zelig was a family court litigant whose doctor husband Harry, shot her at point-blank range in the courthouse.  In front of their six year old daughter, Dana.

Eileen’s family, the Jensen’s, sued.  When the lower court said, the State owed no duty of safety to Eileen, even though her appearance was mandatory, the Jensens heroically, appealed.

The Court of Appeal agreed with the Jensen family.

However, the Jensen’s didn’t count on California’s level of disdain for women.  The County appealed to the California Supreme Court; and the Supreme Court essentially opined:

“Nah. In spite of her repeated pleas for help, the State of California doesn’t owe Eileen Zelig, or her now motherless kids, any duty of care.”

(The State’s “Not us” position was supported by major hypocrite Bill Lockyer, who famously, later had his own, martial problems, while passing himself off as a “Domestic Violence advocate.)

Keep in mind Eileen Zelig was killed after years of attempting to get the police to do something.

The police did nothing, essentially.  A review of most inter-family crimes evidence the police, become threat multipliers.  Something neither police, or media are determined to not notice.  Perhaps this is do to media’s over-all refusal to report within their own ranks, members of police families, experience a 40% higher rate of domestic violence.

So one must wonder who hires officers who put lives at risk.  In San Diego, until recently, that would have been Dr. Michael Mantell.  The “renowned” psychologist and long-time consultant for San Diego PD.  (But Dr. Mantell might be going to prison soon – as he decided to have sex with a patient.)

and it’s so bad in San Diego that female police officers are suing, SDPD and Chief Zimmerman.

Ultimately, women have few Constitutional rights.  Women pay taxes for police and court services.  But both law enforcement and the courts reject the idea of actually, providing those services.

Ultimately, the California Supreme Court ruled the courts had no duty to protect Eileen; although her appearance in court, was mandatory.

What happened to Harry?  He’s still around, and happy.  Shows no sign of remorse.  Also, getting free medical care for his diabetes.



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