Jeff Hawkins – the public safety expert and wife killer, working to militarize churches

Jeffrey Hawkins - Public Safety and Security Professional

Planned on writing about the business of scaring people long enough to militarize churches – fear is always a good selling point, and then, and then up pops a selling point.  As in:

Whoa! Breaking News

Concealed carry hair-trigger, hot-tempered, Mark Storms killed man in church.

Robert Braxton - killed over a seat at church

Robert Braxton – killed over a seat at church

As congregant Robert Braxton was in the process of calming down over a request to change his seat – Robert Mark Storms, age 46 – rushed up to escalate the situation.  Words were exchanged.  

Mark Storms killed man in church

Mark Storms killed man in church

Then Mark Storms shot Robert Braxton in the chest and the arm.  Braxton died soon after. Storms was arrested.

Storms was charged with voluntary manslaughter.  Court documents showed Storms had brandished a weapon in church in the past.

But the problem remains:  Who is selling fear?  Also,

Psych reports  needed – for those using fear as a business advantage.

It turns out, the business of wife-killer, Jeffrey Hawkins was all about the militarization of churches, under the guise of

 “Sanctuary Security”

As creepy as this sounds, security for churches is Hawkins niché area of expertise. He was originally identified as working for after 12 years as a Chicago Police Officer (a department that has until recently, hidden their issues with women.)  But Hawkins worked for Elk Grove.…and had problems with use of force.

Jeff has been flacking for Church Security, almost religiously, for several years.

Hawkins Built a Christian network:

Although Jeff Hawkins launched his own brand of armed security with prior to that Hawkins launched the Christian Security Network; and  after four years —  others said their good-byes to him.

“Jeffery Hawkins started the Christian Security Network (CSN) back in 2008. Mr. Hawkins has been able to make great strides in advancing the church security industry; however, after 4 years CSN is shutting down operations. has had the privilege of working with Jeffery Hawkins in the past and wishes the best to him and his family. Mr. Hawkins will continue to be involved in the security industry as he is helping to promote the American Military University, as well as, being involved with ASIS.”

(More on this, and Hawkins religious-security books, later.)


JoAnn Hawkins

JoAnn Hawkins

To the surprise of no one over age fourteen, Jeffrey Hawkins, who blew away his estranged wife, JoAnn Hawkins, in a hail of bullets, was yet another, so-called, “law enforcement professional.”

To the surprise of no one paying attention to these things…. JoAnn Hawkins had previously called 9-1-1- after Jeffrey reportedly slashed her tires. Psychologically speaking, the slashing of one’s tires is say,

“You are my prisoner and you’re not going anywhere.”

As Hawkins was not present to be questioned, Colerain police officers made a property damage report. However, Joann was worried enough to barricad herself in her bedroom and warn neighbors she was in harm’s way. So it is not surprising Joann knew her husband was coming unglued.

Crystal Brame

Crystal Brame

Much like Crystal Brame knew her Tacoma Police Chief husband, David Brame was losing it — and why Crystal Brame petitioned for a divorce in another county.  Meanwhile, although Tacoma officials knew Chief Brame was losing it (Brame had flunked two psych evaluations and “Do Not Hire” was written across his jacket) – unsurprisingly, Tacoma City Officials ignored Crystal’s fears. Unsurprisingly, the City of Tacoma wound up paying over 12 million dollars to Crystal’s father and mother, who are now raising Crystal’s two children.

Click here – to see a number of law enforcement professionals – who are, criminals.

The problem is Two-fold.

A.  Due to religious attitudes towards women, religious people on the far right, make as poor experts for security as they do, police officers.

B.  There were 1,600 women killed in America last year.  Three were in church. 

However, the idea of militarizing churches to become armed bunkers is sending these types of people into orgasmic spams.

Which explains this flyer title “Carbines for Church Security” for an upcoming conference by a Hawkins competitor.

Carbines for church security

It turns out, church “security” is a growing area of business for Second Amendment religious extremists. Naturally, the Bible tells them this is a great.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.34.04 PM

Turns out, the only people not subjected to “training” are those attending church to pray and feel the spirituality.

Great for them, but everyone else associated in any way with a church is indoctrinated as part of an intense para-military effort.

Check out the “Training” for an upcoming, August conference:



This was Jeffrey Hawkins world.  Who monitors the field.  No one.  

But in a news flash:  In Tennessee it is now legal for a therapist to Reject treating a patient, based on the the religious beliefs of the therapist.  Somehow I feel the need to add, “I am not making this up.”

Here’s the news article on the right of Tennessee therapists to reject a patient.

Not that law enforcement has anyone monitoring their emotional status.

Which returns us to David Brame…and his actions on April 26, a few years ago.

David Brame

Jeffrey Hawkins - Security Expert and admitted wife killer





Jeffrey Hawkins tweeted under,



That’s right.

Learn To Be Safe.


Thus, it is no surprise the wife killing Jeff Hawkins, also supported the mostly openly misogynistic candidate in the nation.

Jeffrey Hawkins - a Trump guy

As it turns out, Jeff wears a suit.

But make no mistake, his attitude is just like the guy in the truck.

Bible truck

Jeff Hawkins dresses 2016.  But he thinks like the guy in the truck.

Jeffrey Hawkins - Security Expert - and admitted wife killer

Jeffrey Hawkins – Security Expert – and admitted wife killer

This from the publisher of Jeffery Hawkins book to militarize churches.

“In writing the manual An Introduction to Security and Emergency Planning for Faith-Based Organizations, Jeffrey Hawkins has succinctly addressed the growing concern of providing a safe environment for Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs). The author has composed a valuable introductory resource from which FBO leaders can assess their needs and begin to build a framework of security and emergency planning for their respective communities.

Straightforward questions provided at the end of each chapter provide a way for readers to review chapter material and assess their needs. Security professionals who work with FBOs could use this manual to raise the consciousness of their clients about security and emergency planning concepts.”

In checking – arming churches – was the brainchild of the people who discount 50% of the population. What part of this makes sense?

Jeffrey Hawkins - Church Security Expert and Wife Killer

While in a gross,  yet ongoing media fail, the question not being asked is:  “Security wise” why don’t we check to see who is turning into a ticking time bomb, on a routine basis?  

How many times must we see these numbers?

Republicans hate women

I think the first clue would be in Jeff Hawkins book,  “Introduction to Security and Emergency Planning for Faith Based Organizations” published by the Christian Security Network,

In a press release about the book, Hawkins said:

“I don’t dwell on the topic of Active Shooter because realistically someone is more likely to die of a heart attack in a church than a gunshot, but it does have to be addressed in a realistic manner. People I speak with around the country are concerned for their safety and their loved ones while in church and churches remain a soft-target for all crimes,”

but if one looks closely – the militarization of churches – an unnecessary industry; is being touted by guys who go home and kill their wife.



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