Did Vandenburg retrial produce a witness who testified an attorney suborned perjury

Quick Vanderbilt Sport-bro gang rape, update.

First covered the Vanderbilt Sports-bros, gang rape trial here. Brandon’s friends went nuts the next day, here.  That post scored 10,000 hits.

We also focused on Albert Perez, earlier.

Today’s big surprise

Vandenburg - Defense attorney Albert Perez

Albert Perez, Jr.

Once again, Albert Perez got our attention.  While following today’s testimony, via the excellent Twitter coverage of Stacey Barchenger, we discovered how California witness Joey Quinzio, revealed in court that Vandenburg family friend and criminal defense attorney, Albert Perez, Jr., seemingly acted in a way to suborn perjury, in Stacey’s follow up for the Tennessean.

Witness testifies attorney suborned perjury - Perez

Seems a safe bet the “unnamed attorney” was none other than Albert Perez, Jr as Perez is friend of the family and Brandon’s criminal defense attorney. Perez’s daughter is pictured here, with Brandon’s father, Rod during the reading of the verdict in the first trial.  As this link demonstrates, Rod taught Brandon how to charm women for his own purposes.


Rod Vandenburg

Rod Vandenburg and friend.

We contacted the California State Bar on this.  Here is their view on theDuty of Candor

State Bar officials asked for more information, which will be provided. For readers, consider,

The California Penal Code on Suborning Perjury

Suborning perjury - Vandenburg Trial - Perez

as well as,

The California Rules of Professional Conduct for practicing attorneys

Suborning Perjury - Alfred Perez - Vandenburg trial


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4 Responses to Did Vandenburg retrial produce a witness who testified an attorney suborned perjury

  1. This needs to be vigorously persued! Who would be the one to start the ball rolling?Judge? State of California? D.A. Tom Thurman?


  2. JMeyers says:

    The lady in the photo is Rod Vandenburg’s friend, not Albert Perez’s daughter, Amanda.


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