Why David Martosko needs to retire from the Daily Mail

As every female over the age of 15 knows, Media is quite misogynistic.
(Men kill women and post pictures of the bodies on Facebook.)

But rather than deal with misogyny, American women are treated to it.  Which is why women are increasingly, not willing to pay for, dreck.


David Martosko – a political reporter who misses the basics.

However, when Political reporter David Martosko from the Daily Mail was called out on it, his response was to eschew addressing misogyny in any way or form.

David Martosko punted.

David said he thinks discussing misogyny is “tiresome.”

Yes, “tiresome.”

David Martosko - can't see forest for the trees
Separate from the Trump dreck David turns in – such as this on T-Rump’s wife.

Martosko bristled at the suggestion he should retire.  Not recognizing the obvious,

David Martosko - media

Martosko also evidences total disdain for the safety of women in the workplace.

Including the fact most women prefer to do their job, shockingly:  without being threatened. Why Martosko should retire is because in addition to not being as competent, as say, what serious journalist, nine year old Hilde Kate Lysiak is doing on crime, from her website, Orange Streeet News

David passes the time with posting a shot of 30 kinds of cheese at a Wisconsin airport. (I am not making this up.)  The Daily Mail is apparently paying a handsome salary for cute!

Fast forward to reality in the form telephoned death threats directly to Michelle Fields.  Also known as that tiresome chestnut, misogyny.

Can you recognize the voice of the caller? Click here for the audio death threat made directly to Michelle Fields.

And here’s another thought for T-Rump fans – courtesy (and shout-out) to Jim Treacher.

Jim Treacher asks - Michelle Fields

We need guys like Jim Treacher

So while Martsoko clearly doesn’t get what he is missing as a political reporter; neither do his bosses at the Daily Mail.  Good for Martsoko – bad for everyone else.


Martosko’s not alone. Consider the pundits who keep calling Wisconsin “Progressive.”

Joseph McCarthy got his start as a Wisconsin state judge.  Also, boiling down this, tiresome “man woman” thing, Wisconsin’s State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, choked-out fellow justice, Ann Bradley.  Yes, it turns out, a judge on Wisconsin’s top court is a choker.

A choker!  And Trump’s in Wisconsin.  My God!  The puns could write themselves!

But don’t look for any historical background in Martosko’s take on anything as he phones it in.  Must be having a jolly old time.

What happens next

While  guys like David Martosko will likely never have a, Come-to-Jesus moment” no one has to believe them.  While it’s important to recognize these cigar chompers (Martosko self-identifies as a “cigar nut”) will proudly stick to their take, adverse to reality, no matter how much evidence is presented, what also is important is this:

Women will walk with their wallets.  (Kind of like the Wall Street Journal’s top misogynyist; James Tranto ) – the reason I cancelled my subscription.

I walked even though the Wall Street Journal covered me nicely in an article about flirting. Yes, flirting. (It turns out, am a killer flirt...for which I owe a debt of gratitude to the short time I lived in Texas.)

Women are increasingly, refusing to pay for dreck.  In all forms. Including police “services.”

Women know calling the police for help, isn’t always a great idea – not with over a thousand police officers fires for sexual misconduct; which is why some are now demanding a change to how male-female crimes are reported, in the first place.

But returning to media; as a woman I demand decent, dreck-free coverage.  Sure, The Daily Mail needs to up their game.  Their competitors certainly have.  Perhaps Daily Mail reporters could take a tip from the Guardian, and read “The Price of Silence.

But so should U.S. media companies.  Stockholders take note:  Women are demanding decent, misogynistic-free, coverage.  No more outrageous displays as by Morning CBS.  That means you, Les Moonves.  

We’re buying stock and demanding change.  

Women are a block of voters you might want to stop antagonizing.



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