Bernie Sanders: When Sanders, the sudden Democrat – acts Trump lite.

BernieandcatUpdate: Since it appears Bernie Sanders thinks he’s running the Democratic Party, I updated the below, “Chronicles of Bernie” during his presidential campaign because media gave Bernie a complete pass for most of the campaign.  Eventually, Bernie Chronicles expanded to, and ended with Jane.  Here’s their history.

 Vermont’s Burlington College closing.  The crushing debt Jane Sanders created under false loan documents, is the reason for its demise.

But, I digress.  

Near the end of the campaign, Bernie came to San Diego.

There are a number of so-called Democrats who are willing to go to any lengths, apparently, to make Hillary look bad.

Here’s just one example.  Please note Rena Marrocco chose not to remove the fake photo after she was corrected.  She later ran for office in the Democratic Party, before dropping out.  (Rena tried and failed again in 2018.)

Rena Marrocco doesn't like being exposed

By now it should be obvious that Bernie, the “Sudden Democrat” — isn’t a leader.  This is why Bernie attracts people no different than Trump fans, who  have no problem threatening people; and, like Trump…don’t understand the rules.

“Open the doors let the people in!”  roared Bernie to the return roar of the crowd. Wait.  It’s all bs.  The doors were open.  What happened was Bernie supporters didn’t read the rules they’re now complaining about.  Try reading the rules, Bernie bros!   And shouldn’t you know hiring workers from Australia is a bad thing?

In this way, Bernie, an established, long-time member of Congress, mirrors Trump; and Bernie’s fanatical fan base mirrors Trump’s fans thuggish behavior.  But the real problem remains the same:

Bernie’s arrogance.  Arrogance is why Bernie attracts rigid, “Bernie or Bust” types.

Arrogance is why Bernie has Zero viable endorsements.  (For a history of Bernie’s arrogance, scroll to the print in red from, Vermonters!  Vermonters with a long experience of Bernie.).  The bottom line is, Hillary has the ability to work with people on the opposite side. Bernie simply does not.  Bernie’s not “revolutionary.”  He’s just another example of the kind of rigid spin.  Remember, Bernie’s part of the Congressional establishment.  That has been keeping Congress in neutral.  Or put another way,

What revolution?

Bernie’s long, Congressional history is:  Very slim.  Twenty years plus, established, and:  not much to show for it. How Bernie was able to spin a lackluster career into a “revolution” is an example of people choosing to ignore facts to believe what they want,  including when facts clearly state otherwise.   This is also why Bernie supporters completely ignore Bernie’s refusal to provide tax records, (mirroring Trump); while arrogantly demanding the written  transcripts of a speech made by a private citizen.   Does that sound Democratic to – anyone?  What it sounds like, is not-so-subtle, misogyny.  More on that, later.

So:  Blend the arrogance of Bernie and his “Bernie or Bust” types refusing to learn the rules, add to that, Bernie’s refusal to release tax records (which Americans have depended on for decades), coupled with refusing to address employment and death threats, in a substantial way, of those on the opposite side, and what is left, is:  Bernie’s arrogance.   Every day is simply a new opportunity for Bernie to demonstrate his ego is in charge.  

Talking the talk – not walking the walk

This is why Bernie has the talk but never, actual plan.  

Ultimately, Bernie is not about changing America for the better.  Otherwise, he would have offered thinking people his specific,   plan. Again, this is just like Trump –  a dictator in the making.  Also, Bernie lies.  Want examples?  No problem! Keep reading!  

Or, just kip to the aforementioned text in Red from Vermont editors long accustomed to dealing with Bernie’s ego. [SPOILER ALERT:  The editors of Vermont papers had nothing good to say.]

On March 18, 2016, the crux of Bernie Sander’s problems:  numbers and personality, specifically, Bernie’s arrogance,  finally debuted on network television.

But while most would favor any number of Bernie’s ideas, numbers evidencing Bernie’s personality, no one would claim to  like.

It reveals a propensity of Bernie, to lie: and I don’t mean the Veterans Scandal that happened under Bernie’s watch.

The first number occurs at the 4:22 mark – after Bernie ended a television interview in Phoenix, by standing up and making a move to walk away – but stopping to say,

“Don’t say I walked away(Check it out here including Bernie’s scolding, finger beginning to once-again, shake.)  To be fair:  Jane Sanders also has some very bad numbers.  It cost her a job.  But more on that later.

Another number that’s bad for Bernie is five.  That would be the number of times Bernie voted against the Brady Bill sane gun safety legislation – although the latest data crunch shows Vermont is number Eight out of 50 for gun deaths.  Most victims are women killed by husbands or boyfriends.

DV - Vermont - Bernie Sanders Sane Gun Safety

Bernie Sanders voted against sane gun Safety legislation Five times

Another zero for Bernie. His memory.

Bernie on Crime

How about women and Bernie.

“Zero” is the number of Bernie’s highest paid staffers who are women.

That number ends Bernie’s facade of fairness.  

Another zero for Bernie?  This.


More from actual black Vermont residents, on Bernie; below.

Another zero for Bernie?  Foreign policy experience.  

Another zero?  Bernie’s solution for toxic waste.  If Bernie cares so much for the poor, why is Bernie sending toxic waste to poor communities in Texas?  Who engineered that?  

Oops.  Turns out, it was Jane!  Well, here’s how Bernie voted on the toxic waste.


Bernie talks a good talk, but his and Jane’s actions are different.

A moment reserved for Jane – who has separate, money issues

A group in Vermont called for an investigation regarding an alleged bank fraud involving a land deal Jane Sanders secured on behalf of Burlington College, by Jane when she was President. Soon after, Jane resigned.  A new Board of Trustees didn’t want to discuss it. 

Additional details concerning Jane Sanders misrepresented numbers, emerged here.

and, this letter from Bernie.

Bernie - loan pressure for Jane

Bernie the Revolutionary?  Hold On.  

Were you awareRevolutionary Bernie” has had protesters arrested? Or that calling the police to have them arrested, isn’t a new behavior for him?

Separately, consider just one page of what Bernie repeatedly describes as his “$25-$27.00 small donors.” Bernie’s credibility problems began to – forgive the pun, “add up.”

Bernie Sanders small donors

Can we get serious about these “small donations”

But it turns out, according to the Washington Post, Bernie Spent the most, 166 million so far, for ads and millions for consultants.

Couple the above with Bernie’s long history of zero social skills, and it turns out the problem for Bernie in implementing his goals, is Bernie.

Worse, Bernie’s “Get off my lawn” personality is something Bernie’s fans will not address.  

Likewise Bernie fans screech Hillary is “corrupt” and simply won’t address Bernie’s Dirty tricks.

In this way, Bernie’s fans are very much as screechy and strident as Trump’s fans.  This also explains why Bernie’s ruder supporters are constantly being compared to Trump’s, after Trump fans continually refuse to address Trump’s long string of business failures.

Trump is proud to be a jerk.  But Bernie, who would never dream of  being as insulting as Trump (only Gustavo Martinez fits that bill) also thinks his finger shaking “just do it” style is a time saver, when in reality, it’s a wall builder.  A wall builder faster than Trump could ever imagine.

The end result is the very people Bernie needs to achieve his goals, become turned off because of Bernie’s personality.  This also explains why Bernie’s colleagues are not running to the microphone to endorse him. 

Media is finally addressing their failure to investigate

Separately, was happy someone over at MSNBC finally did the math on the sudden Democrat, as well as Bernie’s personality.  In the early morning hours on March 18, 2016, waking to the sound of  TV, I finally heard someone talking about Bernie, in full.

A woman was giving us the skinny on Bernie’s numbers and his core problem.  She said:

“Not enough wins.  

  1. Not enough delegates.
  2. Not enough Super Delegates.”

(Okay!  The math part was easy.  Now for the rest.)  Then the woman added,

but he wants the convention to give him room to make a speech figuring all the delegates will jump to him,” 

Sleepy as I was, (why her name escaped me) it was impossible not to recognize the woman was alluding to Bernie’s arrogance as a core issue against Bernie.

Which until that moment, mainstream media had been doing back-flips to skirt.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at the Communication Workers of America (CWA) office in Washington December 17, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

More finger shaking – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at the Communication Workers of America (CWA) office in Washington December 17, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The long history of Bernie’s personality preventing him from accomplishing goals is only now beginning to appear as media finally is getting off the dime.  

Which how we came to learn, as evidenced by staff salaries, Bernie doesn’t see women as equals.  Makes me wonder what else will be revealed as media gets off the dime on Bernie and Trump both.

Below are some Cliff’s Notes; but the take-away is simple. Bernie treats people disdainfully.  Don’t shoot the messenger for bringing to you, those with a long, negative history of Bernie.

From those who worked with Bernie a long time –  Arrogance.

From Boston Magazine on Bernie’s Vermont background.

“Former aides have called him strident and never satisfied, to the point of being abusive, especially during his first years in Congress. “Bernie is a very demanding guy,” Fiermonte tells me. “He has very high expectations, and he expects people to meet them. But he’s a good boss. I wouldn’t be with him otherwise.” Or, as more than one Vermont politician told me, “Bernie’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole.”

Capitol Hill, Sanders has a reputation for being a pain in the ass. “Bernie believes that he’s right, and that what he wants is for the greater good,” says Houston consultant Susan Boardman Russ, formerly the longtime chief of staff for the late Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords. “Bernie is so certain that what he represents politically is unquestionably correct, therefore everyone should agree. Not much room for compromise…it was, ‘Play in my sandbox, or get out.’

From a former Editor of the Burlington Free Press, in,The Trouble with Bernie

Considering that the Free Press’ editorial positions were very liberal, reflecting the nature of a very liberal Vermont community, one might think that meetings with Sanders were cordial, even celebratory.

They weren’t.

Bernie was always full of himself: pious, self-righteous and utterly humorless. Burdened by the cross of his socialist crusade, he was a scold whose counter-culture moralizing appealed to the state’s liberal sensibilities as well as its conservatives, who embraced his gun ownership stance, his defense of individual rights, an antipathy toward big corporations and, generally speaking, his stick-it-to-them approach to politics.

My most memorable encounter with Sanders was during an editorial board session during a period when the Vermont Progressive Party was reconstituting itself to challenge for more seats on the Burlington City Council.

Sanders had been mayor of Burlington from 1981 until 1989, institutionalizing progressive government in the city and other Vermont enclaves. Although he has been in Washington since his election to the House of Representatives in 1991, he remained the titular head of the movement, yet refused to endorse a progressive slate seeking City Council seats or the new leadership orchestrating the campaigns.

After discussing his favorite issues — corporations, government reform, health care and the like, I asked about his unwillingness to endorse his fellow progressives. He said it wasn’t his role. I suggested voters might expect him to weigh in. He disagreed, clearly annoyed at the persistent questioning. Finally I suggested that he had a larger moral responsibility to the progressive movement.

At which point he jumped out of his seat, told me to go f*** myself and stormed out of the edit board meeting. OK, maybe my persistence bordered on hectoring. But I felt he ought to provide an honest answer. My suspicion was that he resented others for assuming his mantle of progressive leadership and wouldn’t acknowledge them.

He returned to the meeting about five minutes after the outburst and we continued to discuss issues of the day.”

The Bottom line:  Bernie is simply not presidential material.

Then there’s the people whose vote Bernie is supposedly courting.

Black Vermonters on Bernie?  They felt invisible.  Not impressed.

“Racial profiling is a fact of life here,” said Vaughn Carney, a black lawyer in the state who has supported Sanders in every election but plans to vote for Hillary Clinton for president.

“Vermont incarcerates people at the fourth highest rate in the U.S., but no one talks about that. I have been beating on that drum for a while now, and I hoped that Bernie would up that mantle, but he has not. He is like a lot of Vermonters who like to congratulate themselves on how progressive they are but sweep these issues under the rug.”

Carney said that he and other black leaders in the state often turned to Vermont’s other senator, Patrick Leahy, for matters pertaining to the community.

“Overall we felt as though Sen. Leahy was interested in keeping informed on our issues,” Carney said of the Senate Judiciary Chairman who often deals with criminal justice legislation. “We put out an all-points bulletin to our congressional delegation. Leahy responded and was instrumental in drawing attention to it. We got no response back from the other senator’s office, which was an indication that civil rights was not his top priority.”

“I think Bernie tends to run away from racial and ethnic issues,” Carney concluded.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike Bernie. He’s a hard worker and; excluding people killed by guns, Bernie has done well for the State of Vermont; a state with perhaps more cows than people. But the fact is, Bernie’s personality won’t work as president. Also, Bernie’s fans – who are more akin to Trump’s fans, won’t address another fact. Bernie’s female ex-staffers bolted for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Nope. Bernie’s fans will not talk about that.

That’s it for today.  Will be updating this post to chronicle ongoing examples of Bernie, the Sudden Democrat, alienating people.

While I am grateful Bernie, pushed true Democrats Left of Center, that’s it.  I do not care for Bernie’s methods; but more importantly, I recognize Bernie is neither fair to women, black people of either sex; and hasn’t the tact and diplomacy needed to be the Leader of the free world.  Half of whom are women.  This, and ending American misogyny is why




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