Meet the business partners Donald Trump refuses to mention


Donald Trump – Misogynist Businessman

Two things about Donald Trump:  One a lie; and one a strange behavior.

Lets start with the strange behavior.

Does anyone else think it’s weird Donald Trump keeps talking about his “experts” the “best guys” the “toughest businessmen” he claims he’ll use to ‘Make America Great’ but has not once mentioned by name?

Trump’s been getting away with this for months − Months for the simple reason not one reporter asked,

“Well, Mr. Trump, could you identify one?”

So I checked.

Voila!  Turns out; Trump’s list of smart, tough business people includes no shortage of thugs. Also, no shortage of  racists.  It turns out, there’s a long history of that.  (See Report from Daily Beast on Trump’s lawsuit for racial profiling.) More on the previously reported racists and thugs, later.  They aren’t that interesting. 

But it also turns out Trump is such an unmitigated disaster, even the English press began reporting on Trump.   The businessman.  They began with Trump stiffing his sick nephew, after promising to pay his medical bills.

The family of Trump’s nephew sued, stating Donald Trump had exerted pressure on his father to change his Will at a time he was suffering from dementia.  Don blamed Freddy’s ex-wife for cutting out his sick nephew out of medical benefits.  It was a classic, “You made me do it.

A portion of the NY Times article on that is below.

Trump-Sick kids cutting off medical help

Donald Trump – a man who can’t be trusted around sick children

So now we know how Trump treats his sick nephews.  That this doesn’t bother Trump speaks volumes.  But I do know what does bother him. 

What’s bothering Trump, is neither Mario Rubio or Ted Cruz. 

It’s much better.  

Ironically, Trump’s biggest problem is,

Trump University!


The lie.  The lie how Trump University is at the forefront of Trump’s biggest problems — and boy oh boy Trump knows it.  On the Campaign trail Trump says he deals with people in other countries every day.  On the campaign trail, Trump says “You have to get along.”

But the Trump University litigation reveals Trump doesn’t get along.  He doesn’t negotiate.  He just sues.

That’s the Trump lie Trump would prefer you not know.

Which explains why – at this moment,  I’m listening to Trump speak to a crowd in Oklahoma City, a crowd one would rightly expect came to hear how Trump was going to make their lives better; but who instead, have spent the last 10 minutes listening to Trump complain about the lawsuit against Trump University.  By a yoga instructor.  (With Trump it’s always women.)

The problem is Trump will have to sit for more depositions….and unlike what Trump is telling the crowd:  Trump. Is. Still. Losing. The. Case.

First Trump is repeatedly telling the crowd (and this will hold true for every political rally) that the judge is Hispanic. Then he mentioned (also a couple of times) that being Hispanic wasn’t really a problem.

But what didn’t Trump didn’t say is this: The original judge in San Diego, Irma Gonzalez, was the judge who ruled in favor of of  Trump’s counter-claim in San Diego, (later successfully appealed) was also Hispanic. Because Trump is trying to sell his version of reality, that is opposite of what the 

Appeals Court, wrote:

Gonzalez had failed to set the appropriately high standard that Trump University must meet to prove defamation as a “limited public figure,” according to the ruling.
The U.S. Supreme Court has identified “limited public figures” as those “who achieve their status by ‘thrust[ing] themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved.'”
This is exactly what Trump University has done, sometimes through its famous namesake, since it began “aggressively” advertising its services and fighting back against negative press.
“To be clear: Trump University is not a public figure because Donald Trump is famous and controversial,” Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw wrote for the panel. “Nor is Trump University a public figure because it utilized Donald Trump as a celebrity pitchman. Trump University is a limited public figure because a public debate existed regarding its aggressively advertised educational practices. Did Trump’s famous moniker draw public attention when Trump University’s business practices proved worthy of debate? Perhaps. However, having traded heavily on the name and fame of its founder and chairman, Trump University was in no position to complain if the public’s interest in Trump fueled the flames of the legitimate controversy that its business practices engendered.”
To win its defamation counterclaim, Trump University must now show that Makaeff “made her statements with ‘actual malice,’ i.e., knowledge of their falsity or reckless disregard of their truth.”
“If, upon remand, Trump University cannot make such a showing, it has no possibility of success on the merits and the district court should grant Makaeff’s special motion to strike,” Wardlaw wrote.”

So and clearly, in spite of Trump’s traveling revisionist history events:  the issue isn’t the ethnicity of the Judge; but the merits of the case.  Including the business model for Trump University; and Trump’s behavior.  David Letterman had a thought on that score.



Heads up:  Trump fans

Again, although most people go to political rallies to hear how their lives are going to be made better; Trump is spending his political capital trying to get people to feel sorry for him while claiming to be tormented by yoga instructors and others who believed his commercials.

I expect Trump’s attempt to rewrite history continues, and that Trump is hoping like crazy nobody fact-checks.

Trump’s Back up plan for fact-checkers

Attack the press.  Especially if the reporter is female.


Mamma’s – don’t let your babies grow up to interview Trump

So and clearly, Trump’s rattled.  

Which may explain why Trump threatened to financially ruin yoga instructor, Tarla Makaeff.

Below are the results of some of the findings which have been appealed all the way up to the 9th Circuit Court.  (And still Trump litigates….and on the campaign trail Trump says “You have to get along with people.”  The lie of Trump is plainly seen in the amount of litigation.


Tarla Makaeff-original Plaintiff

Tarla Makaeff, the original lead Plaintiff, a yoga instructor and student who appeared to benefit the most – ($798,779.24) after enrolling in Trump University.    

Tarla learned a lot at Trump University.  But the $798K was not from sales commissions after graduating from Trump University, which is neiter a University or still in business. (Trump University was also sued by New York State’s Attorney General.)

However, when Tarla realized she would not get any of her money back unless she sued.  Tarla’s Complaint stated:

“Trump University is more like an infomercial, selling nonaccredited products, such as sales workshops, luring customers in with the name and reputation of its founder and chairman, billionaire land mogul Donald J. Trump,”  

The case filed six years ago, is titled Makaeff v. Trump University LLC, 10-cv-00940, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California. (San Diego) and Trump revealed he has one style of negotiation.  Delay, threaten to sue the attorneys, and delay some more.

The case against Trump University offered tawdry details of inappropriate financial advice, inappropriate behavior by Trump “mentors” and altered real estate documents, after signature, and more.

But when the dust cleared at the 9th Circuit, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel on April 9 awarded Makaeff $798,779.24 in fees and costs.  Trump appealed the order, naturally.

In fact, during depositions, Trump threatened to sue Tarla’s attorneys.   Most of the deposition is under seal for the next five years.   But Michsel Iskaoff wrote about the case, and got a shot that wasn’t too redacted, below.

Trump-Tarla Makaeff-protection

Trump demonstrates he’s a, one-trick pony

Ultimately, Tarla the yoga instructor – felt threatened enough that she dropped out as lead Plaintiff.  Good news:  Others stepped up.  The case continues.

What about Trump’s business associates?

Oh yeah, them.  They turned out to be the least interesting.

Think cocaine users.  Think Mafia.  Think thugs. Trump University is the real Achilles Heel.  Fittingly, it tripped a heel.

The skinny

Book:  The Deal and the Downfall – By Wayne Barrett

“Key among these assertions is that in 1983, after Trump had obtained a casino license, he met with Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, head of the Genovese crime family, at the Manhattan townhouse of Roy Cohn, a lawyer who represented both men.”

The book asserts:

* Became virtually a son to Roy Cohn, whom Barrett calls Trump’s “bridge to the mob.” The book points out that in 1985, Hilton Hotels Corp. was denied a New Jersey casino license in part because of Hilton’s comparatively minor dealings with Sidney Korshak, a lawyer with reputed mob ties. Yet the gaming division never wrote a report that raised “the possibility that Cohn’s mob liaisons . . . might have been used to facilitate Trump construction projects.”

* Sought labor peace on the construction of Trump Tower by providing a condo to a female friend of John Cody, boss of the concrete workers’ union doing work on the tower and an alleged Gambino crime-family associate. After Cody was imprisoned and lost power over the project, Trump sued the woman for nonpayment of rent and fees.

* Quickly settled the suit against Cody’s female friend, paying her $500,000 when she filed court papers accusing Trump of taking kickbacks from an architect working on her apartment.

* Maintained a decade-long relationship with Kenny Shapiro, whom the book characterizes as an investment banker for former Philadelphia mob boss Nicky Scarfo.

* Paid nearly double the market price for a piece of Atlantic City property owned by Salvatore Testa, an alleged capo in the Scarfo crime family.

* Arranged in 1982 to funnel campaign contributions to Mike Mathews, then a candidate for Atlantic City mayor. State law bars casino owners from making political contributions. The contributions were allegedly channeled through Shapiro and Dan Sullivan, a labor consultant once employed by Trump and later barred from the casino industry for mob ties.

* Invited to his 1990 birthday party Manny Ciminello, a big Trump-casino gambler who was a partner with Salerno and Castellano in a concrete company.

* Made false and misleading statements on applications for some of the $1.9 billion in bank loans on which he defaulted; all the loans were subject to approval by casino regulators.

* Wrote a 1986 letter seeking lenient sentencing treatment for Joseph Weichselbaum, a convicted marijuana and cocaine trafficker whose firms supplied Trump casinos with helicopters even after Weichselbaum’s arrest and conviction.

* Felt so close to Weichselbaum that Trump proposed that his mistress, Marla Maples, hide out from the press in Weichselbaum’s Trump Tower condo.

* Attended the settlement of a Trump Tower condo purchased by alleged Lucchese crime family associate Robert Hopkins. Hopkins ran the biggest illegal numbers operation in New York out of his Trump Tower condo, according to court records cited in the book.

The end game

Remember two things.

  1.  No one has ever heard Trump apologize.  For anything. Ever.  Don’t wait up.
  2.  By far the funniest part to the Traveling Trump circus is: Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell stating he and GOP would drop Trump like a hot rock if Trump got the nomination.  

The same Mitch McConnell who met in secret with other big-shot Republicans then announced they would do their best to make President Obama a, “A One-Term President.”



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