Did Bernie Sanders “bad actor” supporters cost him Nevada?

Bad reporting overcome by Dreamers and others

UPDATE:  February 21, 2016 –  Actress and political activist Susan Sarandon uploads a video of the entire thing…including the part where the Moderator states there will be No Discrimination, before stating “English Only” – which no one has questioned. Suggest beginning at the 52:00 mark for context.

(The camera is far from the stage and absolutely picked up the screaming – not chanting, which was raised over people objecting to Dolores not being chosen.  It was a direct smack to Dolores.)

Not mentioned:   Why the moderator stated he was moving forward, “in English.” It seems his rationale was saving time.  He said many people spoke both languages –  people nearby could translate.  The moderator was getting flustered.

However, to the point of this article, media missing the dirty tricks of Bernie’s bad actors; Next day reporting included:   Bernie supporter, Don Schubert, was arrested after trying to place an Obituary Notice featuring Hillary, in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Media also misreported that Hillary did not get the Hispanic vote, although she did.  Expect state and national levels of misogynistic reporting to continue.


Original column below.


It wasn’t all Harry Reid.

Absent the sexist reporting in Nevada by John Ralston – of Ralston Reports, who briefly paired up with MSNBCs team of Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, and Chuck Todd; media spent the day wondering out loud, in non-stop sexist language, whether Hillary “could pull it off” without so much as a mention of her hard work.

Only MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki reported the numbers, strictly by the numbers. 

Chuck Todd asked if Hillary’s “pinky was on the scale.” To a one, the talking heads centered around Harry Reid, before going on in detail about the dirty tricks pulled by the Cruz campaign.  

Mainstream media had an opportunity to get the Nevada campaign right, earlier – had they reported the dirty tricks committed by Bernie’s bad actor supporters, were likely backfiring to increase Hillary’s lead.

Instead, mainstream media punted, and missed. Who won?  We did. A nation that realized:

  1. Mainstream media is often, early wrong in matters political; and
  2. Many people turn to Twitter for what is really going on, which,
  3. Makes Twitter the “trusted source” instead of mainstream media.

In this case, the news about dirty tricks played by Bernie’s bad actors have been rumbling on Twitter for the past couple of weeks.  Bernie doesn’t like them, and wishes they would stop.  

They do not stop.  However, the bad actors impacted Nevada two ways.  

  1. By revealing Bernie can’t handle his supporters, (examples below) as well as,
  2. The anger towards Bernie’s bad actors…likely contributed sending people to Hillary.

Although exactly none of this was reported on Television, news got out anyway.

Citizen Journalists and Dreamers reported dirty tricks at the ands of Bernie’s bad actors, promptly, well, and on, Twitter.

Tricks like Bernie supporters calling people late in the evening pretending to be Hillary supporters; or the more obvious, (hat tip to Cheska Perez) who filmed Bernie’s Campaign Bus,  blocking the entrance to Hillary’s campaign Office and leaving the noisy engine running here.

Or America Ferrera‘s tweet, about Bernie supporters blocking Delores Huerta from translating by shouting “English Only.”

America Ferrera Caught Bernie's Bad Actors

and Delores fighting back,

Delores Huerta - Bernie's Bad Actors

So one might be tempted to think mainstream media might mention this, if only anecdotally.  

Well, you might.  Not me!  I’ve been writing about misogyny in media for a long time.   Consider the example of CBS women leading the misogynistic pack.  I call it the “The Ick Factor.”

At one point near the end when Hillary’s win appeared clear, which clearly did not please the talking herds,  heads, my frustration towards MSNBC’s four hours of non-stop sexism was revealed:


Never-the-less, on February 20, 2016, the gods smiled on a hard-working Hillary.

In a tie vote – they drew cards.  

Hillary didn’t just pull a higher card.  She went beyond.  The gods were smiling.


Hillary literally, aced it.



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