RNC Debate – mirrors DeRay McKesson’s disregard for women

February 13, 2016

A couple of facts women might want to think about while watching the debate in South Carolina, one of the South’s, top Evangelical states….and DeRay McKesson; currently running for Mayor of Baltimore.

Heads up Black Women:  Do not support any man like DeRay; who has made very plain, his lack of regard for women.

Much like South Carolina, DeRay doesn’t care about women.  That much was evident in DeRay’s 19 page plan “Plan for Baltimore.”

Not one page was devoted to women.  Women often killed by black men.

In 2013 South Carolina led the nation in men killing women.

South Carolina leads the way for men killing women - 2013

Here’s how South Carolina’s numbers break down.
South Carolina - men killing women breakdown in this evangelical state

Much like DeRay – the Debate in South Carolina did not address the murder of 50% of the population.  Women.

It’s important for the public to know how their Congressional representatives immediately addressed these ongoing family slaughters.  Particularly those from Bible States.  (You know, God, family and the Sanctity of marriage and all.)

Republicans hate women


So, when it comes to the media-anointed leaders of  Black Lives Matters,  (Black Lives Matters was created by women and hijacked by DeRay)

DeRay seems more Republican.

How else to explain how Deray could release a 19 point plan to revitalize the City of Baltimore; but not one page was devoted to how to end the practice of men killing women?

Not one page mentioned black men kill black women at a rate 2.5+ more than other groups in America.

Black men murder black women two and a half times PLUS other groups

Nope. Not one!   DeRay is all about black lives….but ladies, DeRay is not talking about lives of black women, mattering.  

DeRay’d just like you to donate to his campaign, and then vote for him.  Don’t fall for it.

below is a little more background, but the short version is: shortly after Sandra Bland died, I noticed DeRay didn’t mention it.

Same thing happened when David Conley, a black man, killed his former wife and six kids.  Nothing from DeRay’s very active Twitter feed.

Deray won't talk about black men murdering black women

Deray ignoring dead black women and their 6 kids

Hope y’all live to see another day but if you plan on donating for DeRay – I’d wait until he comes up with a plan to end the slaughter of black women and children killed by their husbands boyfriends.  But I would not donate dime one, until then.

Enjoy the debate, and remember this:  Men will act, when women demand it.  The best  Valentine’s Day women can have, is when the men in their lives demonstrate how much they are actually care about them.  If not – move on.





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