New Hampshire Results: Twitter indicated correct results by 9:00A.M.

NH-Vote-Correct Wins-1952

Compare Twitter to Polls accurately predicting REPUBLICAN winners since 1952

Dear Political Geeks!

No waiting!  Thanks @Jack!

Twitter provided us by 09:00a.m., a dead-on,  heads up for the New Hampshire polling results.  How? Easy!

I simply took a series of screen shots of candidates tweets at roughly the same time, the morning the polls opened in New Hampshire.  Then I compared the retweets and tallied the final results.

Turns out, the results were mostly a match!  So,  no waiting, or need to listen to pundits all day.  Yay!   Here’s how it shook out.  

People identifying as Democrats  (including “belated” Democrats)

1.  Bernie: 1,006      (“Likes” while friendly, are less committed and therefore, not counted.)


2.  Hillary: 432 


(Quick educational moment – likely to annoy those clinging to narrative)

Hillary called for change at Wall Street – according to Politico.

People identifying as Republicans – (for the time-being)

3.  Trump: 842 


Related: Reporters, please remember the job is actually for the leader of the free world. What say reporters stop talking about candidates and investigate all candidates? (Subtitled:  Tired of sexism.)

 Only CNN’s Brian Seltzer retweeted this tweet.


 Now for the Governors!

4.  Jeb (¡):   49


Including the prior evening.  44


But wait, it gets worse!

5.  Gov. Christie:   0


Turns out Christie doesn’t tweet too much.  Christie’s last tweet was January 29th!

(Christie lost big because as his tweeting shows, this former prosecutor didn’t engage.  He merely held court.)

At least Gov. Kasich is aware.

6.  Gov. Kasich:  35


Major problem for John Kasich.  Kasich’s got an education scandal Ohio reporters were all over.  But outside of Ohio, national reporters didn’t seem to find.  (Or bother doing their investigative, due diligence.) But Kasich’s education scandal was out there all the time.


7.  Senator Marco Rubio: 118

We had to search for a tweet Marco actually did himself. Not saying Marco’s lazy, but he does generally, simply retweet volunteer tweets.  Dude!  Lift a finger!  Engage!


Full disclosure:   Have poked fun at some of Rubio’s volunteers.


Former business leaders – still in denial.

Fiorana:  174


Now the question becomes – after Bernie’s win, will reporters actually begin doing their job? (How much are reporters going to talk about Trump as opposed to digging into Trump’s background?  And how about the ethical problems surrounding the Sanders campaign? Turns out, sexism is alive and well in media.   But we knew that.)

Nevada:  Bernie has a few problems in Nevada.  Rubio does in Flordia.

  1. Problem One for Bernie in Nevada.
  2. Problem Two for Bernie in Nevada.
  3. Problem One for Rubio in South Carolina – direct from Florida

Again, all of us must remember our vote is not  for President.  It’s for the leader of  the free world. Bernie’s been great in Vermont.  A state with 660 thousand people. Trump of course, remains a misogynist’s dream come true.  Florida rejects Jeb and Marco.

But as Americans, as our job is to remember our vote goes miles beyond our pay grade. Can’t we all agree it’s best for the world, to elect the most qualified?  

If we end sexism, and misogyny first; a lot of other problems will disappear.  

On Super Bowl Sunday, Gwyneth Paltrow grabbed a shot of what it’s all about.  Love.  


Gwyneth Paltrow gets it right – one more time.





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