Heat sensitive drones – and seriously talented attorneys

Incoming State Bar of California President James Heiting. May 14, 2005.

Incoming State Bar of California President James Heiting. May 14, 2005.

Need your feedback, people!

Please advise which ad you like best for the seriously effective, California personal injury attorney, Jim Heiting of Heiting & Irwin

Jim’s the former California State Bar President who, in addition to securing massive awards on behalf of his clients, has been giving back to the community on everything from water rights, to feeding and clothing the disadvantaged, now going on 35 years.

In 2011, Jim was headlined in the National Law Journal after doing the nearly impossible.   In an article titled, “Hard Times Make for Reluctant, Angry Jurors Jim Heiting convinced a judge to bounce an entire jury.  After a long day of questioning, Heiting determined the jurors couldn’t be fair.

So Jim simply asked the judge to recuse them all.

The judge mentioned in his 34 years being a judge he had never done such a thing.

However, the judge also said Heiting convinced him it was the right and just move. So away they went.

Heiting and Irwin is generally described as, “Big City Savvy, Small Town Roots.”  This explains why the firm bought and restored a mansion to use as their office in Riverside, instead of a high-rise.

But it’s not all work and no play.  Jim Heiting allowed me to show his lighter side.  When not winning in a courtroom or in riding competitions, everyone enjoys Jim’s sense of humor.

This explains why the first piece is titled, Out-of-Control Drones.  No, really.

Click for Out-of-Control Drones.

For the second, more serious, “Heiting goes the distance” piece;  I was able to secure the help of the seriously talented photographer, Jack Sann.

For Heiting goes the distance, click here.

I look forward to your feedback and thanks again for the quick response of Jack Sann!




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