To: Kazuhiro Tsuga, President of Panasonic: Why does Panasonic cheat customers?

Dear Kazuhiro Tsuga,

Does Kazuhiro Tsuga know Panasonic is stiffing customers

Does Kazuhiro Tsuga know Panasonic is stiffing customers?

I write concerning misinformation concerning Panasonic’s last Corporate Governance Report, dated November 10, 2015.

Given Panasonic makes certain, offers to entice potential customers,  you should be aware of how actual, customers are, well; stiffed.

I write, keeping in mind, Panasonic’s Updated policy statement.

I. Basic Policy on Corporate Governance, Capital Structure, Corporate Profile and Other Basic Information

1. Basic Policy [updated]  in which the policy is updated to include:

“The Company, since its establishment, has operated its business under its business philosophy, “contributing to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people worldwide through its business activities”. Also, the Company believes it is important to increase corporate value by fulfilling accountability through dialogue with various stakeholders such as shareholders and customers, making effort to execute transparent business activities, and swiftly conducting business activities with fairness and honesty based on its basic philosophy of “a company is a public entity of society.”

This is not accurate.  To wit:  Please see the below email from Steve Milley, your National Sales Manager.   Mr. Milley has been wholly non-responsive to calls and emails since writing the below.

Panasonic year long stiffing of customers


Please note Mr. Tsuga, Steve Milley’s email was dated, December 23, 2014.

Again, neither does Steve Milley, return telephone calls.  Although, as the Linkedin profile for Panasonic’s Steve Milley, suggests, he is in my local, area!

Isn’t almost a year a long time to stiff a customer out of a $600.00 rebate?

Am wondering if perhaps either someone at @TheStreet,   @Jim Cramer or someone else as  @CNBC  might see if this is an ongoing thing, as people shopping for Christmas presents, enticed by rebate offers, should be aware of reality.

Thank you for your time.


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5 Responses to To: Kazuhiro Tsuga, President of Panasonic: Why does Panasonic cheat customers?

  1. Mangeram Agarwal says:

    Received LED TV with cracked panel. Written to India service head. Received automated reply but nothing after that. Not expected from a company like Panasonic. Can this not be sorted without having to approach consumer court/social media?


  2. sajith v s says:

    INSTALLED yc12rkyt3 – 1 ac yesterday. room size is 12 X 12 feet. indoor unit fitted about 7feet height. the bet is situated near the wall the ac is fitted. but the cool air from the ac is not getting to the bed. if the bet is put in the middle of the room. THE COOL AIR IS NOT COMING TO THE BED. THE AIR IS DIRECTLY GO TO THE OPPOSITE WALL DIRECTION. WHEN THE SWING POSITION IS LOWER, THE AIR goes to the opposite wall and it the swing position is on the top position, the COLD AIR GOES TO THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION ABOUT 5/6 FEET HEIGHT. THE air swing direction is not coming to the floor area. THE COLD AIR GOES TO OPPOSITE DIRECTION AND COOLS THE OPPOSITE WALL. OTHER AREA IS NOT COOLING. WE BOUGHT THIS BECAUSE OF WE ARE SATISFIED WITH PANASONIC,S OTHER PRODUCTS SUCH AS OWEN ETC…
    I THINK IT CAN BE RECTIFIED by adjusting the rotation of the swing. rotation of the mechanical part of the swing to be corrected to get the cool air towards the floor position. please take the my steps to rectify the problem. this is also sharing to others with social media friends.


  3. Tejas k soni says:

    Dear sir . i am in middle class customer. Purchased led tv in installment. Now after 1 and half year led panel not working. And ur service center said that it is electronic items so no warranty and gurranty. Sir pls reuest to you pls replace the panel free of cost.
    Tejas soni gandhinagar gujarat m 9638229711


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