San Luis Obispo DA Dan Dow doubles-down his disdain for women

Dan Dow San Luis Obispo DA - Will Trice be charged

DA Dan Dow – ran on a campaign to “clean up” office

Avoid Family Court in San Luis ObispoBreaking News on Judge John Trice from the DA’s office.

Received a return call from Jerret C. Gran, one of two, “Chief Deputy District Attorneys” for San Luis Obispo County.

Gran returned my call to DA Dow inquiring why the matter of Judge John Trice defrauding his ex-wife Dawna, was being treated as an Administrative matter with the Commission on Judicial Performance, the following day.

Hidden Agendas:

Language is important.  Just as an assaults are routinely down-graded to “Domestic Violence” by police to increase the odds criminal matters will remain to be litigated in a family (civil) court setting; (knowing full well Family Court judges seldom if ever, refer DV cases to the DA’s office):

The matter of Judge Trice defrauding his ex-wife out of her share of their retirement benefits, will also remain in Family Court.  Meaning, what looks like a clear-cut case of fraud will be treated as: “An Administrative matter” by all concerned.  Possibly due to the Uniformed Former Spouses Protection Act.

How tidy is that?!

Given DA Dow ran on a campaign to clean up the District Attorney’s office, I’d called him about that.

About thirty seconds in,  I got the feeling the real purpose of Gran’s call was to advise me how busy he was.

Perhaps it was the 15 times Gran informed me (in an aggrieved tone) throughout the conversation, how busy he was.

Never-the-less, while assuring me DA Dow would not be returning my call, because if Dow returned every call…etc., Gran did finally offer Dow had asked Gran to give me a call.

I suppose it might have been one of those “courtesy calls” had Gran been courteous.

(Professional tip: Never put a caller on speaker phone, without asking.  Also, bad form? Putting a caller on speaker phone while nosily cleaning one’s desk, while stating how busy one is, instead of answering simple questions.)

Gran spent most of the call tweaking my very simple questions into something I hadn’t asked, then responding to questions he reformatted to his liking, then affirming the office would not investigating, or even inquire as to a look-see into the paperwork of Judge Trice filed with the military while defrauding his ex.  (No wonder Gran is so busy.  It takes a lot time twist one question into something else.)  Fair point; and why calls were also made to the US Attorneys Office.

However I was finally able to get two square answers from Gran before the call ended.

Judge John Trice, San Luis Obispo Superior Court

Judge John Trice, submitted fraudulent paperwork to the USAF

To my straight-forward:

“Is the DA going to open an inquiry into the fraudulent paperwork Judge Trice AIR FORCE EMBLEMsubmitted to the United States Air Force?”

Gran answered,


My second question involved Dow’s Second-in-Command, Lee Cunningham.  Cunningham participating in an “atta boy” press release – (in essay form) reprinted by Cal Coast News.

Gran said it was “his understanding” and it “was represented to him” that Cunningham did so on plain paper and not using the letterhead of the District Attorney.  Gran next indicated Cunningham might not have had any idea Cunningham’s job title would be used in a Press Release by Judge Trice’s attorney.

Sure.  I believe that. Am sure everyone does.

The third question I asked Gran was this:

What branch of government do you think works for women?

Gran’s response was silence.

In conclusion and ever the pun addict; will  “take off” with this thought.

Air Force Logo - Blue with white outline, no text

I believe Judge Trice wanted all military benefits, for himself.  Does the USAF Know?  Will ask!


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