South Carolina Supreme Court rules Todd Kincannon mentally unstable

SPOILER ALERT:  Todd Kincannon, the former head of the South Carolina Republican Party, is resting comfortably in a mental health facility.

But the real question is why did it take the South Carolina Supreme Court so long to make the obvious ruling concerning Kincannon?  It’s not as if he didn’t put social media to good use to demonstrate he was nuts.  Consider this recent, Kincannon missive.

Todd Kincannon - pointing gun to his headKincannon also pulled a gun on his father and threatened his life.  Something about a will.

Todd’s got lots of guns.  Or, did.   Todd, who never served in the military, (just like Donald Trump), regularly attacked veterans – wishing they would come back in a body-bag, if their views turned anti-war.

Tellingly, Kincannon also mocked the parents of those kids killed in the UCSB massacre.

This from someone who was also on the election board in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  GOP’s problems continue.

But will hazard a guess the South Carolina Supreme Court’s action was partly due to the fact that prior to Kincannon’s meltdown in Court, his threatening emails, texts, and faxes were limited to targeting women.  Todd’s one of South Carolina’s top misogynists, and Republican…so it’s acceptable.

Kincannon’s also a racist, but that’s secondary.  Women are the focused object of Todd’s loathing.  (Kincannon hates gays, too.  But that’s a given.)  Kincannon’s focus was directed to me after I made a formal, written Complaint to the State Bar regarding a specific tweet Kincannon made in regard to Col. Morris Davis.  To me Kincannon’s tweet could easily have been misconstrued (given the level of stupidity among Kincannon’s 55k followers) as an open solicitation request to harm of  Col. Morris Davis.

Kincannon promptly blamed most of what happened to him after that, on me. His dullard fans marched in lock-step agreement, absent facts, but demonstrating (much like Trump followers today) a willingness to believe Kincannon self-hype, as written, here.

However, my educated guess is once the former head of the South Carolina Republican party indicated he might take out some men; well now – presto!  This happened.

South Carolina Supreme Court declares Todd Kincannon mentally incapable to practice law

South Carolina Supreme Court declares Todd Kincannon mentally incapable to practice law

Earlier, Todd was briefly arrested in Lexington County for threatening his wife.

In that the Lexington County Sheriff was himself sent to prison, we’re not expecting much from that.  Also, in that Kincannon threatened his wife in a state that has bragging rights to the highest rate of men killing women in the I harbor no illusions about a prosecution.

But…still, Todd Kincannon getting arrested was something to cover.

I first got interested in Todd when he went after Col Morris Davis.  I filed a complaint.  Naturally Todd threatened to sue me.  Repeatedly.  Also,

Having been threatened by nutcase attorneys before, I stayed on it.

Todd Kincannon - behind bars

Todd was no stranger to threatening women, as was demonstrated here.

But to repeat a familiar refrain, when men target women, it’s a shrug.  Women pay taxes for…not much.

Even when threats to women result in multiple murders, as Florida’s National Republican Lawyers Association and pro life, attorney, Kyle Bedran learned, following the murders of two women Bedran personally assured the court  would not happen.

Back to Todd.

When when men target men – that’s a mistake.  Especially in Southern, Republican, (pro-life) states.

But all is well.  Not with Todd, but the rest of us.  Todd Kincannon remains “resting comfortably” in a mental health facility.  In California terms, a 5150.

Glad Kincannon’s finally getting the help he’s long needed.  But it’s a sorry comment on State Bars in general that do so little to address those attorneys who are mentally unhinged as to routinely threaten people.

Like I said, Todd threatened me on the regular.  But no one did a thing until he melted down in court and began as court records indicate “using menacing language.”

Somebody get back to me if I’m wrong about my educated guess.




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6 Responses to South Carolina Supreme Court rules Todd Kincannon mentally unstable

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  3. Cyn says:

    Don’t lump him with all Republicans…It’s not a matter of political affiliation since the real issue is that he’s mentally unstable, right?. Let’s get real here…I’m sure there are plenty of democrats who are mentally unstable too. And btw, the KKK was founded by Democats. Just sayin’. But i applaud your efforts to help those in need especially children. I would just focus on that-not on political parties since they are a lot of shitheads on both sides. 🙂


  4. charlesalmon says:

    How is this guy NOT running for president?


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