An open letter to Judge Charles Tinlin: Please stop getting women killed.

Killer Judge Charles Tinlin

Killer Judge Charles Tinlin

In 2021, Judge Charles Tinlin announced plans to retire. But before Tinlin leaves, he wants the County to hired more judges… because judges don’t have time to read cases.

Although Judge Tinlin has long been aware (since 2006) of the lengths jealous husbands such as GREGG ADAM STEINBERG, were willing to go, to violate the Private Data of others…he gives men the benefit of the doubt time and time again.

So left wondering how, in the case of an earlier murder, why Judge Tinlin was chosen by a sheriff to receive some interesting information. The murder case caught the attention of the New YorkTimes…

Judge Charles Tinlin seems spooky enough in his own right. Consider…

On the occasion of the totally preventable murders of Amanda Cloaniger and Lindy Dobbins by Johns County Judge of the Seventh Judicial Court District, Charles Tinlin.

With a very helpful assist by the “Men Only” family law attorney, Republican “pro-life” attorney, Kyle Bedran, (who recently had to answer to the State Bar regarding an election issue.)

As often happens, women were doomed by men like Judge Tinlin and Kyle Bedran.

Men who aren’t routinely threatened, stalked, or attacked.

Lindy Dobbins - killed within hours of Judge Charles Tinlin not remanding Killer into custody

Lindy Dobbins – Victim of Judge Tinlin

Lindy Dobbins and Amanda Cloaniger were murdered within hours of a negotiated plea deal between the State, and attorney, Kyle Bedran, along with a helpful nod from the DA regarding James Colley Jr.’s violation of a restraining order.

Simply put, women receive nothing for their tax dollars.

This is just the latest in decades of police and the courts willingly failing women at every turn.

So, due to governmental disdain for women at every turn, it was Lindy Dobbins and Amanda Cloaniger’s turn to die.

Amanda Cloaniger Colley - killed by husband within hours of Judge Charles Tinlin not remanding him into custody

Amanda Colley – victim of Judge Tinlin.

As such, this letter is for them, because they are not “resting  in peace” and likely are not happy their worries fell on deaf ears.

“Dear Judge Tinlin:

Here’s a thought. How about Next time, skip the thoughts of the police, DA, and attorney Bedran…and try use some life-saving, common sense.  I watched the court hearing. You were conflicted, but ultimately, you agreed to let Colley walk.

So next time Judge Tinkin; protect people. Order real-time GPS. The kind that bypasses local police to alert the would be victim. Also, ladies:  Do not be guided, or, funneled by police and divorce attorneys into Family court.

The police don’t like losing control, but wouldn’t you really rather want the guy watching the screen in Real-Time notify the would-be target as soon as a potential violation looked to be at hand, first? As in ahead of time, and then call law enforcement? Wouldn’t you really rather the guy watching the screen give a heads up to the would-be victim, who would have enough time to save her own life?

Also, Bonus points Judge Tinlin: You can’t cut the straps off some kinds of GPS.

Wouldn’t that be a swell idea Judge Tinlin? I ask because the double murders of Amanda Cloaniger and Lindy Dobbins are on you.

You allowed yourself to be talked out of remanding Colley for his restraining order violation . . and because of that Judge Tinlin, unlike you; Amanda and Lindy no longer have the opportunity to pose for fun family pictures like those below. Act now Judge Tinlin.  Be Pro-Life!

Judge Tinlin he has a family - the women get got killed won't be posing for picurres.

Effective restraining orders are available. Please enable would-be victims to be in direct contact with the guy watching the screen.

Cut-out the law enforcement, middle man as the first to learn of a violation. Make law enforcement the second call. Contact me for details, if you care enough to implement cost and life-saving solutions.


What happened after the murders?

So glad you asked!  Mealy mouthed statements from attorneys!  Judge Tinlin?

Judge Tinlin  had no comment at all.  This, is a problem.

The Florida State’s Attorney Office said:

“We are in the process of reviewing all of the facts and circumstances involved in these cases. But because these cases are pending, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time.”

Florida Attorney Kyle Bedran of the National Republican Lawyers Association said:

 “I think both Judge McGillin and Judge Tinlin, the Assistant State Attorney, and myself made the right call with the facts before us. No one can predict the future unfortunately and we can Monday morning quarterback this all day but nothing at that time indicated Mr. Colley was preparing to do this.”

I would characterize Kyle Bedran’s  comments the smarmiest I have seen in a good long while.  Also of merit?  Kyle Bedran’s comments were directly opposite the evidence.  Which is why the plea was “No Contest.”  Bedran works as an associate of Or Kenny Leigh & Associates, (

Kyle Bedran - smary Republican attorney from a (men only) who got two women killed

Kyle Bedran – smary Republican attorney who got two women killed

It’s also important to remember Kyle Bedran’s response when Judge Tinlin expressed reluctance in light of the evidence.  Pro-life Republican attorney Kyle Bedran responded:

“Your honor I will personally make sure it’s done.”

Kyle’s LinkedIn Profile lists Bedran as:

The Public Defender’s Office for the 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Vision For Excellence

Vision For Excellence?

This is before Bedran went to work for Kenny Leigh & Associates.

The Republican war on women can be very subtle.  Lives can be quietly, negotiated away.


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3 Responses to An open letter to Judge Charles Tinlin: Please stop getting women killed.

  1. Joseph Torregrosa says:

    I am to see this Judge today. I am very sad to learn of the fate of these two beautiful women. Common sense is not very common especially when it comes to those who represent government. No matter if your pro life or pro choice this shouldn’t of happened. I agree with the letter, however, there are several blanket statements written about women get nothing for their tax dollars. Those statements are a little ridiculous but the letter and the circumstances regarding this specific case is far from it. Tinlin should of at least commented about his mistake and took some responsibility. Instead we see them hide behind their walls of beauracracy. I hope that this doesn’t happen again and I hope that this Judge was affected and we can only pray that he will change his way of thinking to avoid stupid and senseless killings like these.


  2. Sally Spelbring says:



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