Murder, Media, and stock values, on the killing of Alison Parker, Adam Ward

When media, murder, and publicly held companies converge for good.  Or not.  A story in four parts.

Adam Ward

Adam Ward used his camera to identify his and Alison Parker’s killer

First:  There haven’t been enough accolades for Adam Ward.  Adam’s camera expertise and more so, his profound passion for life allowed him to tip the police to his and Alison Parker’s killer; Vester Flanagan, aka:  Bryce Williams.  Flanagan was in his second year of being a former co-worker – and he nursed long-documented, anger issues.

Second:  Vester Flanagan was both a very troubled man; and really bad shot.  Alison, while wearing a brace, just booked it after Flanagan’s first, point-blank shot missed her.

Alison covered a lot of ground before Flanagan, hunted her down.

Third:  Media is working over-time on this, albeit not exactly with police help.  More on that later.  But for now, journalism hasn’t been working over-time.  One of the big unanswered questions is:

Did ABC News alert personnel a former co-worker was mentally, unraveling after receiving his 25 page angry, disjointed fax?

Fourth:  Reactions from Facebook, Google, and Twitter.  Poor reactions covered over by media.


Background:  Before becoming a wannabe triple murderer, (Post surgery, third victim, Vicki Gardner, is recovering); Vester Flanagan was a reporter WTNC-TV, who also anchored at WTWC-TV, WTOC-TV – Savannah, and KMID-TV and KPIX-TV -(San Francisco)

But in a story told in pictures, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, the public is keeping media – often confused with Journalism, honest.  Mostly.

August 26th, 2015 began per usual:  Media Pandering to Donald Trump

However, as Twitter is a political force, Twitter folks began noticing yet another anchor – this time Matt Lauer, was the latest anchor to pander to Donald Trump.

Bad Media - Calling media out on Twitter for pandering to Donald Trump

The journalist Trump continues to describe as “screaming, ranting, and raving” was not. Why doesn’t media correct Trump?

But Trump fascination promptly ended with the terrible news out of Virginia of the double-murder of Alison Parker, Adam Ward, and the wounding of Vicki Gardner.

Adam Ward shot the killer with his camera.

Turned out, the wannabe television star anchor was also filming his murders.  Video revealed Flanagan had to chase down Alison, who, while wearing a brace, was making good time and distance away from Flanagan after he blew his initial, point-blank range shot.

Live murder on Youtube - Bonnie Rusell tweeted a request to Google to remove it.Alison cringed at the first shot, which missed her.  Note Alison’s leg brace.

Then came the moment Alison recognized her killer.

Moment Allison Ward recognizes her killerAlison wasted no time.  She turned and ran.

Allison Parker's running from her killer, Vester FlanaganPlease note, Alison continued to run.  This is not a shot of Alison falling.  No, Alison was making good time.

Allison Parker running for her life - bonnierussell.wordpress.comSee top of the shot.  That is Alison’s leg. She was gaining ground.

Alison Parker - foot at the topSECOND – Pivot to media.  Not journalism

Twitter lit up.  Because Twitter can be a political force.  Twitter began demanding journalism and decency.

Below was just one tweet was to Google, asking:

  1. Google remove the Flanagan’s Video on Youtube.
  2. Commenting on police harassment of reporter Franz Strasser – who was trying to cover the news.

Franz Strasser complained that the police threatened to tow his car if he didn’t remove the pictures he snapped after the police arrived on-scene.  Flanagan had already shot himself.

Request Google to remove Vester Lanagan snuff video - Franz Strasser police interference

Sadly,  Strasser morphed from journalist, to media type.  In a twinkling.

Franz Strasser opting for the easy way out in Not covering VA - television reporter murders


VA double murder - Allison Gardner - Adam Ward - Reporter called out for caving to VA police interferenceEnhancing the mo’ media, not journalism….James Morgan reported on…Franz Strasser!

Yes, James Morgan made the reporter, the story, on Storify.

Why would Morgan do that?  Because <eye roll> Morgan’s the engagement editor and Social lead for and . writer.

Think media:  Don’t think, journalism.

THIRD – Old media was last to know. 

Check the comments on Youtube.  276 people commented on Flanagan’s Youtube posting of the murders.  I pray for every comment there was a request to Google for its removal.

Which public company almost won the, “remove for public decency” coverage?

  1. Twitter – First to act; suspending Flanagan’s account.
  2. Facebook – A semi-quick, second to disable Flanagan’s acount.
  3. Google – Dead last.  In fact, murder footage is still up.

Noticed many people on Twitter demanding Flanagan’s account be removed.  Have no idea how many asked FB to do so.

Bonnie Russell requesting Facebook to remove account of Vester Flanagan

“Get on it, FB” Bonnie Russell requesting Facebook to remove account of Vester Flanagan

But in that 1, 696 people witnessed the murder on Youtube  – and 256 people “rated” Flanagan’s murder.  All Media reported reported the video was quickly taken down after “moments” on line.

Which was so far from the truth…as to be contemptible.  In fact, the footage is still up.  Eight hours later.  Not saying where.

Most people are very comfortable with a Twitter force for the good and loathe the sick people who Tweet.  But either way, Twitter has all but replaced AP.

The good news is via Twitter, we witness in real time when reporters like the above, decide to take the easy way out when covering the story; while trying to help take bad stuff down.

VA police threatening reporter trying to report on reporter murders - really

                                                  What this says about us.

That social media is used for social and criminal means.

But in journalism, Twitter can fact-check in how we digest media instead of facts.

FOURTH – The public can be more involved in ending Publicly traded companies who withhold facts from reporting.  The public can Demand a return of the Fairness Doctrine.

Media reports the murder footage is down, while stating it was only up “moments” is gross negligence, stupid, and, deliberate. The public can end this practice by demanding the FCC return the Fairness Doctrine.

Currently, would like to crown Twitter the king of all Media.  (Sorry Howard Stern)  But no can do because:  L

ast week Twitter went totally corporate.  In a series of bad decisions, Twitter removed 30 sites dedicated to saving the deleted tweets of politicians.

It’s one thing for media to not accurately report the facts, while shielding less than responsive high-tech, companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.  But when Twitter, a public company opted to delete politicians tweets?  That is so far over the line — the line can no longer be seen.

Politicians are elected officials.  The public has a right to know if or when, our elected officials do well, or screw up.

Stock prices as of today, August 23, 2015:

Facebook:  $87.19    Click here tomorrow to discover whether Facebook has gotten any better.

Google:   $628.62    Click here tomorrow to discover whether Google has gotten any better.

Twitter:  $   25.03    Click here tomorrow to discover whether Twitter has gotten any better.


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4 Responses to Murder, Media, and stock values, on the killing of Alison Parker, Adam Ward

  1. V.E.G. says:

    Vic Lombardi should be shocked about the gunman’s father was hired by Vince Lombardi. Well done, Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Ward and Parker are the son and daughter of the American Revolution. Rest in peace.


  2. V.E.G. says:

    Also, the gunman’s father was in the Denver Broncos before going to California. Our hearts go out to the victims of this very disturbed son of a Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos football player…


  3. V.E.G. says:

    Vince Lombardi did hire the father of the WDBJ shooter. I am glad Lombardi is not around to see the effects of the shooting. The team was Green Bay Packers. They would have said, “Our hearts go out to the victims of the very disturbed son of the football player…”


  4. V.E.G. says:

    Adam Ward is of British Isles, German, and a touch of Native American origin. A true son of Virginia.


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