The latest on Kelly Rutherford’s disappearing custody case, and some mighty poor reportng

Medill School of JournalismJournalism 101:

Who, what, when, where, how and, why. Often, it’s the “whys” that convinces juries.   Medill might be the only journalism school in the country that requires journalism students to attend two years of law school, in order to make their reporting better.

But the lessons aren’t always learned.  When reporting on the courts, it would be nice if Medill graduates actually incorporated key facts into their “reporting.”

kelly-rutherford-and kids-familylawcourts

Kelly Rutherford and her deported children. Federal Judge remains unidentified.

Medill School of Journalism is a great school.

But when Medill School of Journalism graduate, and People Magazine reporter Aurelie Corinthios “reported” on the disappearing – actually, lets call it what it is; deported children of Kelly Rutherford, as she did below,

Federal Judge tosses Kelly Rutherford’s bid to keep her children in the U.S.

wouldn’t it have been swell, if Corinthios had actually identified the Judge who essentially, nailed the last nail in the effort to help deport Rutherford’s American children?

For more on Kelly Rutherford, see the child custody page dedicated to her efforts.

There is a history of reporters not identifying these judges.  Always to the detriment of the public.  Whatever happened to the “watchdog” press?

Did the Watchdog, die?


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