15 Million in bail for Attorney Fred Auston Wortman, III’s 3rd, Murder-for-hire, attempt

Former self-described “Republican, Christian husband and father” and Collierville School Board wannabe, attorney Fred Auston Wortman, III was presently in jail, charged with two murder attempts on his wife, Staci.

However, Wortman just collected another charge for a third, murder-for-hire attempt, as reported by WREG

computer-exclamationmarkAfter Wortman’s first attempted murder–by-poisoning-the-toothpaste, failed; (she and their daughter just got sick);

Wortman’s next move was to outsource the job.

That  also failed.  I wrote about Worstman’s first arrest, here.

But, and unwittingly, Wortman hired an under-cover agent to kill his wife, Staci.

So off to jail he went. Meanwhile, and in a panic, the Collierville School Board yanked their Youtube interview with him, off line, marking it as “Private.”

Perhaps because (I watched it before they did,) Wortman repeatedly described himself as a man of “action.”  Also, since when don’t School Boards try to hide their mistakes?  Way to go, Collierville School Board.  Perhaps the DA might use the clip at trial.

Meanwhile,  jail barely slowed Fred Auston Wortman, III.

Wortman’s third, Murder-for-hire, attempt to kill wife, Staci, involved once again outsourcing the job.  This time with another inmate in the County Jail.

Naturally Staci Wortman, who had earlier filed for divorce after learning of an affair Wortman was having, was terrified to learn her nutcase husband instructed her next, would-be assassin, to kill her on the birthday of one of their children.

It was reported Wortman said he didn’t care if his kids were present.

Photo Booth Library

Fred Auston Wortman, III describes himself as a “Christian” man and father. Once ran for School board.

Why can’t these guys just, divorce?  Neighbors speculated:


cash - penny - many - copper brightLots of money.

It turns out:  Attorney Fred Auston Wortman, III, wanted all the money.

Right down to the very, last penny.











So, at 15 million in bail, it looks like Fred Auston Wortman, III, won’t be making bail.

It also seems likely the last time Fred will ever need a suit in this life, will be at trial.

Till then, Wortman will be rocking a color I call, “Highway Cone Orange.”

Auston Wortman - murder for hire attiorney

Fred Auston Wortman, III in Orange.


It “suits” him.


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