Sandra Bland: Waller County Sheriff hires “Independent firm” Looney & Conrad

Quick!  Someone call Waller County DA Elton Mathis and explain to him the meaning of the word, “Independent.”  Then ask him to inform Sheriff Glenn Smith. Then:  Start over! The latest screams Conflict of Interest.  Or would had the reporter done any kind of checking.  Really.  Any kind at all.

Elton Mathis - Waller County DA

File this under, “What Was Elton thinking?”

Normally we don’t call out really bad reporting, but the Sandra Bland case is too important leave unaddressed. Sadly, this post stars Houston’s KPRC anchor, Keith Garvin who interviewed attorney  Paul Looney about Waller County’s already problematic Sheriff, Glenn Smith.

Sheriff Smith supposedly called for an independent investigation into the death of Sandra Bland, but hired Looney & Conrad, the firm in which Waller County Judge Trey Duhon is officially, “Of Counsel.”  (This is on top of Elton’s calling for an Independent investigation and the Chronicle’s report on that involving Lewis M. White and Darrell W. Jordan two other attorneys.)

Paul Looney Playing KPRC Reporter Kevin Garvin getting played

A picture of attorney Paul Looney playing KPRC reporter Keith Garvin

No seriously.  I am not making this up.  Back to the problematic Sheriff and his choice pick.  We’ll let a competent reporter ask Judge “I run the county” Duhon why he didn’t advise Sheriff Smith he was “Of Counsel” to Looney & Conrad and how employing the firm would be a clear, Conflict of Interest.

Also, is the firm getting paid for this investigation? If so, how much?  Please note in Looney & Conrad’s June 1, 2015, announcement of bringing Judge Duhon in as “Of Counsel” an announcement includes the fact that:

Looney & Conrad are not certified in any area of practice by the State of Texas.

Looney's Of Counsel - Trey Duhon Click below for the televised interview. This rather significant fact was completely missing from Keith Garvin’s report.


Keith Garvin – the reporter who interviewed Mr. Looney.

One picture is worth a thousand words

Note the change in the Facebook Cover photo of Looney and Conrad  – Clues, anyone?

Wallker & Looney

New FACEBOOK Cover Photo from the Law Firm of Looney & Conrad

Yes, I did call the station to inform them of their miss.  Am waiting to hear back.

Just kidding! No breaths are being held.

But seriously, folks.  Step up your game.

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3 Responses to Sandra Bland: Waller County Sheriff hires “Independent firm” Looney & Conrad

  1. sandybuller says:

    Very interesting read about the “transparency” in Waller County. It seems like Waller County is more oblique than transparent these days and it was a campaign battle cry to bring “Transparency” to Waller County”. Wondering where is that Transparency now?


  2. Mac says:

    Muck raker. Seems they’d be “looney: to hire the guy. Ba-dum-cha.


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