Judge Carbett “Trey” Duhon III – a little background to shiver by

Judge Carbett 'Trey' Dunhon III - corrupt or stupid - you decide

Republican Christian Judge Carbett “Trey7 J. Duhon III – has a problem with women

Fast fact!

Sandra Bland’s problem wasn’t just being Black. Sandra Black’s main problem was she was guilty of being female.

This is something media is loathe to examine, although, merely being a woman is often enough to get one killed.

Not only do misogynistic cops and judges not like women; they are generally inclined to assign a  negative moniker to them as a part of the “code.”  Usually it’s accusatory in nature, such as having “a bad attitude” to any woman who dares to question them.

Important, fast fact:

It should also be noted that these same misogynistic government representatives, are also more apt to administer a biblical beat-down when the woman is right.

Also, the severity of the beat-down increases if and when the woman who rightly responds to illegal acts committed against her, in an aggrieved way.  Including – wait for it – a hint of justifiable anger.

That’s right.  When called out for wrongdoing, government representatives openly and negatively react when accountability is demanded of them.

Thus, misogynists will show any woman who calls them on their illegal behavior who’s boss.  Because it’s really all about control.  It is not about law.

Let that settle in for a minute.

Want justice for Sandra Bland?  Register a Democrat in your district; and pay close attention to local DA and judicial races.

Most have seen the actions of Judge Carbett “Trey” J. Duhon IIIwho appears to have vented his so-called “Christian” most definitely, anti-women, Republican leanings to spill all over his many, and now, his many hurriedly deleted comments, on Twitter and Facebook.

But good news!  Many readers were ahead of this gum flapping, finger tapping, Judge Yappy! So even though the below is true:

Strong Women - scare weak men

Seems both Brian Encinia and Judge Duhon have a problem with women who know their rights. Why?

Judge Yappy i.e. Judge Duhon, left a long, stinky trail!   You see, Judge Yappy believes in open government and transparency – until, well, right up until people began looking at Judge Yappy and his non-judicious blasts online.

Then:  Presto.  Judge Yappy’s first campaign promise bit the dust!

Judge Carbett Trey Duhon III - on using social mediaAs in Poof!  Gone.  And then reality set in and just like that, Judge Yappy’s fingers disappeared from the key board.  Including his earlier stated,

“I have never wavered on being an advocate for open government…recent events in our county underscore the importance of not only having a transparent Commissioners court, but who critical the relationship of trust is to being an effective leader.”

from Judge Yappy/Duhon’s hurriedly deleted, Facebook page.

Judge Carbett 'Trey' Dunhon III - on  transparent government and trust

Judge Carbett ‘Trey’ Duhon III – on transparent government and trust


Although privately, does anyone not think Judge Yappy is not, as they say in the South, “still running his mouth?”

(Yeah.  Me neither.)

So let’s look at Judge Yappy, I mean, Judge Duhon for a moment.  More particularly, lets look at who Trey Duhon thinks he is.  First, seeing Trey Duhon through his own eyes as a good Christian…

Judge Carbett 'Trey' Duhon III - Which comes first for him - Bible or Constitution

Judge Carbett ‘Trey’ Duhon III – Which comes first for him – Bible or Constitution

and it appears Duhon and his wife, Jennifer, are affiliated with the almost Baptist, (this private, non-profit school is working on accreditation)  Waller Christian Academy  whose stated Mission is:

“The mission of Waller Christian Academy is to provide superior Christian education consistent with Biblical principles.  A dedicated, professional faculty presents God as the source of all life and truth.  Within a secure, loving environment, students will discover their individual gifts and develop spiritually, socially, and intellectually.  We strongly believe that the union of our school, its families, and their churches will equip our students for a life pursuing excellence and integrity under the Lordship of Christ.”


What makes America is the Separation between church and State.

Gotta wonder about the problems Judge Duhon creates all by himself,  by “running the County” if, as he said, where 50% of the population is female.  Which brings to my Biblical mind – how some so-called “Christian” men really believe about women.

Bible truck

Is this Judge Yappy’s truck?

So the question must be asked, particularly in matters involving women, if Judge Duhon is fit to run a County, much less weigh in as a judge, on matters addressing 50% of the population.

Also, given Judge Duhon’s almost immediate take on Ms. Sandra Bland via the Internet….the speed at which Judge Duhon was willing to abandon all sense of judicial decorum.  Never mind Judicial decorum as defined in the TEXAS CODE FOR JUDICIAL CONDUCT  – didn’t happen with Trey Duhon.  “Decorum” apparently isn’t in Judge Duhon’s vocabulary.  “Blustery Texan”  is.

So it seems appropriate a Complaint be filed against Judge Trey Duhon.

Complaint can be made due to:   Embroilment.  “Deeply involved especially in something complicated.”  As Judge Duhon’s tweets attest, impartial doesn’t exist.  Not as judge or leader of 50% of the community, Duhon’s agenda was clear.  He was an activist against a woman who died in a Waller County jail.

Judge Yappy Duhon

Can’t stop tweeting, Judge Duhon

Seriously.  The man can’t seem to stop himself.

Judge Yappy Duhon2

This is leadership?

That Judge Duhon would implicate the deceased Ms. Bland, breaks new ground in over-the-top, manners, common sense, judicial decorum and well Christian behavior.

And that’s separate from the fact he not once addressed the illegal reason Ms. Bland was in Waller County Jail.

Misogyny and Judge Duhon, who didn’t seem to have problem one with the deputy who illegally brought Ms. Sandra Bland to Waller County, is another problem.  This from a Judge who made it very clear on Twitter he wasn’t a usual judge, but wrote,

                         “I run the County.”

Given Judge Duhon’s background, as well as the background of the Republican Party to which he proudly claims:

Republicans hate women

and this,

Judge Carbett 'Trey' Dunhon III - the probllem with Judge Dunhon's Christian background

If there is any, the Department of Justice must immediately investigate Waller County.  

There is no need for a Petition, or a formal request.  If our government is working, the Department of Justice will on its own, arrive in Waller County.

Judge Carbett “Trey” J. Dunhon III is the reason behind this poster.

Republican women

If Judge Carbett “Trey” J. Dunhon III runs Waller County, the question is; why?

By repeatedly demonstrating zero desire to protect 50 percent of Waller County, evidenced by his ongoing spews of “information” regarding the deceased, minus and continuing to ignore an out-of-control cop, never mind the jail conditions at Waller County,

why is this man running the County?  Apparently Duhon’s deeply held religious beliefs, coupled for a deep distaste for Ms. Bland, prevent him from being fair.  (Sometimes it’s just that simple.) 

In America, it’s the Constitution and then the religion (or not) of one’s choice.

However, Judge Duhon’s strong right wing, so-called “Christian” grip, make him incapable of abiding by the law when considering women in general; and Ms. Sandra Bland, in particular.

Judge Duohn has most ably demonstrated himself to be, tainted.  Worse though, since his deleted everything possible, he’s no longer open about his bias.

Your move, Department of Justice.








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10 Responses to Judge Carbett “Trey” Duhon III – a little background to shiver by

  1. Micheal says:

    The problem with what you are saying is your lack of knowledge of the county. WCA has the highest quality of education in the county. The principal is a woman, all the staff and teachers are weman, exsept for the new couch who just started. How do I know? I volunteer there weekly to be a role model to the boys. So this school that seams to be your proof of the judge being anti women dose not stand up.
    He has simply stated the facts of the case. If your argument is that a judge can not and should not be releasing info of an on going case. You might have a good point. But pick a side, are you for open trasparincy of a case or the world making there own miss judgment based on nothing more then their believe system saying, people hate blacks, weman or both. If you want to be mad at some one for not helping to bring forth the facts in the matter. How about asking the family to reveal the autopsy report they had done. I bet it says the same thing that Haris county s did. That is why it’s not been released.

    How about we focus on coming together instead of blasting eachother with half truths.


    • The problem with your logic is that you assume I am unfamiliar with the County. Not so.
      Good on you for volunteering, and I cordially invite you to have a real look around. Yours is a polarized community, By Design. Nice of you to denigrate the dead woman’s family though. Real classy.


    • ShaBou81 says:

      Good grief, you teach children with those spelling skills?


      • How very dullard Republican of you to comment on the delivery, rather than the facts.
        How very dullard of you to comment years, later. As an Admin Assistant, that seems odd.
        I suppose you don’t like Trump being exposed for the con he is, either.


  2. Moms Hugs says:

    Duhon probably used his younger-looking photo in campaign literature. A good reason he’ll remain hidden behind that Waller County Curtain.


  3. sandybuller says:

    Trey Duhon election battle cry was “Transparency for Waller County”. When he was elected as County Judge he quickly pulled the curtain closed but keeps screaming from behind the curtain that everything is getting better and all government in Waller County is truly open for everyone to see the transparency.

    What a joke and a Tool.


  4. Moms Hugs says:

    The guy is a typical small-town attorney earning a living doing title work & real estate transfers. He has NO criminal law experience in 20 years of practicing law. He serves on a multitude of boards & committees, a normal way attorneys get word-of-mouth business. Unfortunately for him, that Texas title of County Judge is a misnomer because he’s just the county administrator – like a city mayor. Did you find his 2009 article about property rights where he criticizes then Gov. Perry? http://corridornews.blogspot.com/2009/04/we-must-now-decide-if-we-will-allow.html


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