The Con of #BlackLivesMatter isn’t coming from women

UPDATE:   This column, originally posted on July 20, 2015, referenced the sheer indifference to women in #BlackLivesMatter.

Largely because — the lives of black women — don’t seem to matter to black men.

As is continually demonstrated by the most vocal  “Deray” (who describes himself as an “Educator” and “Connector,”) Shaun King and media in general, clearly Black Lives Matter – as long as it’s black, male lives.

On July 20, 2015, the first line was:

“Not for another second can I stomach the con of the male dominated #BLACK LIVES MATTER”

Fast forward to August 10, 2015 and more evidence this is true, helpfully provided by  Deray and Shaun King.  Thanks guys!

On August 8, 2015 David Conley was arrested for killing his ex girlfriend, her new husband, and six children.

Not one tweet about that.  From Deray or Shaun King.  Naturally, their defense might be “We are only addressing police killing blacks.”

My response?  Where is your humanity when six little kids are shot execution style?

I ask because Deray’s thoughts did turn to one black woman.  The day after the public became aware of the execution style slaughter of six little kids,  Deray tweeted, “Serena” on August 10, 2015.


Deray ignores six dead black kids to tweet photo of Serena

Then, a bonus tweet!  On the day of the slaughter of eight,

Deray remembered the football player killed by police.  Because.  Black. Lives. Matter.

Deay - Shaun King - Black Women Do Not MatterSix murdered children…and two adults?  Nothing.

Neither Deray or Shaun King, will spare so much as a moment for that.  No,

“Poor little kids.  That’s awful!”

Matt Pearce wrote a piece about how women cope with sexism in BlackLivesMatter….but gotta wonder why Deray wasn’t interviewed.  He manages to coddle up to reporters a lot.

(Also, Deray’s attention to the fake, independent investigation surrounding the jail death of Sandra BlandZero.

In fairness, as demonstrated, the rest of media wasn’t interested in the Bland cover-up, either.)

So once again:

Time for a big reality check when it comes to black murders.   Deray  and Shaun KingShaun King and you too, ACLU  (the organization that abandoned poor women in a New York minute for the more lucrative DINKS  (double income, no kids gays) who were only too happy to donate the coffers of the ACLU.)  it’s time media outed that by your words and actions, the only lives that concern you, are male.

The numbers below clearly prove a large number of black men do not believe the lives of black women, matter.

What’s Deray and Shaun King done to reverse these substantial numbers?  Why are they interviewed and not the many black women?

Black men killing black women

At the rate black men kill black women – it’s clear the lives of black women, don’t seem to matter.

Did I miss something?  Are these guys racing around the country to promote their manly cause on network TV, as vocal about the right of black women to live?

Only in passing my friends.  Only in passing.

And then, there’s this from black women.  Something Deborah Gray White is speaking about…and is on the Black Lives Matter, website.

“But the underlying message in White’s narrative is also true: many simply will not hear what she has to say. Unfortunately, there is a long and documented history of black women fighting on behalf of and simultaneously being ignored within black social movement. White stands among a long line of storytellers. Like White makes visible the deeds, lives, sufferings and thrivings of black women, too often made absent”

Also:  Media.  As in why isn’t media interviewing Deborah Gray White, Mary Helen Washigton, Paula Giddings, and Darlene Clark Hine?  What’s up with that?

It’s a rhetorical question.

Women not living or to put it more succinctly, getting murdered by men is the huge problem American media is only too happy to ignore.  Right along with those men screaming #BlackLivesMatter  – excluding black women – unless it’s to assign them a seat in the back.  After they bring lunch.

Kudos to Black women who are now speaking up about this.  Especially because media isn’t concentrating resources around equality for women.  Excluding the sensational murders here and there.

– – – – —


Women simply disappear. Sometimes their bodies are found. With parts missing.


Murdered at Home .

USA – Just kidding! 

I already told ya:  No reports.  Media favors silence!  #MediaFAIL

– – – – –

Which makes this statement true:  The male proponents of #BlackLivesMatter, as well as all men who are Not Actively trying to to advance equal rights for women (including; hi neighbors!) are no better than our current members of Congress.

In an age of Congress not only blocking women from equal pay, military women are demoted, transferred, and lose medical benefits for reporting rapes and other sexual assaults to their largely male, commanding officers – men screaming, “BlackLivesMatters”

produces a hollow sound.  Absent women, the BlackLivesMatter picture in its present state is not working for me.

This is especially true given our Congress has been shooting down equal rights for women, for decades.

[Sidebar:   welcome gay rights activists!  Welcome gay men, to the world of women! So not pretty.]

Disposable women - large

One more thing.  Sandra Bland is not news.  See “Driving While Female – 2002.”

Sandra Bland - happy employee

Sandra Bland – happy employee

And it appears the dashboard video disputes the police report.  Would rather media interview the women of  Black Lives Matter.  Specifically not, men.

Sadly, in Sandra’s case, she had the misfortune of apply for a job in Texas.   Where former judges are in prison for trying to hire hit men for their ex-wives.  And lets not forget Deanna Cook.  Deanna Cook called 9-1-1 which recorded her murder. But the cops came – and left. Without checking.  (And by the way media:  how about an investigation and report on the hiring practices of these departments?)

Deanna Cook

Deanna Cook’s body was discovered by her female relatives two days later.

White Privilege  – rethink that

In an age where male minorities toss off phrases of “White privilege” it’s important to understand “white privilege” does not universally apply to all white women.   Ask Bill Cosby about that.  And how is it men haven’t wondered why police didn’t prosecute him?

When will men march for women?

Having worked for civil rights for blacks and gays, (while some of my friends are African-American; largely my friends of color simply identify as “Black”) for decades:  am done without Reciprocity.

Anyone asking my help must first answer what they have done to advance equal rights for women.  Also, this means ix-nay on niche legislators  @ToniAtkins.  Toni’s idea of “justice for all” concerns transgendered kids.  Not women.

(Toni likewise won’t entertain the idea of the solution for family crime victims. Ever the niche politician, Toni is okay with ignoring the safety of 50% of the people in her area; and how scary is that?)

When black men get serious about the rights of black women, then I will believe they believe #BlackLivesMatter – but not one minute before.  Their refusal to act accordingly, is harmful to All women.  Color doesn’t matter – and enough is enough.


Last:  Black women get reciprocity.

  1. The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.
    Am glad black women are beginning to speak up.

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17 Responses to The Con of #BlackLivesMatter isn’t coming from women

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    You are absolutely correct on both counts, Bonnie! I’d bet Mrs. Dre is also a major domo denier like Mrs. Cosby so doubt there was much backlash in his house either.


  2. Moms Hugs says:

    For some reason, the link to the blog post, “Beatings by Dr Dre” won’t post. Will try it again!
    View at


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    Bonnie ~ Dr. Dre apologizing to the black women he abused before he married is a case in point. He could do more than just apologize in the N.Y. Times to change that culture. Are you posting about it? Sorry, I’ve lost the link to short link this article:


    • Moms Hugs says:

      My Cynic’s Alert button went off big time reading his ‘oh-so-public’ published apology. Nicely timed to coincide with his “Straight Out Of Compton” movie coming out & driven by publicists’ concerns no doubt. 20 years of marriage taught him nothing about his abusive behavior teaching black men that it’s okay to abuse black women, no matter who they are!


  4. Moms Hugs says:

    Frankly, IMHO, Black lives like Dr. Claudia Alexander matter to me a whole lot more than the media attention they deserve. She lived, worked, loved, struggled to balance career & family, etc. while working as a NASA Project Engineer for the whole of her adult life. She also wrote a dozen books to inspire children to choose scientific studies & careers. Dr. Alexander died – like so many women – from breast cancer last month. Yet, media news didn’t cover her life nor her death. (her last post was in March of 2014)

    I know you normally cover bad apples in the barrel, but I would be delighted if you would showcase Dr. Claudia Alexander as one of the great Black women for Black Lives Matter. Thank you!


  5. Moms Hugs says:

    Did another black woman die in a Cleveland jail last night? Were you referring to the death of Ralkina Jones in jail? The Medical Examiner hasn’t released the autopsy report yet, but Cleveland police released a video last night. Jones had medication for a heart condition, ADHD & depression.


  6. Thanks Sally! Another black woman died last night, in a Cleveland jail cell. But, still no word from the guys in Ferguson, screaming, “Black Lives Matter.”


  7. Sally Spelbring says:



  8. Moms Hugs says:

    Spot on, Bonnie!!! Take a walk down memory lane with me… back to the mid-60’s Civil Rights movement. Black MEN involved in the Black Power movement & following Malcolm X & MLK were notorious misogynists. I learned a lot about that from the Black women with PhDs ran an elementary school in Omaha (all black but for 5-10 white kids). They had no use for those Black Power guys who came in from Chicago & upturned the Black community (using little boys to set fires in all-Black neighborhoods). There is an entire female backstory to the Civil Rights era that has never… to the best of my knowledge… been investigated nor written about. It’s way past time – 50 years – that their story be told? Instead, we get ‘white privilege’ attitude from Black women… still following, not leading, the current civil rights movement. God forbid they should wack their Black men alongside the head for fear they would just be doing what white folks have done to their men for centuries. Listen well to MEN’s hip-hop lyrics – denigration of women is rampant!!


    • Wow. Thank you so much for this. Very much appreciated.


      • Moms Hugs says:

        You are very welcome. Now you go girl… get those Black women who lived through that era to marshall their forces & write those books. At least one or more will be best sellers with movie rights. There are plenty of Black investors, producers, directors & actors now, too. Selma was a decent start, but it really wasn’t about the lives of Black women who were kept in the kitchen by those Black men, never allowed to lead. SEXISM is far & away more systemic & plays a much larger role in our society across all walks of life. I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton for various reasons, but she does NOT deserve to be denigrated in our country. This gives new meaning to the term “Ugly American” used around the world.
        See: “The Vile Language Hurled at Hillary Clinton on Social Media”


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