Family Court Judge Barry C. Pinkus: Murder and reporting failures

Conneticut Judge, Barry C. Pinkus:

Remember the name Judge Barry Pinkus so your children might live.

Judge Barry Pinkus's latest victim

Meet Aaden Moreno, forever seven months old. Youngest victim of Judge Bradley C. Pinkus.

A few weeks ago, Family court litigant Adrianne Oyola, received a temporary restraining order to prevent Tony Moreno, the father of Adrianne’s seven month old son, Aaden Moreno, from hurting Aaden.  The order was signed from a still as yet to be identified, family court judge.

But when Adrianne returned to court with a request to make the temporary restraining order permanent, Judge Barry Pinkus refused her request; and Adrianne’s temporary restraining order, expired.

“Expired” turned out to be the operative term.

Judge Barry C. Pinkus -

Judge Barry Pinkus – killer judge

Barely a month after Judge Pinkus’s ruling, Tony Moreno threw seven month old Aaden off the Arrigoni Bridge, into the Connecticut River.

Aaden promptly drown.

With apologies to @AliasHere for a dying computer not allowing me access my old records on Judge Pinkus;  I accessed my memory instead.  The case reminded me of an earlier case of Judge Pinkus. With similar results.  Turns out when it comes to getting kids killed, this is not Judge Pinkus’s first rodeo.

Judge Pinkus’s past

The records in a 2007, family court custody case involved Judge Pinkus stripping Mom of a young daughter, Jennifer Norton, of full custody of her daughter and awarding full custody of the small girl, to Joshua Komisarjevsky, a known sociopath with a history of being molested by his adoptive brother, and who in turn, molested his adopted sister.  Joshua also suffered a head injury at some point in his childhood.  Although a convicted burglar, Judge Pinkus allowed the State to plead on behalf of Joshua obtaining custody, as per yet another snazzy, state-run program of redemption.

Joshua Komisarjevsky - earlier mugshot

Joshua Komisarjevsky – earlier mugshot

Jennifer Norton is on record of hating Joshua and upset daughter was living with the Komisarjevsky family.

Shortly after being awarded full custody of his small daughter, Joshua Komisarjevsky become one of the Petit family, triple-killers.  Again, although psychiatric records showed Komisarjervsky was a dangerous man, both the family court and his family would continue to shield him.

And themselves

Shortly after that the Petit triple murders – judges sealed Komisarjevsky’s family court records…and my investigation, which had been moving right along, ended.

petit_familyMost remember the Petit family, Mom, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, and her two daughters, the, about to go off to college Hayley, and barely a new teen, Michaela. They were the first three homicide victims, of Joshua Komisarjevsky, an admitted molester, who was incarcerated on 17 burglary charges, and while incarcerated, began with the help of a State run redemption program began petitioning the State for visitation.  He saw his daughter 55 times during his incarceration.

Shortly after being released from his GPS, Joshua and one of his half-way house roomies hatched a plan to kidnap, rob, sexually assault the family of Dr. William Petit, (while the local crack police department wasted only, every valuable second deciding what to do about the in-progress crime of kidnap, rape, murder and arson.)  Only Dr. Petit survived.

That’s why I remembered Judge Pinkus’s name.  I also remembered media showed ZERO interest at all in Jennifer Norton’s custody case from the month prior. Funny how that works.

So the public should be warned that media’s deliberate failure to cover Family Court in favor of covering only the criminal and civil beat, means judges like Judge Barry C. Pinkus will continue to play a major role in getting people killed.

Oh, one other thing.  Judge Pinkus is no oddity.

Judge Barry C. Pinkus - killerjudges.comLikewise, Mothers in court trying to report a crime, will continue to know they must find a work-around for the tone-deaf judges they encounter.  This is due to, and this is critical to understand:

The judges aren’t even having the same conversation.

Moms such as Adrianne Oyola who continue trying to report a c-r-i-m-e;  will continue to encounter Judges like Judge Pinkus who will continue responding like stern editors from Family Circle Magazine, trilling the latest PR driven, “co-parenting” plan.  Family Court Judges do not want to hear about crimes.  Period.

More bad news:  Tone deaf Judges like Judges Pinkus populate family court throughout the nation

Because the police fail mothers, mothers mistakenly return to family court for for help.  This is a mistake.  Judges like Judge Pinkus wind up getting kids killed in order to help facilitate various non-profits (a tax phrase, not a vow of poverty) with their latest, “co-parenting” plan.  Turns out, the domestic violence industry is a hugely profitable carer field.

How that happened. 

Ever since various courts established a “media committee” whose singular function appears to omit the journalistic “who” behind court rulings, it’s up to the public to demand accountability including the sudden “sealing of records.”  Also, asking why reporters continue shielding basic information from the public after judicial orders result in murders. Examples at “Archives.”

This was recently addressed on a blog about divorce in Connecticut,

“When I asked Christine Dempsey, one of the lead reporters on this story, what was the name of the Judge, she responded that she did not know.  This is hardly credible granted that it is clear that “Hartford Courant” reporters reviewed the files in the case and quoted from the Motion For a Restraining Order which the judge was required to sign in order to deny it.
Why would “The Hartford Courant” seek to suppress this information?  Perhaps a little thing called the Judicial – Media Committee, about which this blog has previously reported, played a role?  Who knows! “

Lack of coverage means Connecticut Family Court Judge Barry C. Pinkus, who trashed Adrianne Oyola’s tiny family after her son Aaden Moreno’s body was retrieved by Connecticut State Police, will continue.

Another example

California’s Judge John Pacheco clearly demonstrated this dynamic in another, too familiar example of a thoroughly, preventable murder.  Although the state PR on Judge Pacheco is “he is said to be in control of his courtroom where he treats all who appear before him with dignity and respect ”  actual transcripts showed an opposite, daily reality of disdain for another such now childless, mother. Andrea Gallegos valiantly tried to protect her child, Issac Gallengos, from his father, Alex Baeza.

Isaac09 Isaac Gallegos died April 13 from a head injury. His father Alex Baeza is charged with murder.

Isaac Gallegos died April 13 from a head injury. His father Alex Baeza is charged with murder.

Consider the trial transcript.

Judge John M. Pacheco - killer judge

Judge John M. Pacheco – killer judge

“I already made my order OK?” Pacheco told Andrea Gallegos. “I talked to the detective; the detective talked to the doctor. I’ve done my investigation, I feel very confident this man did not hurt his son all right? …

“I think you’re overreacting all right? Now, if you continue to act this way… I’ll have to take custody away from you and… I will give custody to the person that is most willing to cooperate with the other parent, and giving them custody OK?” Pacheco said, according to court transcripts.

“I understand you want to protect your child, and that’s fine. That’s the way moms are, and dads too. But I don’t see anything here to stop him from letting him see his son OK? I really don’t.”

Isaac was beaten to death shortly afterward.

Why these murders will continue

The name of this column is “Media and the Courts” to address the issue of people confusing media with journalism.  During the Reagan administration, President Reagan e decided it would be a swell idea to eliminate the Fairness Doctrine, which opts for presenting both sides of an issue.  At the time newspapers would have negative reporting in areas an the editorial page was against.  Because they were separate from the news division.  With President Reagan, the Fairness Doctrine, disappeared.  Television honchos bought newspapers.  Newspaper editorial pages later trilled for corporations, which in some cases, harmed the public.  Journalism became media; and all media became marketing.  Later, President Bush, refused to allow the return of the Fairness Doctrine.  This only benefits corporations.  The public be dammed.

Since then, with the rise of newspaper “Partnerships” with “media”  –  journalism died.  Which means crime will continue to pay as media deliberately turns a blind eye when blood runs down the the driveway of a family home and media outlets cruise by for a quick, two-minute report.

However, there is no desire to investigate how decisions in family court set up a now-routine, deadly result.  Also, there is no desire to cover the high-tech solution to domestic violence, which has been available for years.  Ultimately, given media is just as misogynistic as the rest of the country, the refusal to address, much less, investigate misogyny in the nation’s largest court, (including legislative immunity for so-called “professionals”) guarantees these preventable murders will continue.

More bad news – when professionals lie – licensing organizations don’t mind

In other cases, professional organizations give therapists who lie, a pass. In other cases, professional organizations give therapists who lie, a pass. Consider Randy Rand.

Journalism 101:  The “Who” in the the who, what, when, where, why and how.

Another problem? Reporters are not identifying the judges who issue these rulings.  So Mothers remain trapped in family court, a civil court, when the crimes they attempt to report are blown off by the police and the court in general, although Family Court judges can recommend the case be turned over to the DA.

Until this happens Family Courts might be better used for property only, cases.  If not, jury trials, as judges clearly can’t handle the power.  Want less government? See

Why the bad news continues

Thanks to “Mom’s Hugs” who lets us know a Government Task Force was implemented, in February.  It’s here.  Call them;  ask what they are doing about the killer judge, Pinkus.

One last thing.  Interestingly, during local elections media always interviews people saying,  “I don’t know what judge to vote for” not realizing media put the entire, “hide the name of the judge” in play.  Media.  It’s dangerous.  Bring back the Fairness Doctrine.


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40 Responses to Family Court Judge Barry C. Pinkus: Murder and reporting failures

  1. daniela di girolamo says:

    Thanks to judge pink us I lost my child custody .
    Money companies and I’m bankruptcy I’m on food stamps.
    I never had a right to go back to court in Bridgeport .
    Never had a right to have an interpreter at the begin of my divorce case 2008.
    The abuser and criminal my ex spouse he got my child.
    Froud was made in court and corruption. A lots of corrupted judges .
    I lost everything I’m still in Stamford court I’m loosing my place now still because of my corrupted divorce ex spouse ftomas made sure in court to pay everybody and to show the court zero income .not matter was domestic violence and INA criminal court case was not mentioned during the divorce .the abuser winning always all.victims loose in Bridgeport court .If you are a woman please please please don’t ever go to Bridgeport court is terrible the things happened there…I never see so much crime in my life.


  2. Brittany says:

    Well I think you are missing the point… I only read about this today. I thought I was the only one. And the point I was trying to make is how very small one can feel when a judge has this type of power over your child. The next point would be who are you to tell me what kind of parent I am… Lastly,
    I was interested in seeing what I could do to help, I certainly don’t need a scolding by you.


    • Who wouldn’t see the fallacy in your reasoning? Also, not a scolding, merely an observation. It matters not you decided to “feel” small. It’s not about you. It’s about the safety of the child. Don’t understand why that’s a tough concept for you, but again, it goes to the original, “No sale.”


      • Brittany says:

        I’m not going to around and around with you, I really think the point has been lost here. I was before Judge Pinkus 10 years ago. I had never, until today, heard that there was a problem with Pinkus. I just wanted to share my story of how he was negligent with my child, 10 years ago. I was reiterating what it’s like to go to family court and think that your child will be protected and then be assigned to a judge like Pinkus. You have a funny way of treating people who are trying to share and be supportive.


      • Apparently you *are* going to go around and around because you keep writing. When the words and the actions don’t match, the actions are what’s true. You continue coming off as a professional victim. Also, please don’t delude yourself that you are “trying to be supportive.” “Supportive” is an action word. You haven’t gotten past talking. About yourself. And how you “felt.”


  3. Brittany says:

    I never really knew what to do with the situation. I felt very vulnerable at the time, this judge clearly didn’t care about my child’s well being basically had the power to do whatever he wanted with him. I felt that if I walked into his courtroom he would punish me! My child’s father has not paid child support in years and I refuse to go back and fight for it because of Pinkus. It’s frightening to see how powerless you become when you are with a Judge like this, you are victim to his mood or past experiences or his power trip. I remember walking out of court and thinking this man has issues with women or something??


    • Sorry. No sale. If your response to a judge who has already facilitated the death of children, and continues putting other kids at risk, is;

      “I never really knew what to do….I felt very vulnerable…I felt he would punish me” etc.,

      I am completely baffled as to why you see yourself as a good parent. If he hasn’t paid child support…ask the County to collect. This is not rocket science. Last, know your silence helps Judge Pinkus to continue putting kids at risk.


  4. Brittany says:

    I cannot believe this whole story. Just happened upon it as I was out of the country for the summer and missed this sad story. Judge Pinkus was my Judge during a difficult custody situation with my child. My childs father was incarcerated having lived a double life, he put his family in danger which was recognized by the first judge who was appointed to my case. The first judge put a court ordered psychiatrist on the case and ordered supervised visitation. Then one day the father decided he did not wish to pay for supervision so he took me to court. Judge Pinkus looked at the paper work and very casually said, “I don’t see why we need supervised visitation”. He never spoke to the supervisor to see how visits were going and never asked for a report from the court ordered Dr to see how things were going. He just said give him the boy next weekend. When I asked if he had read the previous court documents he said, yes and that he was fine with his decision. I asked him to reconsider, that my child’s safety was in his hands and he said, “get out of my courtroom”.
    This man is a very sick man and should not be a judge. He is completely negligent.


    • What I find most disturbing is Media’s co-opting of the significant risk to the lives of children, Judge Pinkus remains. How many people will Barry Pinkus put in a position to kill children, before CT’s Judicial Commission act? This morning I called the Hartford Courant to ask if they would be covering Judge’s return to the bench. Still waiting for a call back. But separately, what’s up with CT’s so-called, “Judicial Commission.” I mean, get it together. Also, I recommend all litigants march themselves to the local TV stations and ask why no coverage? CT family court as is, is a breeding ground for mayhem.


  5. mary says:

    My sister and her kids have been effected. SHaron Dornfeld and Judge Quinn ruled in favor of her ex-husband who has a known now sealed domedtic violence record, drug and alcohol abuse record and given full custody. PLease someone help provide advice in this matter. I have never heard of such horror in my life. Shame on the entire court system for doing such an unjustice to its system, our ountry and their families. I will stop at nothing to bring awareness and help my sister reunite with her children. please email me at


  6. nayla says:

    We need more people like you. Thank you for being an honest trustworthy lawyer


  7. nayla says:

    Mrs Russell is there a way to change the law? these judges are not making the right decisions. They should be held responsible for not taking the time to investigate. Also can a private citizen tried to sue a judge? Is there a lawyer that would take a case to sue them? maybe this will open up the citizens eyes, so they would ask a higher court to remove them or not to vote for them ever again.


  8. Moms Hugs says:

    By the way, I read your Kids Killed link to & found your reference to the Iowa case of Michael Konzen vs Emalee Goerden (2012) re: his sexual abuse of daughters. You may be interested in knowing case has stayed alive through TWO Iowa Court of Appeals decisions. The Des Moines Register published a long article about that case shortly before the first appeal was decided on narrow grounds that the judge should have recused herself. Then the father appealed again… didn’t really want to pay that child support if he couldn’t have unsupervised visits with his little girls. The Iowa Court of Appeals rendered their decision on July 9, 2015 – ON THE MERITS THIS TIME affirming the District Court’s finding that the father was a liar & sex abuser. YEA!!! The court also affirmed he owed back child support & had to pay $18k for the mother’s appeal costs. Another BIG YAHOO!!! Of course, she’ll never see a dime of it as he’s probably in Mexico by now.
    Link to the last decision:


  9. Moms Hugs says:

    Bonnie ~ Another toddler died while in dad’s sole custody following a divorce & an earlier baby’s death at 5 mo. old. Mom’s 7 yr old is with dad… well until the cable guy found the decomposed body of the toddler. The WashPost article claims the mother has a substance abuse problem. Please hold reporter’s feet to the fire for media coverage of this case – because it isn’t just Ohio’s Family Court that failed these little girls, it is Child Protective Services who really screwed up, too. Thanks!


    • Funny you mention holding reporters feet to the fire. No can do Will post a new post to explain why.


    • Been writing about that for decades. Usually social services gets press. But the same thing happens in Family Court also.
      See “Kids Killed

      and how media botched the case in
      The Supervised Visitation monitor was a total idiot.


      • Moms Hugs says:

        I remember that absolutely horrible Powell case! You’re right about media botching it, right along with everyone else in authority positions. Sad. Just sad. 😦
        Another really sad case covered extensively by the media when it was “juicy” news was a newborn baby born in Iowa & adopted by a Michigan couple only to be returned by court order when she was 2-1/2 yrs old to her biological parents. The media dropped the ball when long-term results rolled in when that child had to contend with their ugly divorce. That case drove home how “best interests of the child” was subordinated to the “biological parental rights” big time. That poor little girl would’ve been so much better off had she been left with her adoptive parents in Michigan & all that money spent on lawyers could have paid her way through 8 years of college & grad school.


  10. Moms Hugs says:

    Mass Outrage – a Massachusetts attorney’s blog – is quite interesting, as his biography:


  11. Moms Hugs says:

    Hmmm… a quick google of ‘Connecticut family court’ shows a slew of organized groups are forcing reform of CT’s family court system. The U.S. DOJ & 5 other agencies are now investigating claims.
    Here are just a few websites, articles & TV video….
    * The Coalition for Connecticut Family Court Reform – Eye on Connecticut
    * Connecticut Court Embarrassment – Stop Abuse Campaign []
    * Michael Nowacki vs. Corruption in Connecticut Family Courts | Family Court in America
    * YouTube Video: “Corrupt Judges. Wall of Shame. Connecticut Family Court Judge Barry Pinkus”
    * Investigation of Corrupt Connecticut Family Court | Mass Outrage (attorney blog)

    NEW HAVEN, Conn., February 5, 2015 — The U.S. Department of Justice and representatives of five federal law enforcement agencies announced this week the establishment of a public corruption task force in the State of Connecticut. The task force will investigate corrupt public officials, the misuse of public funds and related criminal activity. DOJ Feb 4 – Task Force Announcement

    Some state officials have suggested that the task force’s first order of business should be to address problems with fraud and corruption in the State’s family courts. According to the Connecticut Judicial Review Council’s website, the 25 member committee has fielded tens of thousands of complaints filed by consumers against Connecticut judges, however, fewer than than 11 judges have been subject to public disciplinary hearings since the 1980’s.


  12. Marty says:

    Judge Domnarski issued the exparte order. It was in the court file. Hartford Courant reporters kept the name out for a while. Pinkus hates women. That is his psychosis. He hates female lawyers who represent moms as well. Pinkus is paid by the dark side to keep kids with dads who are very strange to say the least. Pinkus will not be coming back to the family bench. Will probably retire by suggestion very soon. No one will hear from him again, judicial is in damage control mode. Real issue hear is that two young, poor, brown, kids appeared before Pinkus. He did not listen to either of them, just scolded them, tossed them out and told them to file a custody case…..everything he did was not based on law, not by due process(procedure) and not equal protection…….splash….no concern for kid nor the Constitution. Corrupticut…..evil of family court….Munro, Olear, Wetstone, now Pinkus all kicked off the family court bench…….a good thing really.


  13. Dana Chester says:

    By the way, not one judge in the whole system is willing to admit any wrong doing, they all blame other factions for the family court dysfunction, on Sept 2 2014, the court used the Taupier children as punishment against the father saying he flagrently disobeyed orders, yet his wife has committed purjury and done the same thing to the father, but the family court looks the other way. The Judge that stole the father from the children, and put them in reach of the pedofile baby sister is Jorge A. Simon, : was appointed by corrupt Gov Rowland from a partner in the Hartford law firm of Simon & Horowitz. He has served as assistant corporation counsel in Hartford and is a member of the Manchester Ethics Commission. He is fluent in both Spanish and sign language. Simon graduated from UConn Law School in 1982. Where Amy Horowitz is the lawyer/GAL behind the Gay Fathers accused of molesting the most of children ( 9 adopted boys ) – for which the Family court is providing a stacked deck to cover up the entire incident ….

    The State of CT has a major corruption issue within the judicial branch, and the constituents are paying the price for their complete incompetence. The entire state is a MAFIA that needs to be brought down hard!


    • I’m Why we don’t get together against these criminals corrupted judges for all the terrible things they have done why please let’s get in association and petitions against corruption


      • People believe associations work, when they actually work against effectiveness. Exactly why I routinely decline invitations to join them. No need to. Have been described by one former reporter writing about the sentencing of one former family law attorney, as “The private citizen who worked the hardest to send him to prison.” That attorney spent six years in prison; and was one of two I worked against, who went to jail. Now, if an association wanted to hire me, that’s different.


  14. Dana Chester says:

    Hello Bonnie he, is still on other cases and continues to destroy other children, there is a family case where a 9yr old just reported he want to commit suicide and no longer want to live without his father in his life. Apparently the Judicial branch would rather kill children than prevent the healthy parent from having custody. This suicide statement was videoed during a weekly visit of a father that has been trying to get divorced for three years and continues to be stonewalled by the CT Superior court judge sloth factory. The Mother Tanya Taupier was banging a coworker and had money to buy a divorce discussion and then was caught by the Father and now the court is executing a HUGE retaliation plan against a father that worked on WALL STREET until the false arrest predicated by the family court system.

    The father was the primary care giver and now the court has taken his children away from their safe zone and the mother is a executive HR sloth for AETNA. She locks them away with a pedofile baby sitter and now everyone is wondering why the children are wanting to die?

    Pinkus just denied a ex-parte custody order to help the children return to a stable home away from a pedofile baby sitter and no one is questioning the mother … and says that its okay for the children to want to commit suicide ?


  15. innocent mothers says:

    Thank you for keeping the public informed. Judge Pinkus is off many cases after the Moreno case because he is going in for “back surgery”. He has ruined many lives and his friends who also are serving the public, continue to do harm to families.


  16. Moms Hugs says:

    Good grief! I could have sworn I had read all that was available about the Petit murderers, and now you tell me there is still more SHAME to pass around. There’s only one reason Judge Pinky can stand looking at himself when he shaves – he is a sociopath himself. He must have no feelings for other human beings to have done the harm he has done. If we’re truly a Christian nation, the only fair punishment for him is an eye for an eye… mobster style, with a block of concrete tied to his ankles when they toss him off the bridge.


    • The name stuck with me from years ago. What bothers me is the judge has been silent as a judge ever since. No apology – no nothing, although he knows he can’t be sued. The creep should just retire already.


  17. Sally says:



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