Breaking:  A bloodhound searching for David Sweat just communicated this to his handler.  (real updates below)


David Sweat – from a bloodhound’s perspective

Well.  Who can blame him?  Our thought is reporters need to stop quoting authorities releasing press statements, and start digging around themselves.

Real update:  David Sweat is now in custody and suffering from gunshot wounds.  Not self-inflicted.   Buffalo News (thanks Moms Hugs) reports that Sweat is bleeding badly from two gunshot wounds.  Sweat was not packing. and spotted walking down the street in Constable, – just outside search area.

Prediction:  Joyce Mitchell’s really bad day will continue; and her husband might want to consider hiring a divorce attorney.

Future Lessons:  When planning a prison break, if you have short hair; grow it out beforehand.


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It's not about me....but working with and sometimes against attorneys, I *do* find interesting people doing interesting things.
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2 Responses to BREAKING UPDATE: David Sweat

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    LOVE that bloodhound photo – too funny! Well I’m wrong again! They shot/wounded Sweat getting ready to cross the border. According to Reuters quoting the Buffalo News: Sweat is bleeding badly from “life-threatening” wounds & has been airlifted to Albany. NY prison authorities wanted him captured alive to learn more about how they escaped to tighten prison security.


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