James Boulware – Media gets it wrong again on “domestic violence.”

James Boulware made history this morning, as he first threatened to do in 2013 when he choked out his Mother, and beat up his uncle.  (It was all their fault.)

James Boulware - domestic terrorism

James Boulware first threatened to shoot up Texas in 2013.

Prior to 9/11 “domestic terrorism” was used to describe the daily life of women living in terror of their husbands and boyfriends.

Domestic terrorism was an apt term for the simple reason if a stranger smacks a woman in public, he will be arrested for assault.

However, if a husband or boyfriend smacks a woman, it will be treated as a “civil” matter.

Worst case?  The police are called, they show up but when all is reported, the police will often turn to the victim of an assault and ask,

“Do you want him arrested”

as if the police deciding to perform their job is somehow dependent on her.

Which leads to some Dallas women getting killed during a 9-1-1 call and officers not finding the body.  When they finally showed up.  Then left.  (Relatives found the body, later.)

Post 9/11 the term “domestic violence” was high-jacked, never to return, a real shame considering domestic terrorism exists in many homes unabated and ignored by the police.

Perhaps because the police have a 40% higher than average “Domestic Violence” rate in their own families. See “Cops treating crime as a civil matter in Family Court.”

That’s right.  Women pay taxes for police services the police refuse to provide as family court is a civil court, and officers who are prone to violence within their own families, are hired.  (See Lowell Bruce.)

Disconcerting is the failure of media to get this right.  Perhaps due to those in media. See, Bill Reilly and child custody manipulation.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, James Boulware was just one of the many real faces of “domestic terrorism.”

The term is not, “Domestic violence” the cocktail party phrase favored by non-profits.  Or, the newer, “Domestic Incident” reporters don’t question, in lieu of assault, attempted murder, and murder…often while standing behind crime scene tape.

So please, media.  Please report accurately.  Since nothing changes until it is first, accurately defined, it’s important to get it right.

Thank you.


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