TN attorney Auston Wortman arrested in murder-for-hire, plot to kill wife

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Auston Wortman, attorney, father of three, arrested in murder-for-hire plot to kill his wife

Tennessee football fanatic and one time Collierville School – Tennessee candidate, married father of three; Auston Wortman, an elder law attorney and physical therapist, was asked to describe his management style in an interview for the school board.

Wortman immediately went to his default position.


Wortman reccalled his football career, and said some leaders (football coaches) were “Vocal” leaders while others were “Action” leaders.  In this Youtube interview, Wortman said he favored “action.

This likely explains why Wortman made a down-payment to the executioner of Wortman’s murder-for-hire, plot.  A plot in which Wortman’s wife, and mother of their three children, was the intended recipient of the attorney-physical therapist’s plans.

The simple, brain dead solution – no pun intended

You know how a narcissist thinks.  No alimony, no child support, no problem.  Just get a girlfriend/nanny.  This happens more often than media covers.  But in this case, Wortman a physical therapist-attorney, seems especially sinister.

Fortunately,  Wortman was arrested.  Turns out, the executioner receiving the down payment was an under-cover cop.

More good news.  Wortman didn’t win the school board election, either.  But you really should watch his interview, which is hilarious.  Wortman said  – after taking a swipe at California in not sharing some beliefs (wink wink – same sex marriage) but invoked “Respect.”  Also, Wortman described how he deals with “conflict” both in his occupation as a physical therapist, and attorney.

[SPOILER ALERT:  Wortman said, “It’s important not to over-react.”]  I told ya the interview was hilarious!

Wait.  School board position?

Sure.  Makes perfect sense.  Check out how rooted in misogyny, school boards routinely demonstrate they are, using these few examples.

More chilling was Wortman’s take on his position for the school board  In Auston Wortman’s mind he wanted the school board position to include adding “Moral principles.”

In fairness, Wortman did list moral principles and social manners,

“3. Establishing a curriculum which incorporates moral principles and social manners.”

dead last.

Wortman also described himself as a church going Christian “family man.”

Auston Wortman - murder for hire attiorney

Attorney Auston Wortman, didn’t want to divorce. He wanted to kill.


Gotta ask the obvious, in light of the Brandon Vandenburg sentencing….

Is there something about football on top of being a violent football fanatic…while claiming to be a Christian?  Or is this a Tennessee, thing?

Vandenburg - Twitter original

Brandon Vandenburg original Twitter account featured his noisy Christianity, too.


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2 Responses to TN attorney Auston Wortman arrested in murder-for-hire, plot to kill wife

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    Maybe a better analysis would be to answer this question: Why did that great American sport, baseball, slide into 2nd & then 3rd base after football and basketball as our most popular sport?


  2. Moms Hugs says:

    Like the chicken & the egg… does football appeal to those with violent natures or do those with violent natures find football appealing. No, that’s not quite right. Do those with violent natures gravitate to football as a violent body-contact sport, or did football as a sport grow out of those with violent natures. Well, you get my drift. Football is supposed to drain off the propensity for some people to be violent. Bottom line… I liken it to wanting to be in the Marines or Navy SEALS. You have to love being violently physical to WANT to be one. I guess that sort of answers the question as to why this legal POS hired a killer rather than do the deed himself like those 2 boys in Wylie, Texas who violently choked the life out of another 16 yr old boy merely because one of them wanted the victim’s girlfriend. Something tells me that after they serve 1/2 of their 30-year sentence, they will find girlfriends who are attracted to risky men, and will become “domestic terrorists” all over again. Okay, Bonnie… it’s hotter than Hades & just as boring today. Time to watch “The Book Thief” & try to work some more mats out of my dog’s coat. Hope you are not parched there in California.


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