Andy Cohen nailed getting rich by packaging a variety of women

Andy Cohen montage“Drinking game alert!”  With that announcement, Andy Cohen, BravoTV’s eternal preppie; the shrewd businessman who after creating a packaging formula for specific type-casting, is now wealthy enough to live his own teenage dream, begins his late night, “Let’s party while on TV” show for fun and occasionally; enormous parental embarrassment.  wine - red

What happened to the fun?

Enter tiresome.

While not watching the others, I have enjoyed the RHOBV mainly because it has, minus Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville, a collection of sane, fun, talented, dependable enjoyable, women.  In other words, grown ups.

It would be great fun to watch both Lisa’s, Elaine, Kyle, and Yolanda romp through life….(Yolanda when she’s well) with just a few less “charitable” events…and more, “real” life.  Dee-lish!  Fun TV!

So I figure I can’t be alone in feeling that watching Kim Richard’s full-on, in denial, mean-spirited drama queen, ongoing senseless weekly tirades, is not not my idea of fun or interesting TV. . .but that others likely feel the same.

Kim Richards - CryingAlso, as a stand-alone, Kim’s constant mewling and Brandi’s defense is as nonsensical as it is, well; boring.

It seems Bravo is violating the one true rule.  A protagonist must be likable.  Kim Richards is about as likable as her dog…a dog that should have been put down at first bite.  Brandi has fleeting moments of reality, but frankly, they are too fleeting to bother hanging in.  So Brandi’s tiresome too.

Also, when the much maligned Kyle, whom I like, but whose rescue desire is so great she allows her children to be around a dog with a history of biting, then for me the show goes from boring to really uncomfortable.

I gotta check out.

Simply put, as much as Kim is in denial about her own situation; she doubles down for the dog.  This will end badly.  Kim Richards dog attack

[Note to Kyle:  You have my sympathies.  Also, please read everything on co-dependency as it makes zero sense for sane people to attempt to reason with angry, whiny, sneak drinkers.  Here’s 48 quotes that might help you enjoy your life within appropriate boundaries.]

Kim Richard - teethWhile tiresome is as boring at any age; frankly it’s depressing to watch Kim Richards behave exactly as an older version of the once-upon-a-time, extremely out of control, boringly predictable, Lindsay Lohan.  Not fun TV. LindsayLohan-weirdfacialexpression Not fun at all.


But wait!


Aw come on.  Of course Dr. Phil!  You knew Dr. Phil would be coming around.  Deals between networks are ready to be made!

Kim Richards and Dr. Phil

Bad TV: Kim Richards – Dr. Phil

Maybe Dr. Phil will get to the problem.  Maybe Kim feels she began as the prettier one, who, either way,

Kim Richards - then and nowpanicked as life dealt changes.

Kyle Richards - then and now

Back to the crux of the situation, I watch TV for fun….because

Women have it hard in Real Life

Lisa Mejia - naked pictures

Cook County Sheriff’s deputy’s undressed the dead Jessica, and took pictures of her nude body

lisa Skinner - shot by Huntsville PD officer

Why is Lisa Skinner paying taxes for police services.

In a world where Chicago’s Cook County Sheriff’s Deputies felt entirely comfortable, undressing the still warm body of killed in a traffic accident, Jessica Mejia, then taking naked pictures of her nude body for distribution; in a world where Huntsville, Alabama Lisa Skinner was divorcing her husband Bradley, after filing four protection orders, but was shot by Huntsville Police Department officers after not putting down the gun she used in self-defense to shoot her crazy husband who had just broken into the house, after violating yet another protection order, fast enough.

I must say, not only do I not care about the perpetually whiny Kim Richards – I suspect any fans she may have are likely suffering from the exact same issues.

Watching TV for enjoyment, my prayer is  Andy Cohen and BravoTV might choose another story line.  Or another child star.  My preference is not to renew Kim Richards contract.  Do I need a GoFundMe for lobbying?  🙂

But seriously, not renewing Kim’s contract would be consistent with Andy wishing the best for Kim as he did in a recent tweet.


Andy Cohen on Kim Richards arrest.

Wait – Andy:  How about a comedy on domestic violence!

Comedy because we know serious isn’t working one little bit!  (And frankly, I can’t take one more “Domestic Violence Awareness Conference.)  Also, I have wonderful examples.  (And by “wonderful” I mean the routinely bizarre.)

We could be begin at the top, with the California Supreme Court!  In our crazy misogynistic world, a show about the refusal of government to protect women (while collecting taxes for police and court services) would be a huge hit!

So, yo Andy.  Call me!  It’s an election year, I have a ton of material – and best of all, serious ain’t working.  We could call it,

“The Real Ex-wives Who Managed To Live!”

As a shallow blonde, I live for fun!

Let’s do this!


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5 Responses to Andy Cohen nailed getting rich by packaging a variety of women

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    Ah, yes… blowback & American empire can be heavy stuff, but very fascinating. If only he had been much more influential, perhaps our politicians might not have approved another illegal war invading another country who had not declared war on the USA. Was he your professor?

    And, yes, we do have to give our minds a break from time to time, but TV shows just don’t cut it.


    • Moms Hugs says:

      For really REAL reality, are you going to read “Hope” by 2 of the women held captive for 10 years in Cincinnati?
      Interesting trivia about Cincinnati. I wondered how it got its name. It was named after the Society of Cincinnati, formed by Continental Army officers, who served selflessly at least 3 years in the Revolution, to help members in need, their widows and children. Over 300 years old, only the first-born male of descendents can be members. For real. Look it up.


      • Love that detail about American history! Thanks!
        Probably won’t read “Hope” as Dad escaped from POW camp after one hard march too many, during a forced march. Actually gained weight as stealing food, he ate better than when under German control. 🙂


  2. Moms Hugs says:

    Might I offer a simpler solution? Cancel your cable contract. Trust me, you won’t miss TV at all. Well maybe… a wee little bit since you’re a child of The TV Era. You will likely suffer from withdrawal for a bit longer than really necessary, but it will pass. Internet access can be had with a secure/private MiFi such as offered by Verizon… on your terms & your schedule.

    You want ENTERTAINMENT of the highest order? Read books by really great authors today. David Morrell, creator of Rambo, will never disappoint & he recently published a couple of thrillers set in historical London. Elizabeth Berg recently published a historical novel about another author, who wrote under the pen name of George Sand, set in Paris. Not boring… really… I promise!


    • Thanks. One problem. I read all the time. Not the fun stuff, but Chalmers Johnson stuff. Non-fiction. So for relaxation, I let my eyeballs slide over the inane. Except it turns out I have no patience for secretive, angry, drunks. Who knew?!


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