Police Body cameras signal the problem; better hiring standards is the solution

Body cams - vestBreaking:  Charleston Police Officer Sgt. George Hildebidle committed suicide. So far, nothing has been reported about his family, but it was reported Hildebidle killed himself after a “domestic dispute.”

Understand body camera companies are overjoyed at the opportunity to sell their goods.

Also know body cameras are not the “answer” when “bad hires” are just as likely to turn their body camera off during the commission of a crime.  Body cameras represent the failure police departments nationally.

Do understand the solution is easy.

  1. Hire better people,
  2. Integrate them within the community,
  3. Pay them well; and,
  4. Demilitarize the police.

Understand the focus now is, action.  Action to demonstrate the appearance of a solution for instant, good PR.  Also understand the focus needs to remain on the core issue:  Bad hires.  The solution is prevention, by hiring police officers who can think, and who care about their community.

Better background checks are needed in addition to upgraded hiring standards. 

One well trained police negotiator is worth a fortune in equipment and lawsuits against the city.  However, plummeting hiring standards account for in part, the deaths of over 5,000 people since 9/11 and millions in lawsuit settlements.  Body cams - shoulder

Again; the problem is in the hiring, folks.

Bad hires ultimately cost cities millions

Bad hires mean an increased need to outfit the police with body cams.  Body cams are the canary in the coal mine.

A couple of quick examples.

Lowell Bruce, a San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy who was stationed to guard women at “Los Colinas Detention and Rentry Center” (more commonly known as “No Penis Colinas”) who shot his unarmed wife in the face, after which his co-workers claimed immunity.


Former deputy Lowell Bruce, wife killer, and his wife, Jan, before he decided to kill her.

Did I mention Lowell Bruce was a “Do Not Hire?” Lowell Bruce failed not one, but TWO psych evals.  Seriously folks; the problem is in the hiring.

Police officers killing their wives is not new.  Less than four months ago, Midland Police Sgt. Chad Simpson killed his wife, Sandra at home.  Then himself.

Sgt. Chad and Sandra Simpson

Sgt. Chad Simpson who killed his wife, Sandra Simpson, then himself.



However, Texas Republican legislators in their usual, backassward way, and famous for discounting the need of women to be safe, rose to address the issue of police committing on-the-job, crimes.

Republican Texas legislator Jason Villalba (Dallas) proposed legislation to make it a crime for residents to film the police within 25 feet of Texas police officers possibly committing a crime.

Jason Villalba

Jason Villalba – can you believe this guy?

See this page for Texas District Attorneys, who have plotted to have their wives murdered. (Scroll for Christopher Dupuy)

So y’all feel free to tweet your thoughts about that to good ole boy Jason, @JasonVillalba

The solution is easy.

1.  Better hiring standards

2.  Civilian review boards not controlled by the police.

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3 Responses to Police Body cameras signal the problem; better hiring standards is the solution

  1. ladymephisto says:

    Thanks Bonnie – that’s quite a compliment! I like your idea of testing for bias. Human Resources departments all over the country test prospective hires with the Myers-Briggs test; we should be able to come up with a similar examination tailored specifically for police cadets/trainees. Anyone in a career in Law Enforcement has an immense amount of power, as the badge imparts. To NOT evaluate them for bias, character, motives and integrity is almost criminal in and of itself.


  2. ladymephisto says:

    Better hiring practices are an obvious fix but the problems with policing these days go MUCH deeper. Officers are trained to “shoot to kill” instead of “shoot to stop” a potential threat to their lives. If they received better training and used some common sense (aim for the legs!) we wouldn’t be burying so many young black men or so many mentally ill individuals. Racial profiling should be banned outright in every police agency in America. A shake-down over a broken taillight is standard for minorities and POC, whereas I (as a white female) have NEVER even been asked for ID over something so minor. Whites usually get off with a quick “you better get that fixed” warning, whereas for a black male it means at least a 1/2 hour delay. Racism & profiling are taught to new cadets – they’re not inherent in our DNA or our biology. The whole “us against them” attitude must be weeded out during the training process. As well, the thin blue line of silence has become too dangerous a creed to be maintained. Cooperation with investigations of police malfeasance should be rewarded.

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    • My first thought is you should hire yourself out to various city councils as their police department advocate throughout the land, right after the entire department is retrained by you.

      For the record, it was also my second thought. I would seriously figure out how to test for bias in new hires as well as old timers, then create a full on rigorous plan to eliminate it through a variety of tests and exercises. It’s all about effective community policing. That eliminates the “Us vs. them” Dynamic.


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