South Carolina’s Walter R. Scott and Michael Thomas Slager, a collision of fear, loathing, and unpaid child support?

Update:  From the Mayor’s press conference:  Reporter wanted to know why all police officers aren’t trained in CPR.  I confess this made me laugh out loud; as in San Diego, killers are hired as EMTs. Ask Emergency Services Director, Dr. Bruce Hadley, why he would hire Jesse Thrush, former sheriff’’s deputy in Twin Falls County, Idaho, after Jesse killed his girlfriend’s two year old daughter. Why would anyone hire this guy as an EMT?

Which begs the question:  why aren’t reporters more aware?

Michael Thomas Slager - in uniform

Charleston City Patroman, Michael Thomas SlagerA

The Affidavit that shook the nation.   Because of officer with @NCPD

State of South Carolina

County of Charleston                                                                       AFFIDAVIT

Personally appeared before me, a magistrate of this County, one Special Agent, Angela Peterson, of SLED and being duly sworn deposes and says that:  MICHAEL THOMAS SLAGER, (White Male 6″0″ / Weight:  Approximately 180 lbs, did within this County and State on or about April 4 th, violate the criminal laws of the State of South Carolina in the following particulars

Description of Offense:  Murder 16-3-10

The Affiant states there is probable cause to believe that the Defendant named above did commit the crime(s) set forth, and that such probable caused is based upon the following facts:

That on April 4, 2015, the Defendant, Michael Thomas Slager, while in the area of Craig Road within the city of North Charleston, County of Charleston, SC, knowingly and unlawfully with malice aforethought did kill the victim, Walter Lamar Scott.   To wit:  The Defendent did shoot the victim multiple times in the back after an altercation.    All this is true based upon video evidence and the investigation of State Law Enforcement Division (SLED).  This is in violation of SC Code 16-3-10 Murder.

Walter Scott

Walter Lamar Scott – killed over a fear of jail for unpaid Child Support?

Sworn to and subscribed before me on this:                        Angela Peterson – Affiant

7th day of April, 2015.

(indecipherable) – Judge

 Four things about this almost unprecedented charge:

  1. Hiring practices for police departments must include deeper background checks.
  2. Civilian Review Boards are necessary to deal with police departments refusing to self-police…as what’s clear is some cops prey on others, while accruing a nice pension.  Or, consider Detective Natyyo Gray, who killed his child – just after learning the results of a paternity test.  (Gray got life Without Parole.)
  3. A good cop is not one who remains silent.  Cops are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  See examples of what good cop, whistle-blowers such as Sgt. James Corcoran, Laura Shook, Scott Teutscher, faced…but still took the right action.
  4. Bad cops are legendary.  Afew other killer cops from many states can be found here.

Perhaps most surprising of all?   Media.  News anchors who continue to express “shock” at these murders.  The State of South Carolina alone has over 200 police killings, without charges filed.

Other solutions

See something?  Say something.


Or better; record something.  Seven Rules for Filming the Police.


As Americans, our duty as good citizens is to pay attention.  Be alert to times when instances of good citizenship become apparent.  The Scott family is considerably less troubled because one, video man, who was alert enough to pay attention.

To video man, Feidin Santana, who shot the footage, we thank you.  We thank you very much for being alert, and brave enough to solve a heinous crime.

Feidin Santana


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