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OU President David Boren expels two racist frat boys

Yale graduate, President of the University of Oklahoma, and Sooner leader, David Boren just expelled Parker Rice and Levi Pettit, two racists frat boys in a short, but succinct letter. President Boren released the announcement by traditional means, which now … Continue reading

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Nathan Fletcher’s divorce reveals a deep misunderstanding of Family Court

On March 2, 2015, the San Diego Reader barely reported former California State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher filed for divorce. Instead, the report detailed Fletcher was a former protege of Randy Duke Cunningham, (once voted America’s most crooked politician; since released … Continue reading

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The Ick Factor: CBS continues protecting Jacob Robbins, Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel from their sex crime tweeted intentions

Update:  Not a fan of Curt Schilling.  But he did once, do something right. In a, “too creepy for words” segment on March 4, 2015, CBS Morning News protected the names of wannabe serial sex crimes predators who used twitter … Continue reading

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National media gets it wrong on South Carolina’s Republican Party’s No Sex pledge: Good news for Todd Kincannon

National Media gets it wrong again. Not true that SCGOP is asking everyone to sign the “Purity Pledge” it dreamed up in 2012. Here’s their FB update: “For some reason, old news about a fake “purity pledge” [Wait.  There was … Continue reading

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