California attorney Matt McLaughlin petitions for “Sodomite Suppression Act” ballot initiative

State Bar of CaliforniaThanks Orange County!  Thanks for wasting government resources. (See bottom of the page.) Gotta ask:  is there Any organizational body that will protect the public from religious zealots such as California attorney Matt McLaughlin?

And to those who might suggest the California State Bar,  nope.  The California State Bar  offers free mental health assessments.  It’s just that they are minus any requirement to a commitment to mental health. (How tidy is that?)


Van Halen’s 5150 album cover

Also, what religious zealot thinks he’s “impaired” (the operative word)?

But I ask in reference to McLaughlin’s ability to cost the state legislators and the Attorney General time and money with his – and I am not making this up:

“Sodomite Suppression Act” which states gay people can be gay, but they just can’t touch each other in a sexual way, and if they do, should die by bullets to the head or “other convenient method.”

Also, gays can’t run for public office, or, be employed for public benefit.

Ending with gays should be driven out of the State of California should they produce literature (actually, Matthew wrote “propaganda”) and incur a million dollar fine for every piece of propaganda.  Below is Matthew McLaughlin’s actual, Sodomite Suppression Act and my way of stating that much like the lesser state of South Carolina and racist, misogynist, Todd Kincannon, (who at least admits he’s a sick duck), it turns out there’s apparently nothing to protect Californians from 16th Century religious zealots, either.

Sodomite Suppression Act

Matt McLaughlin, another Orange County weirdo with a law degree

which McLaughlin having paid for, is placing on the ballot. In the hoopla -Never mind against actual state and federal law, some might not notice this wingnut is actually trying to establish a state religion.

Matt G. McLaughlin - LetterA quick word about Matt McLaughlin, his California State Bar record, and how the State Bar protects licensed wingnuts at the expense of the public.

Matthew G. McLaughlin - nutcase

With all the hoopla over emails, please note the CA State Bar protects attorney emails from the public


So much “Nope”  

State Bar member

The State Bar is a public corporation within the judicial branch of government, serving as an arm of the California Supreme Court. All State Bar members are officers of the court. Over the years, the State Bar has responded to the demands of a changing society, educating and informing both its members and the public.”

That said the State Bar also is a lobbying organization which benefits attorneys more than their clients. Including in the smallest of details.

To wit:  Email!

Seems simple huh? Now that emails are an everyday subject of conversation, here’s the State Bar Rule stateing attorneys must advise the California State Bar of their email address.  Please note:  This is a revision to limit email addresses.  The State Bar earlier removed the rule stating attorney emails must be public.

Quick note:  This was not to benefit the public.

Below is the old rule:

California State Bar Rules of professional responsibility include,

Division 1. Member record

Rule 2.1 Roll of attorneys

The State Bar maintains, on the official membership records of the State Bar, the roll of all attorneys admitted to practice in California.[1]

Rule 2.1 adopted effective June 17, 2006.

Rule 2.2 Public information

A member record contains public information, including the following:

(A) last name, first name, and any middle names;

(B) State Bar member number;

(C) address and telephone number;

Computer @ sign(D) e-mail address;

(E) date of admission in California;

(F) places and dates of admission in other jurisdictions before admission in California;

(G) membership status;

(H) date of any transfer from one membership status to another;

(I) date and period of any discipline; and

(J) any other information as directed by the Supreme Court or otherwise required by law.

Rule 2.2 adopted effective June 17, 2006; amended effective July 20, 2007.

Rule 2.3 Duty to update member record

(A) A member must inform the State Bar of a change of address, telephone number, or e-mail address no later than thirty days after making the change. The member must report a change of address or telephone number online or using the State Bar Address Change Form. The member must make a change of e-mail address online.

(B) A member must inform the State Bar of a change of name no later than thirty days after making the change. The member must report the change using the State Bar Name Change Form.

That’s the old rule.  The new rule is:  less access.  Thanks State Bar!

Things change

Joe DunnKeeping in mind the State Bar is more lobbying organization than one that protects the public, explains why in part, this whistle-blower lawsuit from Joe Dunn, who used to be the big deal, Chief “Inner.”

But Joe Dunn was dumped, unceremoniously, after  giving a speech in San Francisco.  Dunn promptly sued the State Bar for getting rid of back-logged cases against California attorneys.

(Dunn is also from Orange County.  Kinda wished he’d stayed.)  Although it’s not as if Dunn responded to his ouster, quietly.  Nope.  Joe Dunn hired Mark Geragus and the accusations? They’re flying.

Here’s the Complaint – Joe Dunn – State Bar

But what about the people of California, and litigants

That the State Bar has a bad habit of making things harder for litigants, is historically: A given.  Quick history lesson.  It was the State Bar that first trilled “No Fault Divorce” as a way of making divorce “faster and less expensive.”

It’s also been a 40 year failure.  However, divorce costs tripled and killings became commonplace, media committed journalistic malpractice by not reporting the 40 year failure, and the brilliant idea of “No fault divorce” was then sold to New Yorkers with it being adopted by New York legislators a couple of years ago.  As media trilled.

(You can’t make this stuff up.)

More good news!  When California attorneys complained their clients couldn’t pay them, the State Bar adopted an easier way for family law attorneys to slide out of cases with “Limited Representation” agreements.  And so it goes.

But I digress

That the State Bar is slow to investigate attorneys is a given; and the backlog is exactly what Dunn was trying to address.  Given some prior-to-Dunn, highlights.


From drug addiction to DA – to bounced out of business, Jon Alexander

In one case – Jon Alexander, a former top DA was bounced.  Custody issues factored in as part of the reason:

Count 2 – Business and Professions Code – Moral Turpitude – Corruption

In a separate course of conduct detailed in the State Bar disciplinary charges, Alexander is accused of accepting a $6,000 loan from a defense attorney, George Mavris, just several weeks prior to the dismissal of a controversial child stealing case involving a local daycare provider, who also happened to be Mavris’ client. Jackie Zlokovich was charged with child stealing after she went to a local preschool to pickup Amber Wesson’s daughter. Amber Wesson had just been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription drugs, after side swiping a parked car near Zlokovich’s residence. Making the situation even murkier is the fact that Mavris was also Alexander’s attorney of record in prior State Bar proceedings. According to the State Bar, both Mavris and Alexander failed to disclose their personal and professional dealings to the court prior to Alexander’s request to dismiss the criminal charges altogether.

According to Superior Court documentation in the DUI case file, all criminal charges against Ms. Wesson for driving under the influence were dismissed. Court documents on file in the Del Norte County Superior Court custody case, indicate that in September of 2010, Ms. Wesson had sole physical and sole legal custody of her daughter. It also appears that Zlokovich at no time had permission from Ms. Wesson nor the child’s father to remove the child from preschool.

A declaration signed by the child’s father, Tom Iandiorio, filed in the parties’ family law case, stated under penalty of perjury that he had nothing to do with Zlokovich taking his daughter from her preschool and did not learn of it until after the fact. On the date of Ms. Wesson’s accident, her daughter had been in the care of Ms. Wesson’s father. He had dropped his granddaughter off at preschool and was planning to pick her up that same day. Zlokovich was not authorized to pick the child up. Court documents seem to clearly indicate that Jon Alexander’s statements regarding the Zlokovich situation are intentionally misleading and do not accurately reflect the actual circumstances underlying the disciplinary charges.

Gays only recently won the weddingringsright to marry.

I say, if media did their job, gays would learn of more expensive troubles. Instead, and meanwhile, we all suffer religious wing nuts from the 16th century.

So wouldn’t it make sense if perhaps the State Bar could work with Trustees on the subject of Emergency 5150’s?

Just sayin’

– – – –
UPDATE: Wouldn’t you know – Diana from ORANGE COUNTY actually thought this permission to execute gays was a petition against gay marriage. (See comments section.) However, on March 25, 2015, the California Attorney General filed to have the petition tossed as it is clearly unconstitutional on its face. Bigots causing a waste of government resources.

First Aid Kit


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7 Responses to California attorney Matt McLaughlin petitions for “Sodomite Suppression Act” ballot initiative

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  2. Diana says:

    We would gladly sign this petition. Marriage should only be between a man and a woman!


    • Diana,

      Am responding as I am aware you are from Orange County. In addition to the Un-american mindset you own, I will address your reading comprehension issues.

      McLaughlin’s Petition is not a petition to nullify same sex marriage. The petition McLaughlin filed and would like you to sign is to kill gay people. Specifically,

      Section B) To execute anyone who is found to have initiated a same sex flirt, “willingly touches” “with bullets to the head or any other convenient method.”

      Section C) Is reserved for pedophiles giving “propaganda” relating to children, not gay people. If you believe gay people are also pedophiles, I should point out most pedophiles are heterosexual.

      Section D) McLaughlin’s petition would negate federal and state law. McLaughlin prefers gay people can not enjoy the rights you do. And if they are celibate, and not executed, McLaughlin wants to ensure gay people cannot hold public office, or receive any kind of “public benefit.” (Senior citizen benefits, etc.) Is that a petition you would want to sign, Diana? A law to impoverish someone because they are gay? If so, I wouldn’t want to belong to your “church” as you clearly have a very small god.

      Perhaps you are confused. Perhaps your school didn’t offer civics classes. Here’s a quick, historical re-cap. Our founding fathers left England for two reasons. The first was they felt a religious persecution to belong to one church. America’s first pilgrims desperately wanted the freedom of religious choice, and to escape high taxes.

      The first couple of years however, were focused on staying alive, as they landed before a very cold winter. (The Indians helped them. And you know what happened after that. Wait. Orange County. Maybe not.) Anyway, when the framers of the Constitution framed our Constitution, they wrote:

      “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      Key phrases being, “establish Justice” “insure domestic tranquility” “promote general welfare” and, “secure the blessing of Liberty.” Women weren’t initially weren’t included. Black people were deemed almost human. Then came the very First Amendment.

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

      Here’s our First Amendment

      The First Amendment means you, Diana, are free to choose any kind of church, including the one you apparently joined, a church that promotes actively hating others. You are likewise free to promote yourself as God’s personal Orange County Representative. You can wear a tiara if you like.

      (Also, never mind that the Bible was written thirty years after the fact, in which a few personal biases likely crept in. The easiest way to tell if you are off-track is if your God looks and acts just like you.)

      The point being America give everyone that freedom, Diana. Thus, any American lobbying against freedom for all, is Unamerican. Just like America gives anyone the freedom to form say, “The Church Against Orange County Hypocrites.” America also gives people the breathing room to align with no religion at all.

      In conclusion, you will be unhappy to learn the State Attorney General filed a lawsuit to have McLauglin’s petition tossed because it is unconstitutional on its face.
      It’s Un-american face.


    • Sydney Chandler says:

      You should read the petition before you say publicly that you would sign it. If you still want to sign it after you read it then you are just as sick as Matt McLaughlin.


  3. angelica juarez says:

    This is ridiculous! It’s stupid, if the attorney was gay his self he wouldn’t make this law. If you think that being gay is wrong, keep it to yourself. Everyone has their own opinions. Think What you want , but don’t try making other people’s choices for them. Just let them be. Stop trying to be God, let God choose their path,God is the one who chooses What’s gonna happen, not an ignorant attorney…..


  4. Jeff says:

    Who is this Matthew Gregory McLaughlin lawyer douche?


    • I have no idea but do know Matthew has a fool for a client. Also, it’s Orange County. So there’s that. Last, check the latest post. Cody A. Fitch would like some Republican love. And welfare. Cody also lives in Orange County. (Maybe it’s the water.)


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