Maternity tourism: How rich women foreigners obtain American citizenship for their babies

Pregnancy stickBehold!  A new kind of potential immigrant! Forget fear-riddled Tea Party fist shakers – shaking their angry fists at….children.

Forget tea party types defaming innocent newborns, venomously attacking infants as “anchor babies” (never mind where parents of tea party ‘fraidy cats originally hailed.) Tea party blusterers remain perfectly comfortable screaming their fear outrage at mothers and young children being legally transported on buses owned by Immigration and Enforcement.  (And happily crow when the feds cowed just like the Bureau of Land Management cowed at Clive Bundy’s Ranch).

Murrieta logoForget Murrieta.  Forget the Mayor of Murrieta, Alan Long  –  who first embarrassed himself on national TV, (then locally, after he proceeded to drive drunk into carload of cheerleaders.)

Murrieta is so, last year.

Think capitalism!  Think creating wealth!  Think of the quietly humming along in the most Republican County in all California; the Irvine based, cashofferingsYou Win USA Vacation Resort” and “USA Happy Baby Inc” and my favorite,, which has been operating since 1999.

Let me repeat that.  In the wealthy bowels of Orange County; “You Win” has been operating completely without notice for 16 years.

And they seem to be doing quite well.

For fees ranging from $15,000 – 60,000, these firms arrange for pregnant Chinese women to fly to the less-likely-to-be-questioned-upon-entry, “Vacation destinations” of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego to await the birth of their children.

Real-Housewives-of-Orange-County - LimoThe women are met at the airport and then, just like the limo riding “Real Housewives of Orange County,” these new moms-to-be, are whisked away to await the birth of their children while nestled in variety of residential apartments sprinkled throughout Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside County homes and apartments.

The plan works smoothly for all.  Foreign Mom’s-to-be get to relax while “You Win,”  “USA Happy Baby Inc” and cater to their whims and needs for a few months prior to birth… in part by trilling their fabulous perks.  Perks include catered meals, visiting chefs, trips to Disneyland, shopping, and sometimes – listen up Tea Party people:  A day a the firing range!

Star Barby Care - comfortable homeMuch like any concierge service, medical care and hospital bills are also taken care of by prior arrangement.  Post birth, “You Win” facilitates applying for Birth records, Social Security Cards, and of course, Passports.  Then, after a few months,  and armed with passports in hand, the happy happy Mommies and their American-born babies fly home.

To China.

Readers won’t find the fact these families return to China on any Breitbart-like “news” site given leaving the U.S. doesn’t comport with the right-wing,  “We Won’t Let Facts Get In The Way” narrative.

Future tripping

But while these new mothers are not here to stay; that could be true for just 18 years.  Possibly less. Chinese mothers returning to China do so knowing any child born in the USA; equipped with a USA passport is later able to petition the U.S. Government for their parents to come live with them in the future, should said child want to return to their “American” roots.

Think of it as a retirement insurance plan.

I mention this after attending a retirement conference hosted by the retirement community of Air Force Village West, which hosted six, senior retirement home owners from China, who collectively, owned the largest retirement centers in all China; and who are now experiencing the fallout from China’s long-standing, one-child, one family, plan.

The Chinese officials who stayed on-site were free to tour the facilities for a week after a series of conferences and dinners. At the closing events I asked one owner to describe the difference between the Air Force Village West retirement community (situated on 211 acres with 11 different floor plans and sizes) and his (density driven) retirement Center in Shanghai.  After a moment of thought he answered,

“We have an equal amount of activities for our seniors to participate in.  However, in a week of freely walking around, I noticed the people here seem much happier.  I have to think about why this is so.”

So perhaps that is the long-range, end-result of the pregnancy plan.

But getting back to business basics…the business model of “You Win” and their other firms might possibly be in trouble for their accounting methods.  Some which might result in tax evasion.

Perhaps because last year the owners of these Maternity Tourism firms raked in over two million dollars performing these services. What?!

My first thought was:

                      I am Totally in the wrong the business.Pregnancy stick -2

It should be noted Maternal Tourism isn’t a new thing.  In 2008, Briton noticed the problem of more than 300 heavily pregnant foreign women arriving at airports (complete with forged medical documentation indicating the pregnancy wasn’t too far along) to give birth, and collect citizenship papers.

Meanwhile, 16 years after the company was founded and obviously, growing: Our crack Homeland Security Team raided Orange County’s largest residential maternal tourism residence, The Carlyle.  Ironically, The Carlyle is right around the corner from a DHS enforcement office.  🙂The Carlyle

Interestingly, and quite the opposite of Tom Petty and Heartbreakers singing “Won’t Back Down” the Feds, who have evidenced a 20 year history of backing down to never-missed-a-meal in his life, Clive Bundy; and his right wing nut jobs flocking to scream their imaginary right to not pay taxes, have no trouble at all going after pregnant women en masse.  None what-so-ever.

OC cops - FederalIn fairness, the feds going after women and children is the flip side of the Federal Government repeatedly failing to protect trafficked women and children, as described in this article from Reuters.  Suffice to say American women experience the same problem.

However, even the most casual observer could make the case the federal government’s long and history of showing up in force against women and children, and not showing up in force to protect them.  So it would seem the case is made for new federal personnel to protect those needing protection, such as kids being legally transported by federal authorities…and maybe a few less personnel are need when raiding the domiciles of pregnant and new mothers and infants.

After all, if it’s financial records the feds are looking for, subpoenas, a couple of accountants and one or two dressed in their blue uniforms might be able to do the job.

Cops at the CarlyleAs Murrieta demonstrated, the Feds caved when confronted.  But how about when the Feds come one kid?

Oh boy.  The Feds have it covered when it comes to just one, single child.  One, six year old child.  That the Feds can handle.

Including if said child whose, “One foot on sand” arrived legally, in Florida.

Elian Gonzalez Federal agentsJust sayin’

Meanwhile, the OC Register reported the women who thought the company was on the up and up are angry at possibly being duped.  They cooperated then, lawyered up.  The companies founders?  They’re a little nervous.  The websites started coming down. Sort of.

I was able to snag some quick pics information on Happy Baby site which claims to have been operating successfully serving 8,000 Moms since, 1999.

Star Baby Care Mother and blonde child - founded in 1999

Operating since 1999, Note the blonde filter.

(Courtesy of Google Translate) Below from the “News” section is Star Baby’s claim they have helped over 8,000 new families.

Star Baby helped 8000 babies

8,000 babies and more since 1999.

Here’s some other information on the sites.  🙂

You Win USA Vacation Services USA Happy Baby Inc

Here’s their 4-1-1

Registrant Organization: STAR CARE CENTER CORP.
Registrant Street: 1977 SALEROSO DR., ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA 91748,USA.
Registrant City: Rowland Heights
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Postal Code: 91748
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.9519659500
Registrant Email:
Admin Name: David Gu
Admin Organization: STAR CARE CENTER CORP.
Admin Street: 1977 SALEROSO DR., ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA 91748,USA.
Admin City: Rowland Heights
Admin State/Province: CA
Admin Postal Code: 91748
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.9519659500
Admin Email:

Mute ButtonTea Party types now screeching about this latest manufactured outrage, also screeched about a policy that’s been in place for Surrogates, for years relating to foreigners bearing children for American couples, with almost, but not quite, the same come to America opportunities.

One other thing.  If Mothers-to-be came under possibly false pretenses, that would be on the owners; not the new moms, or almost new moms.  But either way, these raids cut to what Republicans are loathe to admit.

America grows with diversity.  Consider the number of patents filed by those who are foreign born.


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7 Responses to Maternity tourism: How rich women foreigners obtain American citizenship for their babies

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    Yes, a good blog that digs into information & connects the dots… like you do… is hard work & very time consuming. Much different than a personal journal of most bloggers. I, for one, appreciate your hard work in taking care to accurately inform your readers & make us think a bit. As Alice told Ellen ~ “Keep on keeping on!”


  2. While not disputing any of your points, I do take exception to your call to “forget Alan Long” and could use your help to make sure others don’t as well, specifically those in Murrieta who have the opportunity and responsibility to change what is happening.

    Thank you!


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    Bonnie ~ you knocked this story out of the park! If this blog had voting stars, you’d get all 5 stars. Now can you get MSM to follow you so it gets out there where the usual news junkies are… on TV?


    • Thanks Moms Hugs! It took forever to research….and edit. Also, the way I edit, the story tends to get longer. And no…..I can’t flack my own stuff to MSM…but feel free to forward to anyone you know with my blessings. Thanks again for the feedback. I do work hard on this stuff. 😃


  4. Cheryl Maxham says:

    Good story.


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