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What Facebook isn’t saying about our post-death “Legacy” account

Oh my God, is Facebook creative or what!?! I can’t help it.  Whenever Facebook rolls out of anything new, my go-to thought, is: “Facebook’s MO is “There’s a sucker born every minute” now what?” Some businesses are experiencing big problems … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg and the Fairness Doctrine

Quick post peeps. The problem with justice in America is…people are unaware the news has been jacked.   People who work too hard, come home, attend to family needs, then relax. They relax by watching a game on TV,  or … Continue reading

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Can Katie Jacobs Stanton can save Twitter?

[Update:  Two weeks later.   I was wrong.  Katie not interested.] I think she can!  Let me say it again. I think it’s possible for Katie Stanton Jacobs to save Twitter.  Because she’s that nice. Although we don’t know each other, … Continue reading

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Dr Phil’s Interview with Cory Batey

Update:  From my Twitter friends back East.  Cory is mentioning things might have been different if his Dad hadn’t died.  (Nice back-handed slap to his Mother.)  I did mention Cory has issues with women.  And now for the original post. … Continue reading

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Why online reader comments are important for news, business values, and valuations

SPOILER ALERT:  Why Twitter is failing although the firehose announcement is great. On January 28, 2015,  The Guardian reported Bloomberg recently relaunched its various financial sites with zippy brand-new, whiz bang stuff.  The relaunch included one, significant change.  The decision … Continue reading

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Latest leaked video drama from Vandenburg attorney Albert Perez

Of course! Of course Albert Perez, the California defense attorney whose defense game plan for Brandon Vandenburg, ringleader of Vanderbilt’s football player gang-rape attack on his date; resulted in Brandon Vandenburg’s conviction on on all charges – had to do … Continue reading

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Vanderbilt sex case videos leaked – everyone outraged except ABC’s 20/20

Nashville’s Channel Five (CBS) aired a news clip, featuring leaked videos starring multiple, Vanderbilt football players committing a crime in Gillette Hall.  Two of  players  now answer as “Convicted felons.”  Two more will answer as “Defendants.”  Which is the crux … Continue reading

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