Dear Readers; Thanks so much – and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Readers!

Sending you

Computer key - Love

Thanks for reading!

and also, dear readers including Twitter peeps,  a joke so good – I saved it for almost a year!

Joke - Good oneEnjoy your day dear readers here, and Twitter peeps.

@AllAroundMBrown, @AliasHere @wowindc @JSavite @Kris_SacreBleu  @dannysullivan @dunnamlaw @gracels @ElisabethCarey @ColMorrisDavis @njlitigator @BayAreaDivorce @bennydiego @Spacekatgal @SKEEerra @RussianBear @TMZCopGuy @pyackett @pollySpin @docrocktex26 @funnykeithlyle @_BuddhistPunk_ @slackmisstress @lillyCollette @ChristineKramar  @DianeSnavely Adart @judgedillard @JusticeWillett (who may have muted me) 🙂

candy hearts

Eye candy

@D_v_E (why people make their names so hard to type, I do not know.)

@DebbieLHollis @David_Spellman @tbmuch @TexasObserver @twinpaulie

and @Answer2Anderson – who doesn’t follow me, but who is funny and fittingly; just today became engaged!   (So yes, even now:  scoop oriented.)

@randypine @sjreidhead @NikkiFinke @Nichol1515 @hunterw @SDuncovered  @BlueHogReport @HellOnHeelsGirl @djblp @lacoguy @Encino_Mann (and his cat. Lucky)  and Pumpkin, who very nicely adopted @scarylawyerguy  who remodeled his home for her.  🙂

Last but not least, by Any means – @ConchGunny one of the few sane people, living in Florida and @WVJoe911 and  of Course – the headline inspiring, Cloud_Writer

Happy Valentine’s Day and then some!




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