Dr Phil’s Interview with Cory Batey

Update:  From my Twitter friends back East.  Cory is mentioning things might have been different if his Dad hadn’t died.  (Nice back-handed slap to his Mother.)  I did mention Cory has issues with women.  And now for the original post.

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Couple of things to remember about “Dr. Phil” in conjunction with his interview with convicted felon, Cory Batey Mughshot - Cory Bateyon the Dr. Phil Show, today.

The first thing to remember is:

Phil has been in show business a long time.

Dr PhilThe second thing to remember is:  Since Oprah’s-inspired career change, Phil is no longer licensed to practice therapy in any of the 50 states in our union.

The third thing to remember is Phil’s background helped him become an astute business man.  This is great for show business, and something Oprah recognized when, as a defense strategist, then-licensed therapist Phil; helped Oprah win at trial in Texas, after a bunch of Texas cattlemen had a hissy fit and sued Oprah for daring to say,

No more hamburgers for me” in an off-hand comment during her show that mentioned Mad Cow disease.  That’s right.  Oprah spooked a bunch of tough-talking Texas cattle ranchers into a giant hissy fit.

[SIDEBAR:  Oprah kept telling Phil she was a nice person and shouldn’t be sued.  Phil listened and then said, (essentially)  “You’re not in the game.  Gotta get in the game to win this thing.”  Phil got through.  Oprah got in the game, and the rest is history.  Well, minus the lawsuits Phil has since fielded from former guests, (previously covered.)]

Also, Phil is in show business – wait.  I mentioned that, right?  🙂

The Fourth thing to remember, no…I kid.  My hope is Phil shuts down any talk of

“I was so drunk I didn’t know,” etc., as that is one bubble that needs to be fully, finally, and completely, burst.Bubble burstHowever, we can bet faith, church, and the Bible will be featured in this show.  Because Phil likes to talk about healing.

I Do Solemnly SwearI will update as the segment allows, on Pacific Standard Time.

Viewers should know Phil’s show producers “reached out” to Cory’s attorney, Worrick Robinson, during the trial.  A trial in which seemed to me early on, should have never gone to trial, considering defense team presented no defense.

Perhaps Phil should have returned to his defense consultant practice, as just like Oprah then; they weren’t in the game.

Worrick Robinson - Cory Batey

Worrik Robinson, criminal defense?

Blaming “devil alcohol” and young adults having sex, was in my opinion, one of the best examples of Malpractice I have witnessed in a long time. (Click above link for details.)

Especially considering the obvious head scratcher:  That being the sole, sober witness to what was a sports bro bonding, gang-bang, 29 minute event; was Vanderbilt teammate, Mack Prioleau.

Fun fact:  Mack Prioleau also hails from Texas.

So based on devil alcohol, fat lot of good someone sober did for the victim.  Cory?  Don’t much care what he has to say.  Only a coward would urinate on an unconscious woman, then opine, “That’s for 400 years of slavery.”  Tough football player picks a fight with an unconscious women? Umm, female issues, much?

Also wonder about a church that could produce someone like that…unknowingly.  (Even the Catholic church knew more than a few of their priests were pedophiles.)

Perhaps Vanderbilt, the mother’s employer for past three decades, recommended Robinson.  Perhaps Vanderbilt paid for his representation. Perhaps Phil will ask!

However for me – and by far – the more interesting and unexamined story remains:

When the defense had no defense, why would they run with the non-starter:  “Blame Devil Alcohol” and purportedly, easy sexual relations?

This assumes both parties are able to consent to relations.  Meaning both are, if not sober, at least awake and able to speak. So not the case in the Vanderbilt sport-gang-bang.

Also, who was doing the slapping?  The victim had red handprints for days afterward from being slapped hard to see if she might awaken during the team “bonding” sports, gang-0rape.

Funny thing though.  These drunk guys were sober enough to plan to destroy evidence shortly thereafter.  I wonder if Phil will ask about that, too.

Meanwhile, I keep saying, “Malpractice, malpractice, malpractice.”

Returning to Cory, the obvious church-related focus might include a question from Phil, in the form of a bumper sticker:

Born again - just grow up

When the Born Agains asked me if I had accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior: my answer was “Yes, and I got it right the first time.”

on-airAm watching to see if Dr. Phil will ask any of the questions I’ve mentioned.  Am curious to see if Phil will cover for the defense.  Am thinking he might not. But this is show business folks, so who knows?  Either way, the key question for me in this debacle, remains unasked.

I want to know how the defense “plan” came to be considering Mack demolished the defense theory – pre-trial in that the defense knew a sober male was less than a foot away from an unconscious woman; and she was still brutalized.

I mention this as not only did Mack Prioleau’s non-reaction, infuriate people.  Many wanted Prioleau charged after he testified as the sole sober guy, that he “felt uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do

So will watch to see if Phil will get down to the crux of the alleged, “defense.”

wrap it up

In Progress:  Nah.  Phil didn’t go there.  Worrick showed up to say the same thing.

For me the stunner was Cory saying of Brandon, “He’s a good kid. I wouldn’t kick him to the curb.”  He really said that.  Would love to know Cory’s GPA.  Came away he was somewhat sorry, and still didn’t fully comprehend his every wrong move.  That includes some of the answers in the interview, and still thinking in a, “football first” kind of way,

“Don’t do that because Coach Franklin might cut you from the TEAM.”

Corey Batey is one clueless, guy.



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11 Responses to Dr Phil’s Interview with Cory Batey

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  2. Moms Hugs says:

    The British have an apt expression, something like gob-smacked, when viewing such stupidity. CB isn’t just clueless, he is downright stupid… stupid is as stupid does. Nothing else to see here, folks, so just move on.


  3. newprude says:

    I couldn’t watch it. I watched a clip of Corey crying and blaming his fatherless upbringing for everything and stopped watching. This kid is going to jail for a long time. He just refuses to accept responsibility for anything.


  4. Marilyn N says:

    Dr Phil show comment: Continuing on with his “Too Drunk” defense, Batey last remembered looking in the bathroom mirror and saying to himself, “Man, you are really drunk”!………OMG, he has that story cemented all the way!


  5. SA Harvey says:

    The saddest part of the interview was when Dr Phil asked CB what he would do differently if he had it to do over. His answer was surprising in that his main concern was that Coach Franklin would kick everyone off the team if he found out. It was only when Dr Phil coached him by saying, “you wouldn’t be concerned about the victim?” that he backtracked and admitted that he hoped he would have reacted differently. His defense about not remembering anything is really beginning to grow old because there is not one person associated with the case that actually believes him. It is also amazing to me how he maintains that BV is a “good kid”. Bonnie, thanks for your response to the question of malpractice. It was very well said and I completely agree. As terrible as these crimes were, these kids deserved better and they are the ones that will pay for the decisions made by their lawyers. Fletcher Long maintains that a deal was never offered, but I think he means to say that a deal without jail time was never offered. Looking forward to the various issues that will come up on March 6th when the motion to overturn the verdict based on the jury foreman is presented.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Watching Dr. Phil now. Hes not giving CB any wiggle room. DP does what he usually does and beat up his interviewee and then at the end totally lets them of the hook by coddeling and comforting him I’m going to come unglued.


  7. I’ve enjoyed your coverage of the Vanderbilt Rape case. I agree with you on so many points and feel better informed having read your coverage of his family and “friends”. Please keep up the good work.
    With that said Id like to express my concern about your repeated references to Defense malpractice. This bothers me. You seem close to obsessed. If I didn’t know better it might seem you wanted a mistrial so you could blog about it some more.
    I would be heart broken if their sentences were overturned.


    • Thanks and I totally appreciate your comments, Except for just needing something to blog about as I’ve been blogging long before this case, which so perfectly illustrates how women are treated in our culture, came along.

      Also, please know this: My belief system is structured with this as a foundation: Justice only really works, when there is a fair trial.

      (Ergo, trials like the one in Texas where the public defender fell asleep during the trial, and the State of Texas executed the Defendant anyway, ignoring the obvious, “ineffectiveness of counsel” is not even close to a fair trial. (Never mind the defendant had the IQ of a plant.)

      That’s not justice.

      Having worked for the best, I cannot imagine how every single one of these attorneys thought going to trial, rather than pleading out, was a good idea. Long story short, I want to know how it happened. Did Vandenburg’s father and his attorney engineer this mess? However, if you are a reader, then you know the other side of me that isn’t focused on how this ever went to trial, doesn’t mind the trial result, at all

      Either way, my hope is they all get long prison sentence. Also, I believe malpractice should bother everyone who truly cares about justice. And just so you know…because there will be an appeal; (which will likely fail because of the heaps of evidence.) But should they get a new trial; I just hope they get a more plausible defense. Such as “Your honor, my client is a sociopath.” There is too much evidence for the DA not to prevail.

      Last, my hope is the DA withdraws the wrist-slap against Finley….which I wish had never been, nor should have been offered in the first place. So that should make you feel better. 🙂


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