Brandon Vandenburg’s and Corey Batey’s new dorm

Former Vanderbilt University football teammates and sex crime bros, Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey are still together.  Nearly roommates.

Both reside in Pod 2A-A, down by the river, guests of the Davidson County Criminal Justice Center.  Below is their temporary “Dorm.”

Or, in prison parlance, “pod.”

Brandon Vandenburg - Davidson County Pod

Brandon Vandenburg, Corey Batey’s new Pod

Here’s their booking information.

Brandon Vandenburg - Booking sheet post verdict - Davidson Ciriminal Justice Center

Brandon Vandenburg – Booking sheet post verdict

Brandon Vandenburg - Corey Bateman - Booking sheet post verdict - Davidson County

Corey Batey – Booking sheet post verdict

Corey was booked at 5:21p.m on January 27, 2015

Brandon was booked at 5:24p.m. on January 27, 2015

Their next appearance is March 6th

Booking area:  Davidson  County Criminal Justice Center

Booking area: Davidson County Criminal Justice Center

The Davidson Criminal Justice Center is located near the river.

Minus a river view.

Davidson County Criminal Justice Center - Nashville, TN

Although this seems almost anti-climatic, there hasn’t been anything usual about this case, ever.  Stay tuned.




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9 Responses to Brandon Vandenburg’s and Corey Batey’s new dorm

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    Where i come from, attorneys aren’t allowed by the court to pull out of a criminal case without very serious reasons. Since BV’s defense was being directed by Perez, all he needed was a TN talking head who didn’t care about his/her reputation being fouled long term, ethics be damned, as long they get paid. Now HOW they were going to get paid when this family isn’t exactly wealthy is the $64k question. Which attorney got face time on 20/20 again?


    • Yes, attorneys aren’t allowed, but some will setup conflict situations, or coax the judge into removing them.

      Also, and just a mention in the David Westerfield kidnap-rape-murder of little Danielle Van Dam, in my area, Westerfield paid his counsel a mint. Then when he was broke, (Westerfield had a nice home and stable income from software patents), the County picked up the tab. About 350K. The Van Dam family also sued Westerfield in civil court and settled for an undisclosed amount.


  2. Moms Hugs says:

    Bonnie ~ Please delete/edit my posts as you see fit, but want to add this comment posted to that last article in the Nashville Scene in Dec. of 2013 — for what it’s worth….

    “It doesn’t surprise me that the defense is using these dirty tactics. I played sports with Vandenburg in the Coachella Valley desert, and he was always a very dirty player, and got caught up in all kinds of trouble. On at least one occasion he talked his way out of a possession of drugs crime, and can be confirmed by his texts from the night hen he was on coke and other substances.

    Knowing this guy for who he really is, I hope he does get convicted to the fullest extent. 98% of rape cases brought forward are convictable, and Vandenburg is in the minority. Filming himself in the act and sharing it with friends hasn’t helped his case either. Hence, why he delayed the case to the largest extent possible. I put my faith in the prosecution team to reach justice, and will disappointed if this guy is let off scott free.

    Much credit to the author for breaking these details that no one else will cover.”
    Posted by Guest on 12/06/2013 at 8:43 AM


    • Why would I delete your posts? You’re respectful and provide good info.

      As to why they attorneys file to leave; it’s generally money, personality clashes, and last but not least, ethics.

      However, attorney-client privilege means attorneys can’t say when things take a nasty turn in any of the above areas.


    • newprude says:

      It’s kind of funny to read all of this stuff after the fact. So much for the “take everybody down” approach. Guess these statements were made before they realized that videos and text messages were circulating? I think the initial lawyers realized that they were going to get their asses handed to them and bailed. I feel so sorry for Corey Batey’s mom. I imagine she gave her last to pay for her son’s defense and they failed miserably. Took only 3 hours for the jury to decide.


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    A bit off-topic at this late date, but I’m curious why Vandenburg’s first attorney was taken off the case. Do you have a clue… or two?


      • Moms Hugs says:

        Considering the legal morass following ABC/20-20 program, more of the back story may come out; however, this link has more information….

        Earlier this month, attorneys David King and Nathan Colburn filed a motion to stop representing Vandenburg, agreeing to stay on until replacements are found. In a response to the request, Vandenburg’s California attorney Albert Perez cited King’s health condition (he recently had open heart surgery, though he’s back in the courtroom) and Colburn’s inexperience (he’s just four years out of law school) as reasons for their departure.

        Yet in interviews with attorneys close to the defendants — who, like many people involved who were contacted by the Scene, requested anonymity since they cannot speak publicly about the open case — a markedly different narrative unfolds.

        “The California attorneys are taking a scorched-earth approach because they don’t care who they burn or who they terrorize,” an attorney working on the case tells the Scene. “They have basically said: ‘If you don’t help us get this case settled, then we’re going to turn this university upside down.’ “


      • My take on the situation was the ego-out-of-control, elder Vandenburg wouldn’t allow the CA attorneys to settle. Not sure I buy “then we’re going to turn this university upside down.” That would have happened anyway. Clearly the Nashville DA had an embarrassment of of riches in the evidence department. Audio, texts, video. All they really had to do was lean on the players to offer them deals….first guy to fall gets the best deal, and the whole house comes tumbling down.

        Works for me.


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